Ewing High School, Ewing, NJ, Receives 50k Grant For Music Programs

Here are the Ewing High School Kids Loving Their Support.
Miss Amy says, "Help the kids in your schools. Find a grant for something important to build their talents."

A donation of $50,000 was made today to the Ewing Education Foundation, earmarked for the Ewing High School Music department, made possible by the Rowe Carter Charitable Trust.

Presentation of this grant was made at Ewing High School auditorium by GRAMMY® Nominated Recording Artist Miss Amy, who played a key role in bringing together the donor and the school. “As parents, teachers, administrators and a community, we support this music program. We understand the potential that studying music can bring forth in kids. There is power in music!” Miss Amy explained in the presentation to the students and factulty. “It is our hope that this will inspire all of the other schools who did not place, to not give up, but to inspire organizations in the position to help to step-up and take action.”

School music programs need funding, but the story of how this grant emerged is an interesting one. In November a team of Ewing High School (EHS) students produced a video submission for the Glee Give-A-Note contest that awards cash prizes for the best videos. Many in the school started posting the contest entry to Facebook for visibility. The video caught the attention of Miss Amy, who reached out to the members of the Rowe Carter Charitable Trust, who were also moved by it. Miss Amy, also, called Wayne Staub, President, and Heather Kerns Latini, Executive Director of the Ewing Education Foundation, and organized a time for them all to see the music program in action, to observe the orchestra and choirs.

A representative of the Rowe Carter Charitable Trust interviewed music students about their experiences in the Ewing district elementary schools and Fisher Middle School, who explained why music is important to them.

Student responses ranged from, “music teaches about different cultures and languages” to “it teaches about history, and helps us understand other subjects like math.” Another replied, “Music is everything, a vital thread that connects humankind throughout time.”

When asked what the music department needed, the students collectively explained there is need for repair, replacement of instruments, newer tools and technology, such as sound equipment. When asked what they would spend the Glee money on if they won, the reply was that, although the need is great in the high school, it would be best spent on the feeder music programs in the elementary and middle school in the district.

On December 15th the students were disappointed to find out they did not place in the Glee contest. However, the Rowe Carter Charitable Trust has stepped up to provide a consolation prize of equal magnitude to first place. The grant is to be allocated by a committee of high school students, Mr. Olson, EHS Band Director and Mrs. Forness, EHS Choir Director.