Miss Amy, GRAMMY Nominee and Lehigh Valley Music Award Winner

(left to right: Miss Amy, NARAS' Mark Schultz, Lehigh Valley Music Award organizer Gloria Domino).

Heads up on Amy Otey (Miss Amy), who--alongside of Lady Gaga, Kanye West, the Yellowjackets, LL Cool J., and Amy's friend Ledisi--is a multiple GRAMMY nominee this year. Her album, FITNESS ROCK & ROLL has been nominated for Best Children's Album. She also appears on another nominated album by the same crew who produced HEALTHY FOOD FOR THOUGHT: GOOD ENOUGH TO EAT, the GRAMMY-nominated album I'm on (with Moby, Julian Lennon, Michael O'Keefe, Tom Chapin, Cathy Fink, and Jann Klose) from last year.

This past Sunday, Dec. 4, Amy won Best Children's performer in the Lehigh Valley Music Awards. She says, "Today Lehigh Valley, tomorrow the Grammys, and next year--all the kids of America will be more fit and rockin'!"

I don't remember what it was we said to each other the moment we met, but in the second moment, we each declared, "I love you!" to each other at the same time!  And by the end of the night, we were dueling splits on the floor together in a bar!

In addition to taking advantage of Amy's well-earned nomination, we're working on Amy's inner city schools' appearances where she performs dynamic work outs and concerts with the kids at the same time. Whether they're in the audience or on stage with her, for them Amy's shows have the same dynamic power we get from going to KISS and Garth Brooks' concerts. She's a 40-something year old Mom, with a sense of humor, inspiration, and wow!