FYC "Storm Surge" and "Cognitive Dissonance" by Joe Deninzon & Stratospheerius (and friends)

Storm Surge w/ guest artists: 

vocalist Michael Sadler (from Saga), flute & keyboards Rachel Flowers, guitars Fernando Perdomo, cello Ruti Celli 

& Stratospheerius: Joe Deninzon (vocals, electric violin), Michelangelo Quirinale (guitar), Paul Raineri (bass), Jason Gianni (drums)





 * ENGINEER—Rich Mouser &  Rave Tesar 


Cognitive Dissonance 

 w/ special guest vocalist Randy McStine

 & Stratospheerius: Joe Deninzon (vocals, electric violin), Michelangelo Quirinale (guitar), Paul Raineri (bass), Jason Gianni (drums)







* ENGINEER —Rich Mouser &  Rave Tesar 

Joe Deninzon & Stratospheerius
Melodic electric-violin driven progressive rock.

Joe Deninzon says "These songs speak to the turbulent times we have endured in the past year and a half. The inner storm raging inside of us, with the pandemic and the fight for racial justice and all the issues dominating our world." 

Joe is known for playing with Bruce Springsteen, The Who, Ritchie Blackmore, Trans Siberian Orchestra, Renaissance, Mark Wood, Peter Criss, 50 Cent, Sheryl Crow, Smokey Robinson.

Act One Magazine: “I tip my hat and bow my head in awe.”                                
Proglodytes: “sounding both ahead of the curve and accessible at the same time.”                                                                         
Music From the Other Side of the Room:  " hectic and heart-stopping."                  
SkeletonPete.com “progressive music that’s not afraid of a catchy chorus.         







Christmas in July: Holiday Songs for 2021

Auld Lang Syne Tony Moore  Gentle thoughtful, elderly British-sound voice, tenor,"we'll take a cup of kindness"  piano is lead instrument.  It builds into dramatic orchestral key change.  

In the Bleak MidWinter (Instrumental) Hank Wedel & Ray Barron Jr instrumental midtempo, of the classic hymn with piano, Irish bazouki, soothing concertina, guitar. 

 Away In a Manger Cindy Hulette / Stephen Melillo Gentle and Orchestral, Cindy sounds a little like Kate Bush with an orchestra and sleigh bells. 

What Child Is This  Jann Klose / Stephen Mellilo orchestra with triangle and chorus  vocal: tenor, thoughtful interpretation, slow, mysterious, and wondering interpretation. bells, the whole story of Christ in the lyrics.

Road to Bethlehem  Dan Berggren   Mary and Joseph traveling to Bethlehem, discussing the politics of the day and the options she has for giving birth to baby Jesus. Gentle voice and acoustic guitar. 

Some Say Channukah  Dean Friedman Live Recording, a singalong with kids, that includes laughter Ha-Ha-Ha-Hannukah AND singing comments on how “Cha-NU-Kah” could be pronounced!  They sing about other seasonal customs in this fun song.


Tchatchkes Latkes  Rachael Sage She sings the ingredients in this festive ditty which sounds good late night/early morning. Gypsy Oom PahPah Waltz with festive instruments.  “Onions Peppers Oy Gevalt!”  

Christmas Time Jon Mullane Upbeat! Baritone version of Adam Levine, song in the same tempo as USA for Africa’s “Do They Know it’s Christmastime” About the joys of Christmas, and getting ready for it.  



the love kills theory to Play at the Roxy Saturday, August 7th

                          The alternative rock band will appear with Dead Meadow

Los Angeles – Alternative rock band the love kills theory will be performing at the Roxy in West Hollywood, on Saturday, August 7th, at 8 PM. 

This is an all-ages show.

The Roxy is at 9009 W. Sunset Blvd., West Hollywood.

The webpage is www.theroxy.com/events/detail/405557
and the ticket buy page is www.axs.com/events/405557/dead-meadow-tickets?skin=roxy.

the love kills theory is supporting its album, “Happy Suicide, Jim!” released on Xemu Records. The first single, “Found,” reached #56 on the Media Base Top 100 Chart. The group's follow-up single, “Something Goes Around,” is poised to break the Top 40. 

Response has been exceptionally strong, with one reviewer exclaiming that this is “probably the most important album of the year.”

Dead Meadow, an American psychedelic rock band also on Xemu Records, formed in 1998 and will be on the bill.

the love kills theory differentiates itself from other bands in two distinct ways. First, the group utilizes sound effects to create aural landscapes that are sonically unique while still employing melodic hooks and a driving beat. Second, the lyrics draw on influences such as Guy Debord, founder of Situationist International, and Aldous Huxley, fused with the current bio-genetic studies on the evolution of despair.

the love kills theory is: 

Cevin Soling – Vocals, Rhythm Guitar

Bill Brandau - Keyboards

Jim Minics – Lead Guitar

Darren Pilato - Bass

Jaron Stewart – Drums

Dead Meadow comprises vocalist and guitarist Jason Simon, bassist Steve Kille, and drummer Mark Laughlin. The band has released seven studio albums, two live albums, and a Peel Session.

the love kills theory and Dead Meadow will perform at the Roxy, 9009 West Sunset Blvd., West Hollywood, on Saturday, August 7th at 8 PM. Tickets can be purchased at:  https://www.axs.com/artists/1109877/the-love-kills-theory-tickets

Listen to the love kills theory\


Sept. 11 NYC It's Gary Lucas' 40th Anniversary Celebration


On Saturday September 11th 2021, acclaimed guitarist, songwriter and composer GARY LUCAS celebrates
40 years of innovative music with an all-star show at NYC’s LE POISSON ROUGE.

Lucas will perform solo, in duo format, and with his longtime jazz-rock supergroup GODS AND MONSTERS, featuring Ernie Brooks (Modern Lovers) bass, Jerry Harrison (Talking Heads) keyboards, Billy Ficca (Television) drums, and Jason Candler (Hungry March Band) sax.
Special guests include Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth) guitar, and vocalists Richard Barone, Felice Rosser, and Emily Duff.
The show runs from 8pm to 10pm. 
Le Poisson Rouge is located at 158 Bleecker Street in Manhattan.

GARY LUCAS: has been called  “One of the 100 Greatest Living Guitarists” by Classic Rock Magazine. The New York Times writes:  “Gary Lucas plays guitar like Salvador Dali paints." The Grammy-nominated guitarist/songwriter/composer has released over 35 acclaimed albums as a leader in multiple genres including jazz, rock, avant-garde, world, classical, folk and electronica and played on countless others. He’s performed in 40-plus countries including China, Russia, India. Japan, Australia, Mexico, Brazil, Cuba, Israel, and all over Canada, the US, and Eastern and Western Europe. A partial list of artists he’s worked and collaborated with includes Jeff Buckley, Captain Beefheart, Future Sound of London, Nick Cave, Nona Hendryx, Chris Cornell, Patti Smith, Peter Hammill, Lou Reed, John Cale, Joan Osborrne, Los Van Van, and the Plastic People of the Universe. Mr. Lucas makes his home in NYC.  http://www.garylucas.com 


Six night “virtual” show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival – Aug 13,14,15,20,21,20, 2021


Friedman will be premiering the album with a six-night “virtual” show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival titled, “Dean Friedman’s American Lullaby,” running August 13, 14, 15, 20, 21, 22, 2021  [8pm London / 3pm New York] 

The crowdfunded album, touches on a broad range of topics, including: the calamitous pandemic, looming environmental disaster, racism, sexism, our fractured politics, and an intractable culture war.  The title track “American Lullaby,” a moving account of America’s original sins and 400 year love affair with guns, and will be on Spotify on August 13.  “Halfway Normal World” is a poignant yearning for release from perpetual lockdown; “The Russians Are Coming!,” a 100% factual narrative based on the “Senate Intelligence Committee Report on Russian Interference in the 2016 U.S. Election.” Other song titles: “Welcome to Stupid Town” and “On a Summer’s Night.” The album also offers up “Just Another Birthday Song,” Friedman’s hilarious contender to replace the ubiquitous “Happy Birthday: song, written 125 years ago by the Hill sisters.

The new album, American Lullaby’,” Friedman explains, “reflects my personal take on all the crazy stuff that’s been happening, in America – and around the world - for the last six years. Like all lullabies, it’s filled with tales of dark deeds and disaster, but couched in soft, gentle tones, meant to soothe and comfort the listener, while gently bracing them for the potential terrors that await.”

The album will be available in stores and digitally on all the main streaming/download outlets. Friedman will be promoting the album during his “virtual” Fringe run, via his regular “DeanZine ‘LiveStream’” webcasts, plus a 40-city “live” concert tour which kicks off April 2022.


Friedman’s recent tours and recordings continue to garner rave reviews: “Every song in this show is a classic.” (London Theatre Guide), “Songsmith Extraordinaire” – (Music Week), “Stunning Musicianship” (HotPress), “Dean Friedman is entirely unique and utterly brilliant!” – (ThreeWeeks)… are just a few of the superlatives used to describe his unique and original talent.

In addition to his familiar radio hits, most notably his top 20 Billboard hit, “Ariel,” and album releases and touring, he composes and produces music soundtracks for TV and film, including the music to NBC’s Eerie Indiana, Nickelodeon’s Nick Arcade, and the hit Central TV series BOON. Recently his song, “A Million Matzoh Balls: was featured in an award winning indie film by acclaimed new director, Janizca Bravo, titled, LEMON. He’s also published a respected tome on the art and craft of songwriting titled, “The Songwriter’s Handbook (The Artists League),” based on the Songwriting Workshops and Masterclasses that he’s conducted at universities and music conservatories around the world, including L.I.P.A. (The Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts).

Friedman has faced his share of controversy in recent years: The Merseyside band, Half Man Half Biscuit released a best-selling EP containing a track entitled, “The Bastard Son of Dean Friedman,” which went to #1 on the UK Indie chart; a claim which Friedman vehemently denies, “I’ve never even met Nigel Blackwell’s mum!” Friedman extracts his revenge on his recent CD, SUBMARINE RACES, in the song, “A Baker’s Tale,” the hitherto untold story of Nigel Blackwell’s dubious origins. 

Though Friedman’s single, “McDonald’s Girl,” was officially banned by the BBC for mentioning the name of the well known fast food restaurant in its chorus, the irrepressible pop song has been covered by a number of contemporary bands including top-selling, Canadian group, Barenaked Ladies (WEA), and The Blenders (Universal), whose version soared to #1 on the national airplay charts in Norway. With the advent of YouTube, video versions have gone viral and finally, thirty five years after the song was banned by the BBC, the McDonald’s corporation officially licensed the song for a national TV/Radio campaign, confirming the song as a pure pop phenomenon.



“The Time We Share” Summer Single from Hank Wedel

Hank Wedel is releasing “The Time We Share,” a perfect summer single for 2021. 


Written by Hank Wedel with Brian Carroll and Ronan O’Snodaigh (Kila), the song is produced by Declan Sinnott, and will appear on Hank’s upcoming album. This production features backing vocals from Mary Greene and Ellie Shine, and saxophone from Hank’s long time Dutch musical partner Andre van der Hoff.

“The Time We Share” is the second single from Hank Wedel this year and the follow up to “Poe Park 2AM” which received extensive airplay in Ireland, The UK, Europe, and North America.

Hank Wedel was born in Dayton, Ohio, USA, in 1963. Raised in New York City and Mallow County in Cork, Ireland, he is now based in Cork. This songwriter/vocalist/guitarist/ recording artist/bandleader has performed thousands of gigs from The North Pole to Lanzarote, from Oklahoma to Azerbaijan, solo or with bands.

His regular shows have been with his bands--Princes Street, Open Kitchen, Small Town Talk, and a 25 year Monday night residency at "Charlies," in Cork City with mandolin maestro Ray Barron. Hank has performed onstage with Shane McGowan, Mary Black, Christy Moore, Kila, Philomena Begley and Bono. His song “Listen” has been covered by Ireland’s “Dylan”--Christy Moore, on the album, LISTEN.

The Time We Share

Well it’s great to see ya
‘cos we heard you were dead
You came back to life
You got out of your bed

It’s great to see ya
or is that your ghost?
We heard ya left us
Burnt toast

I whisper nothing
sing softly on your ear
try not to cut short
the evening that’s here
Shallow as it might be
The moment is clear
I couldn’t want anything more

It’s all about the time
we share

Well it’s great to see ya
Are ya gonna stay?
Are you here for the dark night?
Are you leaving at the break of day?
It’s great to see ya
Yes, it’s true
It’s great to see ya
It’s great to be near you

It’s all about the time
we share

c2021 by Hank Wedel, Brian Carroll, Ronan O’Snodaigh, All Rights Reserved

International Music Ambassador Rising on Radio Charts With “Love You The Most”

It’s a great time to be Jann Klose! The award-winning indie pop artist’s melodic single “Love You The Most” with Alicia Madison is currently gaining momentum on US Top 40 radio, jumping from #118 to #40 on Mediabase’s charts after just 9 weeks of radio play. Meanwhile, the music videos for this romantic ballad’s English and Spanish versions have collectively accrued more than 4 million streams on YouTube and Spotify. In South Africa, where Jann spent most of his time growing up, his audience has grown to include 27 million listeners on pop radio.

Watch the video for “Love You The Most”:

Jann’s passion for all things music is a light that never goes out, and this pandemic was no exception. The New York-based artist spent a lot of his time during quarantine not only writing music, but also talking about writing music with his friends and colleagues over Zoom. Out of the necessity to maintain a sense of community in these uncertain times was born “Making Sound with Jann Klose,” a podcast, where Jann gets Rock Hall inductees and chart-topping artists to crack on their creative process, finding inspiration, industry secrets, pr strategies, and, generally, all things music. The podcast regularly makes it to Apple’s Top Podcasts in the Music Interview category.

Making Sound with Jann Klose podcast:

Love You The Most

(Jann Klose, Alicia Madison, Tony Grund, BMI)


you are the safe place

when i need someone

you are my anchor

when the ship is gone

all of this time baby

you’ve been the only one



yea we’ll, make it through somehow

i promise, i won’t let you down



I’m gonna love, love you the most

your shining light, shows me the road

cuz you are the reason i am who i am, i want you to know

I’m gonna love, love you the most



i’ll be your shelter

from the storm

i’ll be the fire

to keep you warm

through all the seasons

i’ll be yours



hold you closer in my arms

i will see you safe from harm



i will be the one, i will be the one

shelter from the storm


c  2019 Big Mgmt Records/The Royalty Network/KMG Distribution. 


David LaDuke's "Pschedelic Sandwich" co-write with the late great Phil Naro

Renowned Hard Rocker David LaDuke's "Psychedelic Sandwich" appears on Bongo Boy T.V.'s 6th Episode,  on 72+ Terrestrial T.V. Channels in the U.S.A.

And in the UK, Canada with ROKU Go Indie T.V. Channel. Stay tuned to the channel at https://vimeo.com/channels/bongoboytv

The music video is not on the 5th Episode (which is hip-hop) as previously announced.


 The video, made up of cartoon graphics and silhouettes of hi-heeled ladies with lingerie model figures, could be construed as a psychedelic trip.


"Psychedelic Sandwich" is a co-write with David and the late Phil Naro (Talas, Peter Criss, Druckfarben). David handled the music and Phil the lyrics. Phil said a "Psychedelic Sandwich" is a "Love drug. It produces intense physical sensations that can make even the slightest touch feel like the most erotic pleasure." 


Vocally, David sings hard rock "hiccups" like his favorite rock star, Elvis Presley. He combines hard, heavy & punk rock with pure rock 'n' roll influences from the King of Rock and Roll, Rolling Stones, AC/DC, including guitar styling inspired by a range of players from Jimi Hendrix and Chicago's Terry Kath to Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page.


David and Phil have been friends since the 1990s. The Rochester/Canadian-based singer passed this past May 3, 2021. David pays tribute to his friend, "He was an awesome talent that didn't sound like anyone else. Passionate, Creative, Honest & Sincere.” In 1995, Phil sent some of his music to David's then publication Ballbuster Magazine and record label Sinbad Recordings, and they hit it off. Phil's music appears on 3 Ballbuster compilations: Ballbuster Strike 1 and 2 and Unforgotten Rock. "Psychedelic Sandwich" also appears on recent Bongo Boy Records' hard rock compilations Kryp II Knight and their Various Artists’ FYC 63rd Grammy Album.  


David is getting ready to release a new album, Put Up LA Dukes this fall. It will feature remastered tracks, Guitar Rocker "Psychedelic Sandwich," Hard Rocker "Hey There, Who am I," and The Memphis Metal track "Love My Baby," plus unreleased demos and recordings, including a few rough tracks and mixes from the original 1977 Columbia Studios Nashville SINBAD session's featuring the LaDuke written song "Doomsday" produce by Mike Figlio (R.E.O. Speedwagon)


David LaDuke has been playing roots/metal/rock n' roll since 1973. He and his group Sinbad have released several critical acclaim L.P.s, E.P.s, and C.D.s. His album SINBAD was on the California-based indie label Azra International (Overkill, Liege Lord, Jag Panzer Axemaster). His solo releases are Have Rock Will TravelBall Bustin Guitar Rock!, plus two live EPs: Absolutely Raw (Nothing more. Nothing less.), Absolute Rock (In the buff.), and the CDs: Rock Hard Rocker and Rock with Balls.

He would develop a unique style of traditional hard rock and blues, eventually compared to The Clash to Jimmy Page to Elvis Presley through the years. Respected German journalist/D.J. Lord Litter once described La Duke's music as being played in a very "Link Wray-ish style, very raw, harsh and always right to the point."


By the end of the 1980s, Sinbad Productions was born. After leaving the stage in 1991 to raise his son, David continued to record and release CDs and EPs. He also published BallBuster Hard Music Magazine, which was available in stores and bookshops worldwide until 2000, and has since supported The International rock scene—partly through his renowned website, BallBusterMusic.com.  



(David LaDuke, Phil Naro) 


(1st verse)

You get me through my darkest night

You get me through my days

You feed me with your body talk

Let's get down and play

Any way you slice it

You melt my blues away



I want to sink my teeth in you my Psychedelic Sandwich

No better woman I choose my Psychedelic Sandwich


(2 verse)

Ambush me with open arms

No, I'm not afraid 

My appetite is your delight

I love you, Maggie May



I want to sink my teeth in you my Psychedelic Sandwich

No better woman I choose my Psychedelic Sandwich


(3rd verse)

Morning noon or dinner time 

There's always room for you

CLT is what I crave 

I taste your lovin' tune

In between your lusty buns

That's the bottom line

Let me bite in your buns

Baby sucks my mind


(Repeat Chorus) 

I want to sink my teeth in you my Psychedelic Sandwich

No better woman I choose my Psychedelic, Psychedelic, 

Psychedelic, Psychedelic, Sandwich!


Mandoki Soulmates Sign to InsideOutMusic Announcement to global streaming concert event with special guests

Music is the greatest unifier,

InsideOutMusic are pleased to announce the signing of Mandoki Soulmates, featuring the renowned musician, songwriter, and producer Leslie Mándoki. InsideOut will release the band’s latest album “Utopia for Realists / Hungarian Pictures” later this year as a brand-new visual album edition that includes a blu-ray with the Visual Album.  There’ll be additional music, remixed and remastered. 

Mandoki Soulmates have put together a global online concert performance of this prog-rock suite, featuring an illustrious line-up of musicians that includes Leslie Mandoki alongside Ian Anderson (Jethro Tull), Nick van Eede (Cutting Crew), Till Brönner, Szakcsi, Jane Xie, John Helliwell (Supertramp), Steve Bailey, Al Di Meola, Peter Maffay, Jesse Siebenberg (Supertramp), Cory Henry, Deobrat Mishra, Mike Stern, Margarita, Randy Brecker, Bill Evans, Sirreal, Richard Bona, Moto Fukushima, Tony Carey and Julia Mandoki.  

Leslie explains: “The pandemic has made concerts as we know and love them impossible for the time being. Nevertheless, we cannot rest—we must be louder than ever before! The global challenges that humanity is facing—pandemics, financial and economic crises, migration and integration, climate change—will only be met if we overcome divisions across all borders. That is why the Mandoki Soulmates, together with musicians from all parts of the world, are raising their voices for unity and against division across all borders: physical, cultural, and intellectual with this online concert. From our studio at Lake Starnberg, near Munich, we play with Tony Carey and the rest of the Soulmates band who are local. Our Soulmates in Los Angeles, New York, Boston, Miami, Nashville, London, Berlin, Tokyo, Shanghai, Beijing, Delhi, and Moscow are connected to our digital stage. We all play live, whether it is in a living room on 52nd Street in New York, on the beach in South Carolina, or in a private basement studio of a castle in Northern England. Talk about unification!—this is the technology enabling the spiritual, to bridge the gap around the world.” 

“Hungarian Pictures” is created as a suite, based on compositions and themes by Bela Bartok, supplemented with the band’s original songs. Together with Greg Lake of Emerson, Lake & Palmer, and Jon Lord of Deep Purple, Leslie had worked on the seed of this idea years ago. Leslie explains: “For Bartók, diversity in culture creates enrichment. He believed that it is precisely from these differences that art draws the power that enables further development. He mixed sounds and traditional melodies from different regions of the Carpathian Plain in order to set an example against the burgeoning threat of National Socialism (Nazism) through the unifying aspects of music. That unifying impulse inspired Jon Lord, Greg Lake, and me. After completing our Mandoki Soulmates ‘Wings Of Freedom’ tour through Europe, we received an invitation from the Grammy Organization to give a concert in New York's Beacon Theater (where Martin Scorsese shot the Rolling Stones concert film ‘Shine a Light’). 

“The Soulmates’ show was a great success with an enthusiastic New York audience, standing ovations, and positive press reviews. For me, a former asylum seeker who over four decades ago fled from a communist dictatorship to freedom, this success in the ‘Land of the Free’ is a very special moment. After the concert, I spent a few days with my children in Van Morrison's former house in Topanga Canyon, one of the old ‘hippie’ neighborhoods of Los Angeles. I used this free time to reflect on social developments over the past few years. It became clear to me that we as artists are being challenged to become louder, to be a thorn in the side of society, and to bring progressive jazz rock back to real socio-political relevance. This is how the first ideas for a new album came about. It is the most ambitious and best project we ever worked on. I am very grateful to our audience for the extraordinary chart success of our double album ‘Living In The Gap’ and ‘Hungarian Pictures’ and the enthusiasm resulting in sold-out concerts. A supporting concert series for 2020 was signed, sealed, and all but delivered when the pandemic arrived. This quarantine of musical expression has been a true test of character, but artistic souls cannot be locked in forever: the urge for freedom, responsibility and creativity are too great."

 Look out for more information on the release of the ‘Utopia for Realists/ Hungarian Pictures’ visual album in the coming months!


Working Gal Rock and Roll Poet: Firecrackers

Working Gal Rock and Roll Poet: Firecrackers:   


Your Made in India Bombs 
 hates Cats, Dogs, Veterans!   

Spewing pandemic- 
 crazies, unpatriotic 
 bang bang bangs no brain just sick