The Leighton Inclusion: Set The Record Straight by Paying Attention

The Leighton Inclusion: Set The Record Straight by Paying Attention 
Our real world lives have parallels to stories going on in the mass media world. How many times have you had to set the record straight when people were lying to your face or on social media? Look at what happened, this week, to Mike Bloomberg when Elizabeth Warren caught him in the Presidential mistakes. All of us went after Internet Trolls that attacked 9 year old Quaden Bayles, because they were new bullies, attacking him lies.  I bet someone purposely attacked you or one of your friends for no reason


The Leighton Inclusion Setting The Record Straight-Bronx Politics Version

This Leighton Inclusion is about why we need to set the record straight.  It does--indeed--point out the egotistical people waste everyone's time, because we have to set them straight.  I use Bronx politics as an example.


The Leighton Inclusion: Does Hating Rush Limbaugh Give You Bad Karma?

Can you imagine how great our lives would be if we got to know one another instead of prejudging each other?