Grand Funk's Don Brewer joins with Bob Seger, March 15

This Monday, March 15, Don Brewer will be joining one of his former band leaders in concert-- Bob Seger. Along with keyboardist Craig Frost (who was also in Grand Funk), plus saxophonist Alto Reed, bassist Chris Campbell and Matt Chatfield--the original guitarist of the Godz (a band Don produced in the late '70s)--this special band will be backing Bob Seger at the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame Induction at the Waldorf Astoria in New York City. Songs Bob Seger and band will be performing--"Turn The Page," and "Old Time Rock & Roll."

In light of that, here's a segment of a Q&A I did with Don.

Q: Would you tour with Bob Seger if he asked you?
DON BREWER: I don't think he's gonna tour. i couldn't go on the road with him because my first obligation is to Grand Funk. If Bob did tour over the winter when Grand Funk has a down period, maybe.

Q: Do you think your appearance at the Rock Hall will convince them to induct Grand Funk? Does it matter to you?
DON: When the original band went on the road from '96 to '98 (for the BOSNIA album), a lot of fans put as much pressure to try to get us inducted. For whatever reason we weren't. I don't feel one way or another they should have to induct Grand Funk Railroad. We have stood the test of time and are just as worth as a lot of other bands in there. We do know how it works--it's a political process.

Q: Have you attended any inductions? Who are you looking forward to seeing?
DON: I never attended one of these events. We know ZZ Top. They opened for Grand Funk in Texas in the early '70s over the years. In the early '80s, when Grand Funk was with Mark and me, we opened for them.

Q: Anyone you're looking forward to meeting at the Rock Hall?
DON: Prince. I've admired his songwriting and performing.

Q: Who should be in the Rock Hall that's not there?
DON: I don't keep track of the ceremonies, so I wouldn't know who's in there.

Q: Then, who is in your own personal Rock and Roll Hall of Fame--besides Grand Funk Railroad and ZZ Top?
DON: My Rock Hall-- Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin. Johnny and Edgar Winter--the Winter Brothers were major contributors to rock history as far back as I can remember. I think they oughta be in it.