Fall Songs from Soul Moves Music

Meet Josh Lewis, who fronts Anita Squeeze. They've got great hard rock sound with influences of the Black Crowes and Rolling Stones.  Josh's yearning tenor reminds me of Axl Rose.  I heard ZZ Top-style guitars on his song THROW ME A LINE.  It's about the loss of a father, and how his "ocean of tears lead me to dry land... Throw me a line." 

Phoebe Legere is touring, writing songs, and teaching children at her Foundation for New American Art. Earlier this year her children's chorus performed songs created in New York City's Lower East Side from the days that Native Americans ruled Manhattan till now, with a rewrite of a Ramones' hit!
This versatile songwriter's LOCAL WINE has delicious double-entendres like “wrap myself around you like a grapevine,” This is the New York version of the song.  We'd love to personalize it for you.

Rebecca and "Kathy Mattea" rhyme!
 Rebecca Loebe loved her debut on Mountain Stage, Charleston, WV.  In addition to Rebecca, featured performers were Shawn Colvin, Lucy Kaplansky, Bruce Robison & Kelly Willis, and Kacy & Clayton.  This broadcast was hosted by Kathy Mattea.

Rebecca's comforting song, GHOSTS has a great lyric, "Give up the ghosts, at least the ones you love the most--they'll never hold you as close." Her friends and mine, Darin and Denby at Blue Corn Music are administering the songs on her latest album, also called GHOSTS! 832-649-7147, denby@bluecornmusic.com, daria@bluecornmusic.com   

Dean Friedman and John Batdorf perform at the legendary MY FATHER'S PLACE on Oct. 5.  He is the "special guest" for the Steven Page Trio on select dates in Florida, Georgia, Maryland, Washington DC, Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York, New Jersey.  Steven was in Barenaked Ladies, who covered Dean's "McDonald's Girl," a teen idol song from the point of view of a 15-year old baseball player to an "angel in polyester" working at McDonalds. The song was also used in a McDonalds' commercial.   

One of my instrumentalists, Joe Olnick has a new fusion album, IGUANA is available for syncs.  "Don's Theme" features his electric guitar in a thoughtful vibe similar to Pink Floyd, Alex Skolnick, Kyuss.

Listen to Rob Bonfiglio's WARM LOVING CHRISTMAS.  He's one of Brian Wilson and Carnie Wilson’s long time musical partners.  Wilson Phillips also recorded this song with all the imagery of mistletoe and writing our names in the snow!  

We just got word that my partner Karen Besbeck has a song, HIGH LOVE will be in Netflix's "Sweet Magnolias" in 2020!  Yay!  It's like Kelly Clarkson updating Dottie West's "Country Sunshine."

BEHIND THE CURTAIN by Joe Deninzon & Stratospheerius is knocking it out of the ballpark.  It's an aggressive rock song about deception OR transparency and lack of.  Uses “Wizard of Oz” keywords, especially “Pay No Attention to the Man Behind the Curtain.” Joe and his band Jason Gianni-drums (The Ultimate Queen Celebration, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Rock of Ages, Neil Morse Band), Michaelangelo Quirinale-guitar (Thrilldriver), and Paul Ranieri-bass (Mark Wood, Circuline, Rock This Town) have been streamed 3 million plus times on social media.

ProgStock is happening in Rahway, NJ on Columbus Weekend, along with Jane Getter, Robert Berry, Nektar, Rachel Flowers, and Saga.  Saga's leadsinger Michael Sadler was blown away by electric violinist Joe Deninzon at late night showcase at ProgStock last year. said, "I never heard someone approach the instrument that way. Reinventing the way you look at the violin. It’s taking a traditional instrument, and doing your way."

Joe Deninzon and I co-wrote "The Greatest Lives" about what Muhammad Ali would want us to know.  It's going to be on an album by South Africa's Thembeka Mnguni.  Look for a US release on sports radio Jan. 17, 2020.  Thembeka is a superheroine version of Etta James and Cissy Houston combined.  

FAIR WEATHER by Gary Lucas & Jann Klose is a fingerpicking guitar blueser about dealing with psychopathic "friends." Gary has a number of film score performances including “Dracula Vs. Frankenstein” at the Chutzpah! Festival, in Vancouver on Oct. 30  and the 1931 Spanish-language “Dracula” in Mexico on Nov. 2 and 3.  More dates at GaryLucas.com. Jann's vocals was described recently by No Depression as a "Folk version of Sam Cooke!" He opens for the Yardbirds on October 10 in Rockville, MD, has a song in the upcoming movie, MARRIED YOUNG, and sings Gandhi's words in the soundtrack of ONE LITTLE FINGER. Email me for ONE LITTLE FINGER. Visit http://www.theyardbirds.com/tour.html.

NEVER TAKE LOVE FOR GRANTED by the warm folk singer Dan Berggren is one of my favorite Christmas songs with the hook, “You’ll never take love for granted if you always give love in return.”  


"Iguana," the new album by Joe Olnick


Avant fusionist available for all media
Joe Olnick’s new avant-fusion album, IGUANA is out, and available on every major streaming/download platform online in the world: Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Tidal, Deezer, Amazon, Google, CD Baby. Look for the album on Bandcamp, plus CDs through CDBaby. Here's the SmartUrl: http://smarturl.it/4a8362   
The media is giving a thumbs up to IGUANA, which is Joe’s 7th album.  

Jeff Collins, host of Hard Rock Hell’s radio show, The Rock Jukebox” calls IGUANA “one of the best of the year!  a magnificent album!” KOCF Eugene, Oregon’s Andy Goldfinger says Joe’s album has “that feel of cool. It crosses the boundaries of genre and lets the listener just feel the music." Vents Magazine’s Steve Kinrade offers an eclectic comparison in his review of the album, mentioning its range from musical styles from Yes, Ian Dury, James Brown to an obscure British singer-songwriter named Peter Greenwood. He writes that the album is “worth a thorough investigation.”

Olnick, and bandmates—bassist Jamie Aston and drummer Stew Bradley are performing live, "Our live shows have become a really cool multimedia experience, with custom videos being projected during most of the show. And our concerts have always expanded on themes from the recordings, using exciting improvisational techniques that come from playing for many years. Every concert is unique, and a lot of fun.”   

Along with the album release, the group's second track is “Don’s Theme,” an introspective instrumental based on the Iguana (from the album cover) walking into the room in a slow and thoughtful way.  

Designed by artist Ron Good (of the horror series, God-Awful Comics), the album art tells the story of a misunderstood iguana named Don, who struggles to find his own hot rock to rest on. Joe says there are parallels of the animal’s life and his career, as it’s a struggle to find support for creating original, instrumental music!     

Joe calls his music “avant-jam” and fusion like Medeski, Martin & Wood and New Mastersounds. In addition to guitar, Joe plays sax and bass, plus works as a recording engineer. In 2012, he released his first CD, and continued self-producing with albums from ambient to jazz/rock genres.  


FYC "Mothers Space"

Best Metal Performance AND Best Rock Song

Carmine Appice
Featuring Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal

(Song written by Carmine, Kelly Keeling, Tony Franklin)
Appears on Carmine's GUITAR ZEUS

"such a cool groove, even with all the powerhouse jamming" says Music Street Journal

"a huge bottom end will give your woofers a workout, and Thal's guitar work is just so impressive" writes Sea of Tranquility

By Kelly Keeling, Carmine Appice, Tony Franklin

We’re dodging all the raking 
Of thunder and lightning,
Designing in our path by our
Winters so cold

Everyone it seems should be
Given sign language
Some form of code
Not getting through
Waiting on you. 

We know you’re listening to Mother’s Space.
How much longer?
Longer in this zone and being in this rat race
What on earth are we preparing for
Running our space
Too little too late

Thanks for all the rescue
And saving our lives
Poisoning we’ve done to
The ground and skies   


Something’s gonna break
I believe that it timely
Mother earth
How can we go on
Blue we’re counting on you
We’re not getting through 
Depending on you

Don’t look away
Mothers space
Mothers space Answer Mothers Space 
Are we too late  Answer Are we too late

Copyright 2018 by Carmine Appice, Tony Franklin, Kelly Keeling, All Rights Reserved


Soul Moves Music Holiday Songs

Very active summer with new jamband fusion music coming in from Joe Olnick, a TBA film placement with my music director Roberta Piket.  Phoebe Legere playing the Congres Mondial Acadien, in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia's Coal Fuel Festival.  She is finishing a collaboration with one of Canada's greatest poets. Gary Lucas performs at Vancouver's Chutzpah Cultural Film Festival this October. The Movie, “One Little Finger” premieres at the Laemmle Monica Film Center on August 16, at 7 PM. The event starts at 5:30 PM with a Red Carpet Opening. 

We have more holiday music, including some Dean Friedman songs for Rosh Hashanah and Hanukah... or is it Chanukah? 

IT'S CHRISTMAS TIME by Jon Mullane: the joys of Christmas, and getting ready for it.  Sounds like Maroon 5. Tempo exactly like BandAid’s “Do They Know It’s Christmastime…

LGBTQ-friendly about a well-dressed reindeer that lit up the sky with all his bling! bling! bling!

AULD LANG SYNE Tony Moore  Reflective and gentle tenor, singing about the Old and New Years. 

WHY CAN’T EVERYDAY BE LIKE CHRISTMAS (punk metal rock) Tang   Metal Punk, Fast drums, crunch guitar, female vocals

SOME SAY CHANUKAH Dean Friedman: Live Recording, a singalong with kids, that includes laughter Ha-Ha-Ha-Hanukah AND singing comments on how “Cha-NU-Kah” could be pronounced!  They sing about other seasonal customs in this fun song. 

WARM, LOVIN’ CHRISTMASTIME Rob Bonfiglio  Bouncy Brian Wilson-y, from one of Brian AND Carnie Wilson’s long time musical partners.  In fact, Carnie and Rob have recorded this, and so have Wilson Phillips! Imagery of mistletoe and writing our names in the snow!

If you are looking for jamband /fusion substitutes like the Dixie Dregs, Medeski Martin & Wood, and Mastersounds, ask me for a Joe Olnick zipfile.



“Sticky Floor Nightclub,” an introduction to Joe Olnick’s Unique Avant-Jam Fusion. Instrumental, Rock

Listen Only On YouTube 
New Album Everywhere on September 6

STICKY FLOOR NIGHTCLUB, the first song from Joe Olnick’s 7th album, IGUANA, is out on YouTube.  The instrumental’s funky rock vibe features Joe’s soaring guitar and dirty grooves with a tight rhythm section made up of bassist Jamie Aston and drummer Stew Bradley. The song's ending section gives way to a rowdy crowd in a club, giving a cinematic feel to the musical story unfolding.

Joe is self-releasing IGUANA on September 6. Based in the fusion genre, IGUANA has rock influences, from Talking Heads to Pink Floyd to REM to the Allman Brothers. Comic book artist Ron Good (of the horror series, God-Awful Comics) designed the album art about the story of a misunderstood Iguana named Don, who eventually—after lots of struggles ultimately gets his own hot rock to rest upon!  “There are parallels of Don’s life with my own career,” Joe says. “I’m an artist producing original instrumental work, so it’s a struggle at times to get my music out there.” “Meet” Don in the Youtube video!

Joe’s music has a rocking vibe of “avant-jam” and fusion like Medeski, Martin & Wood and New Mastersounds.  His previous album DOWNTOWN received unique feedback from a range of journalists.  MUSIC STREET JOURNAL called his music “classy.”  BURNED OUT BORDERS proclaimed his music great for, “Any fans of hard-hitting, rock-leaned instrumental music with a progressive, experimental backbone.”

In addition to guitar, Joe played sax and bass, plus worked as a recording engineer. In 2012, he released his first CD, and continued self-producing with albums from ambient to jazz/rock genres.  



“One Little Finger” Red Carpet Premiere August 16 in Santa Monica

Award-winning Feature Film Stars Large Cast Children 
and Adults with Disabilities

The Movie, “One Little Finger” premieres at the Laemmle Monica Film Center on August 16, at 7 PM. The event starts at 5:30 PM with a Red Carpet Opening.  After the screening there will be a Question & Answer segment, and a party. The Laemmle Monica Film Center is at 1332 2nd Street, in Santa Monica, CA 90401. The phone number of the Film Center is (310) 394-9744, Keep checking the LA Monica Film Center website at https://www.laemmle.com/film/one-little-finger for ticket announcements; tickets will go on sale no later than August 13.

Raina, an American neurologist, uproots her life to research music therapy in India, and finds herself teaching children and adults with disabilities. By bringing them together through music and inspiring them to challenge themselves through their abilities, their lives are transformed. 

Den and Angel, though they are disabled, want to contribute towards the betterment of society by overcoming their physical challenges. As they come of age, they must learn to cope with abuse and bullying. Their lives intersect with Raina, who is struggling to further her research. 
Raina’s philosophy and life changes while she is in India, where she is touched by the beauty of the culture and the stories of children with disabilities. Through her experience, she understands that balance of mind, body, and soul are vital in realizing the true value of life. Disability is a perception; ability is what we believe.

The movie stars Tamela D’Amico as Raina, Siedah Garrett as Dr. Claudia, and a cast of 80 plus disabled actors of all ages.  Abhinaya portrays Angel, a hearing-impaired girl. Sayombdeb Mukherjee plays Den, who has cerebral palsy.  
The soundtrack includes contributions from Ms. Garrett, Quincy Jones, Julian Lennon, AGT finalist Kechi Okwuchi, Indian classical guitar player Viswa Mohan Bhatt.

Written and Directed by Dr. Rupam Sarmah, a multi-talented singer-songwriter, filmmaker, social entrepreneur, and computer scientist. He has produced and directed award-winning movies, charted #1 in billboard and a holder of Guinness World Records®. Kevin Mackie, a Grammy® Winner and an Ambassador for the UNESCO Center for Peace, USFUCA, is the Executive Producer for the film. 
Says Dr. Sarmah, “’One Little Finger’ is not just a film, a movement, to break the barriers of the stigma of the word disability. All it takes is a change in perspective, a change in our mindset! Disability is only what we perceive, Ability is everything of what we believe!”

“One Little Finger” has received worldwide recognition, 3 Telly Awards, and is blessed with over 27 laurels including Best Feature, Best Inspirational Film, Best Music, Best Director, Best Song, Best Public Awareness Film in various festivals in Cannes, Italy, Spain, London, USA and India. The One Little Finger Foundation is taking ongoing initiatives to support United Nation’s sustainable goals promoting Inclusion, Education and Innovation. See below for more details. 


Patriotic & Topical Songs

Please, let me know what music services you need.  We have Christmas songs. My artists run the gamut of session players and composers--notably the incredible string player Joe Deninzon, keyboardist Phoebe Legere, Grammy-nominated Gary Lucas....  I'm pleased that one of the projects I supplied some talent for--ONE LITTLE FINGER-- won a number of awards, most notably The World Peace Initiative--Best Film in Cannes. 


AMERICAN HEART Jaclyn Bradley Palmer:  Dark patriotic pop, inspired by my love for America, yet sadness over its current state.  The slow-paced beat piano and EDM is strong and hopeful.  Like pop Billie Eilish mixed with the dark folk pop of Phoebe Bridgers. 

STAR SPANGLED BANNER Carmine Appice, Tim Bogert & Friends: Only use music between :17 and 3:50) Soulful Hard rock version of the Francis Scott Key song.  Traditional lyrics of “Star Spangled Banner”  to 2:28, and then part of “The Pledge of Allegiance,” and shouts of “Freedom!” “United as One!” “Government for the People!"

THE GREATEST LIVES Thembeka Mnguni:  This song that channels advice from Muhammad Ali’s interviews, with emphasis on respect and working hard. Vocals by Voice South Africa runner up Thembeka Mnguni, whose alto range recall a superheroine version of Etta James and Cissy Houston combined.  Midwestern rock vibe with Rod Stewart/Kenny Aronoff-styled drums by Carmine Appice.  (Sheer Publishing administrates this song). 

HAMBA KAHLE MANDELA (GO WELL MANDELA) Sharon Katz & Nonhlanhla Wanda:  Piano and acoustic and electric guitar, the right amount of harmonious electric instruments give “Go Down Mandela” a comforting blend with two gentle female voices in English and Zulu.  Stirring ballad to say “goodbye” to Nelson Mandela, whose birthday is July 18.  The song is a challenge to carry his lessons forward.  (pronounced HAM-BA-KAH-LE  MANDELA)  (H=soft sound).    

PLEDGING ALLEGIANCE Michael Veitch:  Acoustic music about how easy it was to pledge allegiance to an America that once was.  Old school imagery of Hollywood, cars, sending men to the moon, learning to shoot.  Then things changed to the point money went south, and food taken from the babies’ mouths, and vivid descriptions of climate change. Cross between David Crosby and Marc Cohn.  

POPULAR Rebecca Loebe:  Sweet and gentle song, reminding us that everyone has felt unpopular. Fact is, “it’s not about you anyway.”  Her voice is like a soprano Dar Williams, gentle pop arrangement with tambourine.  This song helped get Rebecca on the bill for Mountain Stage this September. 


Kodiak's New Music Video "Goodbye" and New Song "Alone"

Kodiak is working on new music, and making new friends.  Today is the release of the band’s new music video, GOODBYE.  

A simple video with footage from the studio and the band’s stage show, the video is a great introduction to the band- - the Biggiani brothers—drummer Pete and guitarist Chris, bassist TJ Haefner, lead singer Eric Dalton.

The group is also releasing a new single, ALONE. Carmine calls it a “future classic rock song.” Pete says “it’s one of our favorite songs to play live.  ALONE is a very uplifting song it really lets you know that you’re never truly Alone. No matter how hard life gets or what you’re going through. There will always be someone somewhere to be by your side. I think it’s important for everyone to know that now and then. We will always be there not only for our friends and family but our fans too.”
Listen to ALONE at https://AWAL.lnk.to/AloneKodiak 

The New Jersey based Kodiak are signed to WorldSound/AWal Entertainment, and co-managed by legendary drummer Carmine Appice and Warren Wyatt. Warren was responsible for careers of Crimson Glory, Saigon Kick, and Carmine’s “Guitar Zeus” album series!

10 years ago, Carmine began mentoring Pete, when he won a contest to appear in the drum legend’s instructional DVD, Realistic Rock for Kids.

Kodiak is releasing 3 singles this summer as they play festivals and make TV and radio appearances, plus live concerts, and get ready for an album later this year.

Kodiak have already turned heads with a number of hard rock/heavy metal legends VH1 / radio host Ed Trunk introduced the group, who played their first gig, opening for The Appice Brothers, at 2019’s Hall of Heavy Metal History Award Show, Anaheim, California.  The group was compared to a young Van Halen!  




Brand new 7” single to accompany Jethro Tull’s

First Official Illustrated History

Grand Book will come in two different formats

7” vinyl will be exclusive to the limited 500-run Signature Edition

The Ballad of Jethro Tull is the hotly anticipated official illustrated history of the legendary prog rock band, due for publication by Rocket 88 Books in November 2019. 

Today, Ian Anderson announced two new recordings have been created especially for the project. The first, The Ballad of Jethro Tull is a narrative poem written and read by Ian Anderson over a unique and original mix of classic Tull music, produced by Anderson himself – and named after the title of the book. The b-side is Ian reading Walter Scott’s 1808 poem, Marmion with musical backing composed for the recording and played by John O’Hara (current Tull keyboard player) on a cathedral organ.

The new 7” single will be exclusive to the 500-copy limited run Signature Edition, each copy signed by Ian, and encased in a hand-made box containing two art prints specially commissioned for the book from renowned artist Peter Klucik, who also created the cover design for the book. 

The Classic Edition of the same book will have a higher print run, be available at a lower price point, and include a download code for the two new recordings.

In a specially recorded video for the website www.jethrotullbook.com, posted today, Ian Anderson, who is overseeing the project and has contributed unseen images and materials from his personal archive, said that the book is 'under construction' and available to pre-order now, for shipping in November. 

Fans who pre-order now will be able to have their name printed in the finished book.