Memo: to all media
from: Anne Leighton, 718-881-8183, leightonmedia@aol.com

The Media Revolutionizes the Energy Industry

Enclosed is a public domain idea that I created and hope you can apply to your company.  All I request is that you tell people that I gave you the idea, and only do that if they ask.

I realize that you spend quite a bit of money every year on energy to create your product and also promote your business.  I see vans representing local TV and radio stations at important events and news stories.  In addition it costs lots of money to power your offices.

Knowing that there are a great deal of alternative energy machines available, I'm offering a great contest idea where you can run a promotion to find the best machine to run power in your offices, and also find the best engine for your cars and vans.

You can include a public promotion for this contest, and have something like a Science Fair where you have all your entrants display their models over the course or a week, a month, even just a day at a public venue.  

Once you decide what machines best fit the bill for your company, buy the machine.  Don't buy the patent.  Just buy the machines that work for your business.  This will allow the inventor to manufacture two or more machines, which they can market.  In time they'll become rich.

More important, you'll have ultimately saved energy dollars, you will no longer have to rely on foreign energy.  You might even protect the environment.  

You'll also receive a great deal of attention, especially among your listeners.

I would love to know how this promotion works.

The media can revolutionize the energy industry, and they can do it quite well.


Ian Anderson orchestral dates

19 Interlochen, MI Kresge Auditorium  
22 Atlanta, GA Chastain Park Amphitheater  
24 Philadelphia, PA Mann Center for the Perf. Arts  
25  TV appearance with Greta Van Susteren.10 PM East Coast Time
26 Vienna, VA The Filene Center  
28 Rochester Hills, MI MeadowBrook Music Festival    
30 Boston, MA Bank of America Pavilion

2 Saratoga, CA The Mountain Winery
3 San Rafael, CA Marin County Civic Center  
5 Temecula, CA Pechanga Casino - Indoor Theater  
6 Los Angeles Royce Hall, UCLA Campus  
7 San Diego Humphrey's Concerts by the Bay  

As founding member of the legendary rock band Jethro Tull, Ian Anderson has long been considered to be the foremost and, to many, the only exponent of rock-style flute.  While still fronting Tull to this day and with sell-out performances throughout the world, Ian now brings his acoustic talents to the orchestral stage.  He will perform a selection of Tull favorites, solo songs and instrumentals together with a sprinkling of Classical repertoire, all carefully arranged for amplified flute, acoustic rock band and orchestra.  
Tull fans will recognize songs “Aqualung,” “Locomotive Breath,” “Thick As A Brick,” “My God” and “Bouree and Budapest.”  Much of this material is highlighted on two recent CDs, IAN ANDERSON PLAYS THE ORCHESTRAL JETHRO TULL and AQUALUNG LIVE.

Ian and the orchestra will be joined by: John O’Hara (accordion and piano), Florian Opahle (guitar), James Duncan (drums and percussion) and Dave Goodier (bass).

In October, Ian's planning some chamber music dates which includes a lot of venues in the North East, plus Knoxville, TN., Chicago, St. Louis, Milwaukee, Minneapolis.

TriCaster Powers Live Webcast for Pat DiNizio of the Smithereens

San Antonio, TX – May 25, 2006 --NewTek, Inc., manufacturer of industry-leading 3D animation products, today announced that the ground-breaking TriCaster™, a portable turnkey production system, will be used to capture and stream Pat DiNizio’s Memorial Day Weekend Concerts, featuring the singer/songwriter of the Smithereens. The event will take place on Saturday, May 27, from 7 PM until 10 PM, from DiNizio’s house in New Jersey.

The concert will be streamed with TriCaster and available as a first-ever LIVE web “Pay-Per-View” broadcast. Highlights will include the debut of DiNizio’s new release "This is Pat DiNizio," plus live jamming with some very special guests including the Smithereens' guitarist Jim Babjak. For more information, visit www.PatDiNizio.com.    

"This is Pat DiNizio" features Pat's singing, backed by pianist Jay Rowe, who has his own group, The Jay Rowe Band and has written songs for and supported Marion Meadows, plus he’s accompanied Angela Bofill,  Phil Perry, and many other song stylists.    The album includes 16 of Pat’s favorite songs--pieces like The Beatles “For No One,” Lionel Bart’s “Where is Love?” Jimmy Webb’s “Witchita Lineman” and the Mamas and the Papas’ “California Dreaming” which will be the video.  These are songs Pat wishes he wrote.  He also includes two he did write with the Smithereens-- “Blue Period” and “Behind the Wall of Sleep.”

“It’s definitely great to be able to bring this concert to the fans—both live at the gig, and live in ‘cyberspace’,” says DiNizio. “It couldn’t have happened without NewTek or TriCaster.”

Fans can register for the pay-per view through the pay-pal cost of $3.99 at http://patdinizio.internetvideochannel.com.

TriCaster allows users to mix multiple live component cameras with pre-edited video, overlay titles, images, external computer displays and even live web pages with simultaneous output to video, projector, and the Internet. Designed to appeal to corporate presenters, educators and media ministries, this 10-pound, shoebox-sized appliance allows users to produce presentations that have all the dynamics of live television.

Singer/songwriter Pat DiNizio, along with band members Dennis Diken (drums), Jim Babjak (guitar), and Mike Mesaros (bass) made for the Smithereens in the 1980s by gigging around New Jersey and New York. The band became a staple on college radio with early releases, and with their major label debut, "Especially for You" [Enigma]. College and MTV airplay led to a contract with Capitol and the 1988 release, Green Thoughts. The group retained a following through the 90s with 11, "Blow Up," "A Date With the Smithereens," hits packages "Blown to Smithereens" and "Attack of the Smithereens." The group continued releasing albums throughout the '90s, including a 1998 best-of and 1999's "God Save the Smithereens."

DiNizio released his solo debut "Songs and Sounds" in 1997, and made a bid for a New Jersey Senate seat in 2000. The run became the subject of the documentary film "Mr. Smithereen Goes to Washington." That same year, he developed the unique touring concept of driving his van to a fan's house, unloading his guitar and a keg of beer, and playing Smithereens requests to a private audience for a set price. DiNizio has also created the Unsigned Band Channel for XM Satellite Radio, and continues to gig across the U.S.

“Events like this one demonstrate the sheer versatility of TriCaster,” says Philip Nelson, NewTek Vice President of Sales and Video Marketing. “Whether you’re a pro, an amateur, or simply a fan—TriCaster opens up a world of possibilities.”

Pricing and Availability
TriCaster is now available now starting at $4,995 US. For more information or to purchase, call NewTek Sales at 800-368-5441 or visit http://www.newtek.com


Marky Ramone tourdates

Marky Ramone has tourdates in June and July, and he also wants fans to join him at www.myspace.com/markyramone.

He is touring in support of his two record set, START OF THE CENTURY.
June 15 SEATTLE, WA       STUDIO 7

Grand Funk's upcoming shows, plus Kulick news

Here are dates from Grand Funk Railroad.

June 3   Six Flags Frontier City     Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
June 4   Custom Car & Chopper Festival       El Paso, Texas  
June 9   Big E Balloon Festival         W. Springfield, Massachusetts
June 16  Rockin' on the Riverfront Fest     Detroit, Michigan  
June 18  City Lights Pavilion            Denver, Colorado  
June 24  Sonoma-Marin Fair-Bud Stage          Petaluma, California
July 7   National Cherry Festival          Traverse City, Michigan
July 19  Merced County Fair Outdoor Th.    Merced, California
July 20   Rock Fest 2006                     Cadott, Wisconsin
July 22  Boulder Station Hotel/Casino     Las Vegas, Nevada  
July 29  Live on the Levee                 St. Louis, Missouri    
August 10  Wisconsin State Fair-Grandstnd      West Allis, Wisconsin
August 11  Rib Off Festival                    Toledo, Ohio  
August 12   Rockin' The Rivers Festival        Three Forks, Montana  
September 3   Heinz Field                         Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania  
September 23   Cliff Castle Casino                Camp Verde, Arizona
September 29    Los Angeles County Fair         Pomona, California  
October 1       Davis & Elkins College            Elkins, West Virginia    
October 20   Dragway                           N.Rockingham, North Carolina

Grand Funk Railroad guitarist Bruce Kulick is smiling a lot, because he played session for Lordi, a Gwar-like band from Finland.  Lordi have gone gold, and just won the 51 Eurovision Award for best song.  "'Hard Rock Hallelujah was not
the song I played on but the first single from their release.
They were outrageous outfits, and play melodic hard rock, but singer is a bit aggressive. Needless to say," Bruce notes,  "Lordi winning the award was a huge upset to the European community.  Usually the winning song is a pop ballad." Lordi's fist album, GET HEAVY was released is 2002 and went platinum. Then they released, THE MONSTER SHOW, and their current release which features Bruce on a tune is THE AROCKALYPSE. Twisted Sister's Dee Snider and gutiarist Jay Jay French, plus Accept's Udo Dirkschneider join Bruce on the album.

notes from friends

John Gabbard is looking for folks to review CDs and DVDs at his site, www.dvdiva.com.  There isn't pay but it is an outlet if you're looking to build your writing portfolio and get "free" (meaning you have to write) product.  His number is 859-431-0066.

My west coast counterpart, Kathy Acquaviva sent me a press release congratulating Tracy Barnes for his ten year anniversery on www.hardradio.com.  Kathy's number is (818) 893-8458, and e-mail is KathyMedia@aol.com.  What's significant about Tracy is he was also the forerunner for all the satellite channels we now have.  He helped pioneer Z-Rock which was a metal station that broadcast out of Texas, and was heard al across the States.  

Last newsletter I gave the wrong website for Wendy Flower, whose CD, FLOWER POWER is perfect for families trying to educate their young children about principles offered in scary movies like AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH. The web site is wendyflower.com, and her e-mail is wendy@wendyflower.com.

And finally Wayne Kramer, from the MC5, had his people issue a press release to help out one of his contemporaries.  Arthur Lee, founder of the band LOVE, needs a bone marrow transplant. For more information, please visit http://www.thelovesociety.com.

or write to:

c/o Wells Fargo Bank
14855 Ventura Blvd
Sherman Oaks, CA 91403
Routing # 122000247 / Account # 6503287200

my not so secret SECRET for creative success

Contact; Anne Leighton: 718-881-8183/Leightonmedia@aol.com


Did you know that Bronx' very own Stanley Kubrick (CLOCKWORK ORANGE
filmmaker) used to let his cats sit in with him as he edited films? He wanted them to
have all his attention!

A Bronx writer believes that anyone can become more creative if they adopt a cat or two or three...or 20.

She bases her conclusions on observations she's had of industry people she knows, in fact.
"This is the reason Jethro Tull's Ian Anderson is still making music.  Why do you think the Barbi Sisters are still favorites of the pin up crowd.  These artistslove animals and therefore have a sense of great humanity, and--thus--havepowerful creative insight that manifests itself in their works.

There are a few friendly stray cats in Leighton's neighborhood who are looking for loving homes. "Gweet" (as in "Go eat" and "I'm friendly, so I'm gweeting you") is a grey tuxedo who loves attention. He's already neutered, thanks to the great folks at Neighborhood Cats. Leighton and a neighbor--the Cat Lady will take Gweet to the vet to be cleaned and checked.   He could be a great solo cat, or live with a dog. Depending on his blood results, he would do well in a home with other active kitties.

Midnight is devoted to people.  She will be your friend for life if you feed her and change her litter box.  Neighborhood Cats spayed her, and depending on her blood results she'll do fine in a house where cats are not competing for an owner's attention or with just one or two affectionate cats, or as a solo cat.

There are a few other sweet cats who have been hanging out here, as well. Since they're new cats on the scene, Leighton is trying to find out if they--perhaps--might have an owner who is trying to find them:
*A white cat with grey spots and a grey
tail, plus a flea collar, who was discovered
hanging on top of a fence during
an awful thunder storm.  

*A mainly box print tabby that has white
paws and a white chest.  That cat is trim.  

*There is also a very stoic
orange-tan tabby with box prints.

In closing Leighton believes that in addition to the inspiration offered by one or more cats, these affectionate owners also give the owner something to work towards, "The more cats I have, the more I write.  The more I write, the more money I make.  The more money I make, the more my cats and the ones in the neighborhood can eat."  

Then again, the more cats that she can help find homes for, the more money she can save.... or maybe she can just sleep and dream, just like her inspiring cats.


Northey Valenzuela interview availability

Northey Valenzuela is doing interviews in support of their current album, NORTHEY VALENZUELA which is out as of April 4 and being worked at radio in the States.  Jesse Valenzuela is in the Gin Blossoms and he's been doing a lion's share of the interviews.  Let me turn you on to http://profile.myspace.com/craignorthey, and an essay he wrote, debating honesty and lies when it comes to believing in oneself in going after a rock and roll career.

Please do check in with me if you'd like to talk to Northey Valenzuela--I'll be working with them through the end of the year.  Here are their myspace sites:  www.myspace.comjessevalenzuela.com and http://www.myspace.com/craignorthey

Marky Ramone

I'm just starting with Marky Ramone, who you know from the Ramones, the only act--believe it or not that I've ever worked with--who is in the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame.  Marky says that he was inducted into the Hall, along with Tommy the group's original drummer.  I can authenticate that he is adored by Ramones' fans everywhere.  Just go to the official website of the group, www.ramones.com.  Click on Marky for a bio, then click "CLICK HERE FOR MORE FROM MARKY."

Marky has a pedigree history, he started his career in the late '60s/early '70s in a band called Dust with Richie Wise and Kenny Aaronson on Neil Bogart's Casablanca Records.  Wise went on to produce KISS, and you'll see photos of KISS guys with Marky on the Ramones' site.  Then Marky played with Jayne County and Richard Hell, and then joined the Ramones in time for ROCK AND ROLL HIGH SCHOOL.  

He is still playing Ramones' styled rock & roll, and calls his group MARKY RAMONE & THE INTRUDERS.   His new album, START OF THE CENTURY takes its title from twisting some lyrics on the Ramones' song, "Do You Remember Rock and Roll Radio?"  It's a two record set, and was produced by Lars Frederiksen of Rancid.

And he has a photo for downloading at

Also, this is his logo which is the cover of START OF THE CENTURY.

I hope these photos work for you, we can also set you up with interviews.

Joe Deninzon news

I've put Joe Deninzon's "Story Ghosts" on my site at www.myspace.com/annepurrrrsleighton, and can send a four song advance promo on request.  He's using this CD and his FIDDLE TRIP FUNK LIVE DVD to find a label for his next CD.

Here are dates from Joe Deninzon and Stratospheerius:

June 5  Nectar's,  Burlington, VT  
June 7 Beachland Tavern with Jann Klose, Cleveland, OH
June 8  Maenerchor with Jann Klose, Youngstown, OH
June 10  Old Miami with Jann Klose, Detroit, MI
June 23 THE GATHERING,  Pulaski, NY  
June 29   The Soapbox, Wilmington, NC, with Monday's Off
June 30  and August 5: Cary Street Cafe,   Richmond, VA  


Pat DiNizio

I have some dates for Pat DiNizio, who has an album, THIS IS PAT DINIZIO due on Fuel on June 23.  Also, let me know if you're interested in him.  He's got a political background and ran for public office in Jersey in 2000 in the Reform Party; he's concered with the environment.   Pat is also in the Smithereens, and loves to have attention for his work AND his personality.  Here's his website: www.patdinizio.com.






Beverly Arts Center, 2407 W. 111th Street, Chicago, Illinois

More Jann Klose news

There's an article about D.C.'s Jammin Java, the venue Jann Klose played two weeks ago, in the Times Community Newspapers of Northern Virginia. There are some
pictures from the show.  There's a gorgeous portrait of Jann's bassist Chris Marlouf that frames the article.   Here's the direct link:


Also, the live video of "Walk Through The River" is being broadcast on Swept Away
TV, a high school & college run Music TV Show seen in over 60 markets in the
U.S. Their site is: http://www.sweptawaytv.com

Jann's fans turned out to vote for him for Radio Crystal Blue's airplay election--they made it into the finals.  

And here are tourdates:

April 26   Mole's Eye Cafe, Brattleboro, VT  
April 27     People's Pint, Greenfield, MA    
April 29    Nectar's, Burlington, VT
May 14     The Rockwood Music Hall, New York, NY
June 7    Beachland Tavern, Cleveland, OH (w/Joe Deninzon)
June 8    The Maennerchor, Youngstown, OH    (w/Joe Deninzon)
June 9    The Old Miami, Detroit, MI    (w/Joe Deninzon)
June 10    Linneman's, Milwaukee, WI (w/Joe Deninzon)
July 5, 12, 19, 26     Kukuun, Hamburg, Germany
plus private dates and more
BACK IN THE USA:    July 28 TUUC Lutherville, MD


Carl Palmer media days: May 1,2,3,4

Carl Palmer is on tour this May through early July, and there are tons of interviews he's done so far.  These two internet ones offer some amazing background on his three piece trio with bass, guitar and drums, and the crowgrrl's one gives extra insight on his work with both deaf children and blind children.  He's doing a workshop in England on April 30.  

The next day--May 1 he'll be in New York City and doing press on May 2 and 3, then going to Philadelphia for the afternoon of May 3 and morning of May 4 for more media in conjunction with the tour--the confirmed dates are listed below.  



May 24 Hamilton Place Theatre    Hamilton,ON
May 25 Empire Theatre    Bellville,ON
May 26 Lee's Palace    Toronto,ON
May 27 Le Medley    Montreal, QB
May 28 Theatre Granada    Sherbrooke,QB
May 31 Regent Theatre Arlington, MA (Boston)
June 1 Toad's Place New Haven, CT
June 2 Inter-Media Arts Center Huntington, NY (Long Island)
June 3 Rams Head Annapolis, MD
June 4 Keswick Theatre Glenside, PA (Philadelphia)
June 6 B.B. King Blues Club New York, NY
June 7 The Birchmere Alexandria, VA (Washington DC)
June 8 Rex Theatre Pittsburgh, PA
June 9 Beachland Ballroom Cleveland, OH
June 10 The Abbey Chicago, IL
June 11 Shank Hall Milwaukee, WI
June 12 The Warehouse Springfield, IL
June 14 Walnut Room    Denver, CO
June 17  Aladdin Theater  Portland, OR
June 21  Cafe Du Nord  San Francisco,CA
June 22    The Roxy  Hollywood,CA
June 23   The Galaxy  Santa Ana,CA
June 24  House Of Blues, Las Vegas,NV
June 27   Martini Ranch  Scottsdale,AZ
June 29  La Zona Rosa      Austin, TX
June 30   Granada Theater     Dallas, TX  
July 2    The Music Mill, Indianapolis,IN
July 3    Grinnell Community Theatre, Grinnel, IA

secret industry site: www.carlpalmer.com/media

Rembrandts shows

The Rembrandts are touring in support of their CHOICE PICKS album are:

June 29     Bethlehem, PA         The Icehouse   Dean Dedopolis  
June 30     Morristown, NJ         Cafe Arabica (two 45 minute shows)  
July 1        Natick, MA              Natick Center for the Arts  

Grand Funk Railroad tourdates

Here are dates from Grand Funk Railroad: drummer Don Brewer, bassist Mel Schacher, plus singer Max Carl, guitarist Bruce Kulick, keyboardist Tim Cashion.

May 20  Events Center at L'Auberge        Lake Charles, Louisiana  
June  3   Six Flags Frontier City         Oklahoma City, Oklahoma  
June  4   Custom Car & Chopper Festival    Downtown  El Paso, Texas  
June 9   Big E Balloon Festival          W. Springfield, Massachusetts  
June 18   City Lights Pavilion          Denver, Colorado
June 24   Sonoma-Marin Fair-Bud Stage       Petaluma, California
July 19   Merced County Fair Outdoor Th.    Merced, California  
July 20   Rock Fest 2006                  Cadott, Wisconsin  
July 22   Boulder Station Hotel/Casino        Las Vegas, Nevada  
August 10    Wisconsin State Fair-Grandstnd      West Allis, Wisconsin  
August 12    Rockin' The Rivers Festival        Three Forks, Montana  
September 23    Cliff Castle Casino          Camp Verde, Arizona        
September 29   Los Angeles County Fair        Pomona, California  
October 1   Davis & Elkins College             Elkins, West Viriniga  
October 7   Gretna Heritage Festival       Gretna, Louisiana  
October 20   2006 Dragway                      N.Rockingham, North Carolina  


Rebel Girl shows

REBEL GIRL used to be Sugar, the group is Rose on guitar, Holly on drums and Danielle on bass.  I have some great photos of them.  They will be on the Warped Tour this summer. This Akron-based chick rock group is sharing the stage with  Jack the Original, Get Back Lorretta, Threefold Theory and Douglas Furr.
April 29 The Jigsaw, Parma OH)
May 10  Peabody's, Cleveland, OH, opening for Tracy Guns from LA GUNS
May 11  The Poison Room, Cincinnati, OH
May 12  Tommy Keegan's w/ Kelp & Deco Halo, Columbus, OH
July 22   Salt Lake City, UT - Warped Tour  
July 25  Columbus, Oh - Venue TBA
July 27  Pittsburgh, PA - Warped Tour
July 28  Rochester NY - Waterstreet Music Hall
July 30  New York City, NY - Venue TBA
August 1  Philadelphia, PA - Venue TBA
August 4-5  Baltimore, MD - Venue TBA
August 1  Philly,PA
August 4  & 5 Baltimore,MD
August 9  Washington DC
August 11 & 12  Richmond,VA
August 9: Washington DC - Warped Tour
August 11-12  Richmond, VA - Venue TBA
August 16-17  North Carolina - Venue TBA
August 18-19  South Carolina - Venue TBA
August 22-23  Atlanta, GA - Venue TBA
August 25-26  Nashville, TN - Venue TBA
August 30  Arkansas - Venue TBA  OR
 August 30  Dallas, TX - Venue TBA
August 31  Houston, TX - Venue TBA
September 2  Arizona - Venue TBA
September 3  Welcome Home Show in San Diego, CA - Venue  TBA


Katy Moffatt news

Katy Moffatt is playing Europe this coming month, and will be modeling, sharing tunes on California history and getting--as the title of her current album says, UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL throughout the United States.

On Wed., April 26, at the Canyon Theatre Guild in downtown Newhall, CA, Katy will be the guest performer for two songs and modeling in the "Cowboy Couture" fashion show.  For info and tickets, contact Jenny Aurit, 661-255-4318

Katy also has been awarded a special grant by the Living History Dept. of the California Arts Council to perform new original songs about California history, and they will be presented at  the Santa Cowboy Festival this coming weekend, April  29 and 30 all day long.  In the works is an album of California History songs.  This takes plays at Gene Autry's Ranch in Santa Clarita, CA.

Then come her European dates where she will be accompanied by guitar player Giampiero Colombo:

May 10    Altgass-Beizli, Volketswil Switzerland
May 11    Werkgebaeude der Zivilgemeinde, Oberhasli Switzerland
May  12   Mahogany Hall, Bern,Switzerland
May 13    Dream Valley Saloon, Schwarzenegg near thun,Switzerland
May  14    Dolder 2, Feuerthalen near Schaffhausen,Switzerland (MATINEE)
May 15     Rattlesnake Saloon, Munich, Germany
May  17  venue tba, Waldkraiburg  Germany
May  19  Bonanza, Bissegg (thurgau), Switzerland
May  20  Ku-Stall, Rheinau-Freistett, Germany
May  21   El Lokal, Zurich, Switzerland

June 10,  Decatur, Georgia (near Atlanta)  Eddie's Attic  (co-bill with Juni Fisher)  
June 11  Chattanooga, Tennessee, Riverbend Festival  
October 7,  Cedaredge, Colorado   Cedaredge Applefest 2006
October 21  Franke Center for the Arts, Marshall, Michigan (near Battle Creek)


Tower of Power tourdates

TOWER OF POWER's tour dates are:
April 28th   Reunion Resort, Orlando, FL  the Ladies Pro Golf Association
May 7  Patriots Park, Phoenix, AZ
May 21     Doheny State Beach   Dana Point, CA
May 26 River Rock Casino Resort   Richmond, BC, Canada
May 27    Emerald Queen Casino Tacoma, WA
June 15   Nokia Theatre, Grand Prairie, TX
June 16   Horseshoe Casino Riverdome, Bossier City, LA
June 17    Bluesville Showroom, Horseshoe Casino  Robinsonville, MS
June 18    Brady Theater,  Tulsa, OK
June 20    Whitney Theater   Louisville, KY
June 22     Chastain Park Amphitheater    Atlanta, GA
June 23      Harrah's Cherokee Smoky Mountains Casino,  Cherokee, NC
June 24      Ferguson Center for the Arts, Newport News, VA
June 25     Lyric Opera House   Baltimore, MD
August 4      Ohio State Fair (Celeste Center)  Columbus, OH
August 15     San Mateo County Fair Grandstand  San Mateo,CA
August 16     Feather Falls Casino   Oroville, CA
August 17     Monterey County Fairgrounds   Monterey, CA
August 18     Feather Falls Casino Oroville, CA
August 25 - 27      Suncoast Hotel & Casino Las Vegas, NV
September 15     Humphrey's Concerts by the Bay San Diego, CA
September 16  Canyon Meadows Amphitheatre, Mammoth Lakes, CA
September 20    Kern County Fair - Bud Pavillion, Bakersfield, CA
September 30   Paramount Center for the Arts , Peekskill, NY
October 1    The Waterfront Banquet Facility Plains, PA
October 5     Turning Stone Resort & Casino, Verona, NY
October 6     State Theatre, New Brunswick, NJ
October 7      The Bergen Performing Arts Center, Englewood, NJ
October 8     Grand Opera House, Wilmington, DE
November 1     Lancaster Performing Arts Center, Lancaster, CA
November 2     San Manuel Indian Bingo & Casino, Highland, CA
November 4      Route 66 Casino,Albuquerque, NM
November 10    Canyon Theater,Agoura Hills, CA
November 18   Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts, Cerritos, CA


various news notes

First off, I have a new blog--an open letter to TONY SNOW at myspace site, http://blog.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog&Mytoken=11826CA5-13C1-826A-1E8179C05087F2B959959309

Tony is one of the journalists on my e-mail list, and is being considered for the job of White House Press Secretary.  I want to see how much he truly wants the gig as he has twice said to me, "I want your job (publicizing Jethro Tull)," and I'm willing--for the good of our country--to offer him the job with Tull. I believe that rock and roll publicists work with journalists who enjoy their publicists.  Meanwhile the Press Secretary for the President really has a hard time.  Tony's a nice guy; his website is www.tonysnow.com, and tell him I sent you.

Here are some musical things that might interest you from artists I'm not working with, but I truly adore:

A) Wendy Flower has a sweet, Jackie DeShannon-esque ecologically-minded and animal-loving CD, FLOWER POWER.   Proceeds go to Freethechildren.org, an education program for children in 45 countries.  She's at wendy@flowerpower.com.

B) WDFH is a radio station I used to work at, and they're having Jordan Rudess (keyboardist from Dream Theatre) making another visit there for a  Moog Space Jam with Richard Lainhart.  The tentative date is May 19th at 7pm.  
Stay tuned to their website at www.wdfh.org.

If I had the time I'd be involved with this station interviewing people.  It's freeform with a mixture of news and public affairs, that gives voice to unique perspectives ignored by mainstream media; there is very little syndicated NPR or Pacifica programming on this station; practically everything is original programming including local music, and the station is home to an upcoming national show, RECOVERY TALK hosted by Robin Leary. The FCC has just authorized the station to expand WDFH's signal to a much larger area of the lower Hudson valley; join me in supporting the station. All contributions are federally tax-deductible.   You can make a secure donation online a www.wdfh.org.  Or send a check to WDFH, 21 Brookside Lane, Dobbs Ferry, NY 10522.

C) Speaking of radio, my radio teacher from Fredonia has retired from teaching and is working on his folk music career. Dan Berggren has a song "Only an April Fool" from FRESH TERRITORY to be released in May.  You can download it by
   1) going to http://www.berggrenfolk.com
   2)Then in the first category with the left side that says VIEW CART, the right side will have a select category section, select BERGGREN FOLK RECORDS.
  3) Scroll down to APRIL FOOLS, Then click on TRACK LIST & SAMPLE MUSIC and click on to hear "Only An April Fool."  You'll hear his seasoning and warmth as a singer who has been doing this style of music for decades.  He has a one-on-one communication style.  Dan has another song that's not online called "Power From Above," which is about wind power and the ecology.

D) MaryLenore Arsenault was my partner-in-crime working with Lucia Micarelli for the Jethro Tull 2005 tour.  Now she's been hired as the marketing consultant (advertising, street promotion, publicity & retail) for the Bleeding Edge doll company (www.begoths.com). She's also publicizing three books for BACKBEAT BOOKS:
attorney and copyright/clearance specialist Steve Gordon.  Her e-mail is mla@bopstar-pr.com and phone 212-362-5766.

E)Here's another classic rock publicist and author who handles artists similar to mine:  Billy James out of North Carolina: 910-395-8265, Antbee0@cs.com  

F)Andrea Karmer is your contact for Van Morrison's new album, PAY THE DEVIL. kramer67@mac.com. office 480 214 5855.

G)Some public service announcements...  Brian Kilcommons, Director of Training for the New York City animal shelter, has had his arms filled with too many Christmas puppies being returned to the city shelter, and it's a higher number this year than last year.  His website is www.mysmartpuppy.com, and it offers animal training advice.  He has a DVD that he's doing press for--his publicists are Rosemary and Jen at 212-593-0078, tjpublic@aol.com.  I do not want to tell you what condition some of these pups have been returned in, so let me say that some owners think violence is the way to teach animals a few tricks.  Please contact Rosemary and Jean if you'd like to get some puppy raising tips on your media outlet.   Brian Kilcommons is very articulate--he's been on OPRAH, COULD MORNING AMERICA, CNN, A&E, TODAY SHOW, PBS and more.  

and finally, the New Orleans Public Library is asking for any and all hardcover and paperback books for people of all ages in an effort to restock the shelves after Katrina. The staff will assess which titles will be designated for its collections. The rest will be distributed to destitute families or sold for library fundraising. Please send your books to:

Rica A. Trigs, Public Relations
New Orleans Public Library
219 Loyola Avenue
New Orleans, LA 70112.


Ten Years After play the States in March!!!!!!!!!



The British blues-rock band Ten Years After will make its long-awaited return to the United States for a series of concerts in March 2006.

Keyboardist Chick Churchill, bass guitarist Leo Lyons, drummer Ric Lee and vocalist/lead guitarist Joe Gooch are promoting the 2005 studio album 'Ten Years After...Now.' (The double live album 'Roadworks' was released later in 2005 and as of now is available as an import.)

Ten Years After formed nearly four decades ago in its native Nottingham, England. The band is best known for its show-stopping performance of "I'm Going Home" at the legendary Woodstock Music and Arts Festival in 1969 as well as the hit single "I'd Love To Change The World" in 1971.

Fans will get to hear a wide variety of Ten Years After's finest material. Also, the band often tries out new songs before recording them.

"We play 50 percent new material most of the time, sometimes 60 percent depending on the length of the set we play," says Lee. "Yes, whenever possible we try out new stuff before we record it. Seventy percent of 'Ten Years After...Now' was performed live before recording."

Sometimes songs that have rarely -- if ever -- been played live before are incorporated into the set, making the shows extra exciting for die-hard fans.

"We pulled out 'Working On The Road' because Joe liked the song and fancied doing it live. The only other time we'd played it was at the Fillmore East in 1970. 'I'd Love To Change The World' is in the set which it never was in the previous life of Ten Years After," Lee says. "There are other tunes that we have standing by in case anyone shouts for them too. If fans write to the web site and give us titles they'd like to hear we'll try to accommodate them, wherever possible."

A few covers are regularly aired out just for a fun jam.

"At present the only covers are 'Good Morning Little Schoolgirl' and 'I Can't Keep From Cryin' Sometimes,' but who knows in the future?" Lee says.

The arrangements can often take some interesting improvisational twists and turns.

"On the old Ten Years After classics Joe improvises solos drawn from his own fabulous vocabulary," says Lee. "The new songs from the 'Ten Years After...Now' album tend to be more structured, but again, with a band like Ten Years After, you never know."

Ten Years After's current U.S. tour dates include:

Thursday, March 9th Detroit, MI Magic Bag
Friday, March 10th Cleveland, OH Wilbert's
Saturday, March 11th Fishkill, NY (near Woodstock) Celtic House
Tuesday, March 14th Sellersville, PA Sellersville Theater
Wednesday, March 15th New York, NY B.B. King Blues Club
Thursday, March 16th Somerville, MA Johnny D's
Friday, March 17th West Springfield, VA Jaxx
Saturday, March 18th Pittsburgh, PA Moondog's


fiddle trip funk live!-new Deninzon & Stratospheerius DVD

Fusion/funk/jam/progressive/rock/everything band JOE DENINZON & STRATOSPHEERIUS are releasing a DVD called “fiddle trip funk live!” for their fans on the 21st of February at a release party at CB’s Gallery.  The band is also working on a new CD, probably for a fall release.  We’re looking for a record and a publishing deal for Joe, as he’s been a finalist in a variety of songwriting contests in the past year, which is a rarity for virtuoso players.

I interviewed Joe, along with other instrumentalists and composers (Carl Strommen, John Corigliano, Steve Horowitz)  in the new book, SONGWRITER’S MARKET about instrumental careers.  If you want a PDF file of the submitted interview, please e-mail me.  The book, itself, has solid features with Jonatha Brook and Richie Havens (done by my songwriting client Robin Renee).  There is good advice for songwriters; you can research the book at the Writers Digest bookshelf at www.writersdigest.com, or check out the reference section of your local bookstore.

Here are the current dates Joe’s scheduled so far:

February 16   Mexicali Blues Cafe,  opening for the Insidious Rays.  Teaneck, NJ

February 21, CBGB 313 Gallery, 313 Broadway in New York City, NY  

February 23, Cary Street Cafe, Richmond, VA

February 24, Jewish Mother, Virginia Beach, VA

April 10, Crash Mansion, New York City, NY

April 15, W.T. Smithers, Dover, DE    

May 25, Nectars, Burlington, VT

June 23, The Gathering Music Festival, Pulaski, NY


Come meet Northey Valenzuela

If you like the Gin Blossoms and the Canadian group, The Odds, please let me know if you’re interested in Northey Valenzuela.  They’ve recorded a pure rock & roll album that might remind you of Rockpile, Traveling Wilburies. Foghat. The artists are Jesse Valenzuela (songwriter, singer from the Gin Blossoms) and Craig Northey of the Odds.  The album, NORTHEY VALENZUELA includes “Not a Lot Goin’ On,” which is the theme for (Canada TV) CTV’S comedy show, CORNER GAS.  The album also includes support from Bryan Adams’ musicians Colin James and Keith Scott, plus Steve Miller and Raven drummer Gary Mallaber.  It’s due out in late April.

I am also guest-listing the media for their live shows:

February 14, Iota, Arlington, VA
February 16, B.B. Kings (with the Rembrandts), New York City
February 17, Mohegan Sun (with the Rembrandts), Uncasville, CT

February 18, The Chance, Poughkeepsie


Carl Palmer: "reports of my death are...

First off, here is the official statement from drummer, percussionist Carl Palmer on the reunion of the original Asia.

"As the great American humorist Mark Twain once told a group of journalists: 'The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated...'  I must make it clear that the current statements about a reunion of the original members of Asia circulating within the music and concert industries are somewhat premature. All four original members have met and discussed a reunion to celebrate the band's 25th Anniversary. However, at this time, no specific time frame for tours and recordings has been established, and no shows have been booked. At present, I am giving my complete focus to a North American tour of The Carl Palmer Band which will run from May through early July 2006. Ironically, 'Only Time Will Tell' when the original Asia can once again return....Carl Palmer. January 31, 2006."

Next more confirmed dates on Carl's upcoming six week tour. Carl and bandmates (guitarist: Paul Bielatowicz and bassist Stuart Clayton) will offer new versions of Emerson Lake and Palmer music. THERE ARE NO KEYBOARDS ON THIS TOUR.
Wed May 24 Hamilton Place Theatre    Hamilton,ON
Thu May 25 Empire Theatre    Bellville,ON
Fri May 26 Lee's Palace    Toronto,ON
Sat May 27 Le Medley    Montreal, QB
Sun May 28 Theatre Granada    Sherbrooke,QB

Wed May 31 Regent Theatre Arlington, MA (Boston) Thu June 1 Toad's Place New Haven, CT
Fri June 2 Inter-Media Arts Center Huntington, NY (Long Island)
Sat June 3 Rams Head Annapolis, MD
Sun June 4 Keswick Theatre Glenside, PA (Philadelphia)
Tue June 6 B.B. King Blues Club New York, NY
Wed June 7 The Birchmere Alexandria, VA (Washington DC)
Thu June 8 Rex Theatre Pittsburgh, PA
Fri June 9 Beachland Ballroom Cleveland, OH
Sat June 10 The Abbey Chicago, IL
Sun June 11 Shank Hall Milwaukee, WI
Mon June 12 The Warehouse Springfield, IL

Wed June 14 Walnut Room    Denver,CO


Third:  If you’re looking for angles on Carl stories, think of psychology or emotional fitness or working with children.  In addition to doing all his performing road work, he’s also goes on the road a few weeks out of the year to help both deaf and blind children find their inherent rhythm.  He shows them all how to feel rhythm, play drums.  The children and their teachers do sincerely feel satisfaction from this.  He’ll be doing this in April in England.

and for the media: www.carlpalmer.com/media

The Rembrandts LIVE!

I’m setting up interviews with the Rembrandts (Danny Wilde does chats from noon to three west coast time, and Phil Solem does interviews more in the afternoon.)  Also radio is starting to play the single “Don’t Give Me Up,” which is a new song from this melodic pop band.

Here are their upcoming tour dates:

February 14    Ramshead, Annapolis, MD

February 16    B.B. Kings, New York City, NY  (with Northey Valenzuela)

February 17   Mohegan Sun, Uncasville, CT (with Northey Valenzuela)

February 18    Opera House, Claremont, NH

February 19     E. Hartford Cultural Center, E. Hartford, CT.

February 23    Hard Rock Hotel, Velvet Series, Orlando, FL

February 24    Fuel, Jacksonville, FL

February 25    Mavericks, Charlotte County Fair, Port Charlotte, FL

March 2 The Coach House, San Juan Capistrano, CA

March 3     Whiskey Petes, Primm, NV  


Katy Moffatt, hey look her over!

KATY MOFFATT’S “Up Close And Personal” will be presented in the May issue of HARP as one of those “overlooked albums” and I thank them.  I hope to thank you after you listen over her music.

Here are dates that Katy’s booked for herself this year.

February 13   St. Andrews Heights Community Hall, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
February 16, 17 The Stop, Black Diamond, Alberta, Canada  
March 11 St. Gabriel’s Church, Portland, OR
March 24   Mavericks, Visalia, CA
March 30   Blind Willie’s, Atlanta, GA
April 29 and 30   Gene Autry’s Melody Ranch, Santa Clarita Cowboy Festival, Santa Clarita, CA

May:  Europe

June 11   Riverboat Festival, Chattanooga, TN
October 7,  Cedaredge, Colorado   Cedaredge Applefest  
October 14  Franke Center for the Arts, Marshall, Michigan (near Battle Creek)


Jann Klose back home in America

Jann Klose is just back from four shows in Germany, and has already scheduling dates in the States.  We’re pushing very hard in the New England region, because there are stations giving attention to his 2004 “Black Box” EP.   He is a blue-eyed soul, singer songwriter. If you have Windows on your computer, go to www.jannklose.com, and there’s a link where you download his live video “Walk Through The River” through file-sharing networkings online. He’s had almost 59,000 since November.   And the Warner Bros. DVD Release of "Dead Broke" starring Paul Sorvino, which features Jann’s song “Black Box” over end credits is set for April 18th, 2006.

Here are Jann’s tourdates.

March 30    Sono Caffeine    Norwalk, CT
April 26    Mole's Eye Cafe Brattleboro, VT
April 27    People's Pint Greenfield, MA
July 28     TUUC Lutherville, MD


Sugar, Friday the 13th is good

I’m amazed how my chick rock band, Sugar, from Akron keeps getting into trouble, and it’s never their fault.  Usually it’s the men with problems...except my clients.  You don’t read stories about Ian Anderson getting into a barroom brawl, even though his verbal skills could knock over the toughest wrestler--take that, Mankind! And the guys in Grand Funk are so well-adjusted, Bruce Kulick even picks up after his dog Joey.  If Carl Palmer's in a bad mood, he's got a lot of drums to hit.  And certainly my woman folk singer-songwriter Katy Moffatt is very kind, she is always at one with folks she chats with.  And my baby acts have always been caring people--Joe Deninzon is dedicated to his wife Yulia even more than my dog is to me.

But Rose Kuhel and the rest of her chick rock band, Sugar, from Akron, get into so much trouble, it breaks my heart AND my head.  Rose claims “It wasn’t my fault; I didn’t curse at them or hit them, I just walked away from them.  I like walking away from any kind of violence.” So she was knocked down and beaten up by six members of the Akron police department on January 13, a Friday.

What happened was she got into a verbal argument with the now former lead singer of Sugar (Lil Dee) at her home, and Rose walked away as the police came into her house.  Rose said, “I’m going to bed, I’ll deal with this in the morning.”  Suddenly Akron police were on top of Rose, smashing her like they worked for the LAPD.  

She spent the night in jail, and about a week in physical rehab, plus tended to her work obligations: doing shows, working sound and figuring out her finances.

Rose said she didn’t start any fight, in fact she claims this is the second time the Akron cops beat her up, “They just think I’m intimidating.”  All five foot four of her.  “What?” she explains, “a uniform is going to make me bow down to someone?  I treat everyone the same.  I think you have to be spiritually cool--like Bruce Lee--for me to be intimidated...and then making someone feel small wouldn’t be your goal.”  

This Friday she will have her day in court, and who knows how her lawyer will advise her.  

The good news is that Rose has decided Friday the 13th is good luck, because she’s now the singer and guitarist, as bassist Danielle and drummer Holly are sticking with her.  The band is pulling its 11 AFTER CD off the market, and--for the time being--will just be servicing a two song CD with “Tie Me Off” and “Running Scared,” until she records new vocals for the rest of the album.  

Here are the next round of dates for Sugar

February 25    The Phantasy, Cleveland w/The Subtones, The
Velvematics & Johnny Mowhawk & the Assassins.  

March 3rd    Hi-Fi, Lakewood, OH w/ the Velvematics & Liquid

March 18  TNT,  Clinton Township (Detroit) MI
Women of Rock III

March 31  The Tavern At The Mill, Lacaster, OH  


Tower of Power’s upcoming shows in the United States

March 24 Uncasville, CT    Mohegan Sun Casino, Wolf Den

March 26    Rahway, NJ   Union County Arts Center
Also appearing: Average White Band

March 30 & 31   New York, NY   B.B. King's Blues Club

April 2 Ridgefield, CT    The Ridgefield Playhouse

April 4  Buffalo, NY   The Town Ballroom  (formerly The Sphere)

April 5  Cleveland, OH  House of Blues

April 6  Chester, WV  The Harv/Mountaineer Race Track

April 7  & 8   Glenside, PA  Keswick Theater

April 9  Hampton Beach, NH Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom

April 12 - 15 Boston, MA  Scullers Jazz Club

April 28  Orlando, FL  Reunion Resort

August 4 Columbus, OH  Ohio State Fair (Celeste Center)

August 15 San Mateo,CA  San Mateo County Fair Grandstand

August 17 Monterey, CA  Monterey County Fairgrounds

September 1-3  Las Vegas, NV  Suncoast Hotel & Casino

September 15  San Diego, CA Humphrey's Concerts by the Bay

September 20 Bakersfield, CA  Kern County Fair - Bud Pavillion

November 2 Highland, CA  San Manuel Indian Bingo & Casino

November 4  Albuquerque, NM  Route 66 Casino

November 18 Cerritos, CA Cerritors Center for the Performing Arts


news on various folks, not current clients

If you’re an independent artist with an album, send your CD to Chris Thelen,  WRLR-FM, P.O. Box 98, Round Lake, IL  60073 His e-mail is dailyvault@comcast.net. The station plays unsigned bands.


Willy Porter’s opened for Jethro Tull here in the States and in Europe a few tours since I’ve worked with him.  He’s planning a tour for later this year; Paulette is his publicist at pm12@comcast.net    

Willy’s song “Valentine” was produced by Tull keyboardist Andrew Giddings.  This will be an exclusive single, not currently scheduled for Willy’s upcoming album.  Willy’s due a club tour early summer with Toad the Wet Sprocket, Glen Phillips and that’ll include dates in Arizona and Philadelphia.    


I don’t like that Ian Anderson compares Clifford Meth to Beelzebub, although he also sees some Isaac Asimov and C. S. Lewis in his writing.  Clifford’s upcoming book of illustrated fiction stories is called METHo.d.. It was originally called MEAN LITTLE STORIES.

METHo.d. is illustrated fiction in the Byron Preiss WEIRD HEROES tradition. There's art by Steve Lieber, Al Milgrom, Jordan Raskin, Michael Netzer, Paty Cockrum, and Wm. Messner-Loebs. The Introduction is by Peter David, who opens with: "Clifford Meth knows things. Dark, dank, nasty things. Things that most others wouldn't care to admit they know..."  It's available from Aardwolf Publishing (www.aardwolfpublishing.com) signed/numbered.



Bill Kopecky played bass on Blue Marble’s album, FLYIN’.  The group features the killer twin-lead guitar attack of Jimmy and Johnny Ryan, who won the prestigious Chicago’s Fastest Fingers competition.  The 13 track disc finds them exploring world fusion (Arabic, Indian, Celtic, Americana) in addition to their trademark rock riffage.  The CD is instrumental except for one track, which is a smoking cover version of a Wishbone Ash classic.
Media should contact either the Ryan Brothers (www.ryanetics.com) or William Kopecky (www.williamkopecky.com).  

Relevant stories from former clients....

Former politician and music writer Maria Armoudian is still involved with public service.  She is the Environmental Commissioner for the City of Los Angeles (boy, do they need her) and she has a new CD, called LIFE IN THE NEW WORLD.   She has a show Feb. 23 at the Tempest in West Hollywood, CA.  Connect her at either  www.armoudian.com or www.cdbaby.com/armoudian.

I have a source if you’re interested in what peaceful Muslims say about some of the more fanatical Muslims who are rioting worldwide currently because of last September’s Prophet Mohammed cartoon in Denmark.

Artist Jesus Muhammad Ali, the grandson of Nation of Islam founder Elijah Muhammad, says there are different interpretations on whether the images of sacred religious leaders can be reproduced in art by Islamic people.  He also says that artists who are born with talent, should decide what they want to do with their art--whether it’s to slam another ideology or to offer solutions to make the world or at least their own neighborhood a better place.

Jesus, himself, has been scrutinized because he’s created portraits (based on photographs) of Islamic leaders--most notably his grandfather the late Elijah Muhammad, who founded the Nation of Islam in America.  He is also the author of the 2002 book,  THE EVOLUTION OF THE NATION OF ISLAM: THE STORY OF ELIJAH MUHAMMAD on the independent imprint, JMA Masterprints.   I no longer have copies of that book, but have stayed in touch with Jesus because he really is a deep conversationalist--into physics, martial arts, family, history, world cultures.....


Carl Palmer Announces U.S. 2006 Spring-Summer tour

online media kit (in progress) at www.carlpalmer.com/media



Founding Member of EMERSON LAKE & PALMER and ASIA returns with new band, and all new show: “CARL PALMER CELEBRATES THE MUSIC OF ELP.”

Drummer extraordinaire Carl Palmer, one of the world's most acclaimed percussionists will embark on his first solo North American tour, with his new power trio, THE CARL PALMER BAND.

The group, which features Palmer on drums and percussion, guitarist Paul Bielatowicz and bassist Stuart Clayton, will serve up an evening of classic ELP music, presented with exciting and innovative new versions.  An all-instrumental show, “Carl Palmer Celebrates The Music of ELP” promises to be among the most musically compelling live shows of 2006.

The tour, which will begin in late May and continue through early July. Palmer's band will cross the United States and include shows in Canada. The Carl Palmer Band will be playing showcase clubs, intimate theaters,
and Performing Arts Centers.

“I am very excited to be returning to North America to see and play for the many loyal fans I have come to know over the years," says Palmer, who announced his tour this week from Europe.  Palmer has been touring since 2002.  “This is a trio, which ELP also was, but we have replaced the keyboards with some very powerful guitar interpretations of that classic music.”

Among the songs featured in the show are: “Tarkus,” “Fanfare For The Common Man”, and “Hoedown.”  Adds Palmer: “Although ELP had a lot of vocal hit songs, we were really about musicianship and conveying the spectrum of emotions through our instruments. Many of the classic elements of these songs remain, but they have been updated and reinterpreted through the my new band."

In addition to nearly two hours of classic ELP songs, fans will be treated to Palmer's innovative and highly creative drum work. While in his previous bands, ELP and ASIA, Palmer's remarkable drum solos were often a high-point in those shows.

Carl Palmer first emerged on the British rock scene at the age of 17, as drummer for the Crazy World Of Arthur Brown. After Brown recorded his #1 hit, “Fire.” Palmer toured the US for the first time. He left to form AtomicRooster with Vincent Crane, another Brown alumnus. In 1970, he formed ELP with Keith Emerson (ex-The Nice) and Greg Lake (King Crimson's singer and bassist).

ELP, was among the pioneer supergroups launched during the era of Blind Faith, Crosby Stills & Nash and Led Zeppelin. They eventually became one of the biggest rock bands of all time, and the first group to effectively blend rock, jazz and classical music for the pop music masses. Together, on and off from 1970 through 1998, Emerson Lake & Palmer, sold over 35 million albums.

Upon the initial demise of ELP in 1980, Palmer formed another progressive rock supergroup, ASIA, with members of YES, King Crimson and The Buggles. With Asia, through much of the 1980s, Palmer would go on to have a second multi-platinum career.

“My new group is a great band and I am certain the fans will enjoy our unique versions of these timeless classics,” says Palmer. “ I look forward to returning to both the US and Canada and seeing everyone once again.”

The initial leg of the tour is as follows. The complete list of shows will be announced shortly.
Date Venue City
Wed May 31 Regent Theatre Arlington, MA (Boston)
Thu June 1 Toad's Place New Haven, CT
Fri June 2 Inter-Media Arts Center Huntington, NY (Long Island)
Sat June 3 Rams Head Annapolis, MD
Sun June 4 Keswick Theatre Glenside, PA (Philadelphia)
Tue June 6 B.B. King Blues Club New York, NY
Wed June 7 The Birchmere Alexandria, VA (Washington DC)
Thu June 8 Rex Theatre Pittsburgh, PA
Fri June 9 Beachland Ballroom Cleveland, OH
Sat June 10 The Abbey Chicago, IL
Sun June 11 Shank Hall Milwaukee, WI
Monday, June 12   The Warehouse          Springfield, IL

For all things Carl Palmer, please visit: