Katy Moffatt, hey look her over!

KATY MOFFATT’S “Up Close And Personal” will be presented in the May issue of HARP as one of those “overlooked albums” and I thank them.  I hope to thank you after you listen over her music.

Here are dates that Katy’s booked for herself this year.

February 13   St. Andrews Heights Community Hall, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
February 16, 17 The Stop, Black Diamond, Alberta, Canada  
March 11 St. Gabriel’s Church, Portland, OR
March 24   Mavericks, Visalia, CA
March 30   Blind Willie’s, Atlanta, GA
April 29 and 30   Gene Autry’s Melody Ranch, Santa Clarita Cowboy Festival, Santa Clarita, CA

May:  Europe

June 11   Riverboat Festival, Chattanooga, TN
October 7,  Cedaredge, Colorado   Cedaredge Applefest  
October 14  Franke Center for the Arts, Marshall, Michigan (near Battle Creek)