Anne Leighton: Elliott Murphy’s “Broken Poet” Movie World Premier...

Anne Leighton: Elliott Murphy’s “Broken Poet” Movie World Premier...: BROKEN POET will have its world-wide premiere at the New York City International Film Festival (NYCIFF) on Wednesday 25 March at 8:00 at t...

Elliott Murphy’s “Broken Poet” Movie World Premier New York City, March 25

BROKEN POET will have its world-wide premiere at the New York City International Film Festival (NYCIFF) on Wednesday 25 March at 8:00 at the Dolby Theater. The film will be preceded by a short acoustic concert by Elliott Murphy. BROKEN POET is directed by Emilio J. Ruiz and is based on a short story by Elliott Murphy, who also stars in the film and provides songs for the soundtrack including his classic LAST OF THE ROCK STARS. Other members of the cast include Joanna Preiss, Marisa Berensen, Michael O’Keefe and cameo appearances by Bruce Springsteen and Patti Scialfa. The story itself is that of a ‘70s US rock star who disappeared in Paris and may still be alive. Rolling Stone magazine sends a journalist to investigate, and the results are surprising. A fresh look at rock stardom and success and a gripping story shot within enchanting and sumptuous views of Paris and New York. Not to be missed! 

Ticket buy link: https://nyciff.com/line-up-2020


Music from: Katy Moffatt, Jonell Mosser (with John & Johanna Hall back together again), The Traveling Jewburys, Paul D'Adamo...

Katy Moffatt

Katy Moffatt’s Chrysalis, a special package of three acoustic albums 1988’s Walkin’ on the Moon, 1998’s Angel Town and 2008’s Fewer Things.  There are many songwriters on the Chrysalis collection, including co-writes with Tom Russell, Billy Cowsill, and Wendy Waldman. Covers written by Nick Lowe, John Hiatt, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Steve Goodman, Cole Porter, David Olney, Chris Smither, and big brother Hugh Moffatt! 

Links to listen:



Jonell Mosser

John and Johanna Hall are unearthing their catalog, plus writing together again. They are responsible for the song “Still The One,” which is one of the most ‘synced” hits from the 1970s.  Little Black Dress is an album of songs that John and Johanna wrote for Jonell Mosser, a gutsy live singer that is always singing sessions for most of Nashville’s popular acts, including Gillian Welch, the Box Tops, Delbert McClinton, Wynonna, Bruce Cockburn….  The three are working together again, including Jonell and John planning live shows. Let me know if you’d like CDs, MP3s or WAV files.



Paul D’Adamo

Melodic Revolution Records is releasing a CD of Paul D’Adamo’s Rawfully Organic on CD. Paul has pipes like James Ingram with a bigger voice. His album is on digital media, and includes covers of Peter Gabriel songs including an acapella version of Peter & Kate Bush’s “Don’t Give Up.” The album features a new version of Peter Gabriel’s “Fly Away,” with contributions from Fame’s Lee Curreri.


The Traveling Jewburys

The Traveling Jewburys are an Americana band from the Bronx—Riverdale, to be exact.  You might know of Arthur Levy from the music industry.  He sings and plays guitar for the band as Howlin’ Jewbury.  Their album, “Live at The Bitter End” features two originals and covers of standards including: The Traveling Wilburys’ “Handle With Care,” Music Explosion “Little Bit of Soul,” John Prine’s “Angel from Montgomery,” Wilson Pickett’s, “Wait Till The Midnight Hour”….. 

The Greatest Lives

Also, please be advised.  There is more delay in the official release of “The Greatest Lives-Songwriters’ EP.”  This will be good news. Stay tuned.  We do have T-shirts and Collectors’ Items CD available, for now.  Please email me for details at Anne@AnneLeighton.com


The Leighton Inclusion: Set The Record Straight by Paying Attention

The Leighton Inclusion: Set The Record Straight by Paying Attention 
Our real world lives have parallels to stories going on in the mass media world. How many times have you had to set the record straight when people were lying to your face or on social media? Look at what happened, this week, to Mike Bloomberg when Elizabeth Warren caught him in the Presidential mistakes. All of us went after Internet Trolls that attacked 9 year old Quaden Bayles, because they were new bullies, attacking him lies.  I bet someone purposely attacked you or one of your friends for no reason


The Leighton Inclusion Setting The Record Straight-Bronx Politics Version

This Leighton Inclusion is about why we need to set the record straight.  It does--indeed--point out the egotistical people waste everyone's time, because we have to set them straight.  I use Bronx politics as an example.


The Leighton Inclusion: Does Hating Rush Limbaugh Give You Bad Karma?

Can you imagine how great our lives would be if we got to know one another instead of prejudging each other?


♫ The Greatest Lives - Thembeka Mnguni. Listen @cdbaby

♫ The Greatest Lives - Thembeka Mnguni. Listen @cdbaby: Click to listen at CDBaby

Other digital links showcasing "The Greatest Lives" by Joe Deninzon & Anne Leighton:
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/6mTQ9HzW8iesGTEjtkkXsA
applemusic Music: https://music.apple.com/na/album/the-greatest-lives-single/1495292266
YouTube: https://youtu.be/pl4T0t-NwtM

"The Greatest Lives" Live On Digital Media

New Song Inspired by Muhammad Ali about Leadership and Respect)

In support of Black History Month (February 2020), D-Zone Entertainment is proudly releasing the single, “The Greatest Lives” in digital stores and streaming sites on Friday, January 31.

The song will be on “The Greatest Lives Songwriter’s EP,” due out March 21. It is sung by Thembeka Mnguni, finalist for South Africa’s The Voice in 2016. Her name is pronounced “Them-bek-kah  Mmn-Gu-Nee.” From Durban, SA, she is signed to Universal Records. Her greatest cause is as a spokesperson for Autism. She is also a brand ambassador for MUD Designer Makeup SA and for Body Confidence International. In South Africa, Universal is releasing a new song “Stimel” from her upcoming album, which will also include “The Greatest Lives” as a bonus track.  Visit her on social media at instagram.com/thembeka_thediva.

Here are digital links as of Friday morning, January 31, 2020
GooglePlay:   http://bit.ly/2u41eDm

The idea for the song came to Anne in 1984 when Muhammad Ali was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. She wrote on a newspaper article, “What would he want us to know?” and filed it in her box of song ideas. “It would have been a totally different song if I wrote it then, because I was more sentimental.” Instead she worked on the song as her first assignment for when she was offered a songwriting deal. South Africa’s Sheer Publishing handle one of Anne’s favorite songs, “The Lion Sleeps Tonight.”   

She started watching South African news, and discovered many women expressing hope for a kinder world. Many went through bullying and abusive situations, and the females were open enough to talk about their experiences. The lyrics for “The Greatest Lives” came from Muhammad Ali’s quotes and philosophies. They became a message about leadership and treating people right.

Joe Deninzon, who grew up in Cleveland, OH, went to college in Bloomington, Indiana, and played throughout the Midwest, knew Muhammad Ali’s hometown of Louisville. He understood the Midwestern sound that Anne was looking for, made a demo, and then the two began to put musicians to work. Using John Mellencamp's "Ain't Even Done with the Night" as a role model, they asked Cactus and Vanilla Fudge's Carmine Appice, who also played with Rod Stewart.  

Thembeka loved THE GREATEST LIVES’ message about having strong character. Joe and Anne chose her because they thought she was one of the greatest singers they ever heard. Thembeka showed she was (as the song says) a master by being the runner up on “the Voice South Africa.” She liked the recording enough to also want to include it on her upcoming album.

After they heard Thembeka’s performance, they found inspiration from keyboards on albums from the late Oliver Mtukudzi. Joe knew the perfect keyboardist, Jeremy Beck, who used both acoustic piano and Hammond B3. Hence, the hashtag #BeckDeninzonAppice. 

“Joy and optimism in this song, I think, come from its mission and inspiration. Muhammad Ali dealt with obstacles with optimism and a wink and smile,” Joe says. Joe and Anne, and their musicians, know “The Greatest Lives” will make a difference, and are proud to—as their lyric says--take a “Never say die” attitude in promoting it!


Anne Leighton: Songs Dedicated to Greta Thunberg & Pete Seeger

Anne Leighton: Songs Dedicated to Greta Thunberg & Pete Seeger: Here are songs and activities for my songwriting artists.  Are you planning any events and playlists for Earth Day?  Ask me if you need music services! My rolodex covers North America, England, Australia, and South Africa.

Anne@anneLeighton.com and Leightonmedia@aol.com, 718-881-8183

Songs Dedicated to Greta Thunberg & Pete Seeger

Joe Deninzon & Stratospheerius playing Arlene's Grocery, NYC on Feb. 27 for StringFest II (presented by SonicVoyageFest and Composer's Now).  Also appearing are Echo of the Ghost & Susan Aguila.  Their hard rock prog song, GAME OF CHICKEN features an electric violin-driven in a mold like Dream Theater, Rush, and Styx. "We're heating up as we run out of time."  People are daring one another to play with risk.  We're busy bickering while the planet is losing it. 

Please listen to the music hall-inspired A TERRIBLE PICKLE  by Folk-Pop songwriter Dean Friedman Some mentions of Australia's nature-- Koalas and eucalyptus trees, all kinds of mentions about the environment, the oceans are rising.    
Los Angeles, hear Dean live at Kulak's Woodshed in North Hollywood, on Saturday night, February 1! #Pre-GroundHogs' Day!

MY RIVER’S RUN DRY Karen Besbeck & Billy Montana (Modern Country) Vocals like Kacey Musgraves, Margo Price, Cassadee Pop   The song is a metaphor for land going barren and love going barren—the “true” lover won't change even though it's too late.

BEEZ (I KNOW WHERE THE BEEZ HAVE GONE) (Americana) Slambovian Circus of Dreams Rock, slow tempo, environment, Americana, vocals like Tom Petty, “Stopped controlling the world,” lyrics offer ideas on how to increase the bees to visit plant life. “the bees are in my yard, I know where the Beez Have Gone,” “Reteaching me the facts of life” “creatures great and small”  

Friends in the New York City/Woodstock region, get ready for an announcement on the Slambovian's Earth Day activities. My UK Friends, the band will be back this summer, and one of the shows will be at Fairport Convention's Cropredy Festival.

POWER FROM ABOVE Dan Berggren (Folk)  The metaphor of the sky and the Christian concept of God,  Gospel-y folk, play on words "Power from Above" the song encourages wind and sun power, "Faith & Respect & Hope for this old earth." traditional-sounding.


Dudeski/Chip Baker Films is proud to announce the release of their new film "Rolling Stone Life and Death of Brian Jones," a Danny Garcia film.

A limited run of screenings have been scheduled in select markets worldwide January thru April 2020 before the film’s release on DVD in mid-April.

"Rolling Stone Life and Death of Brian Jones" is the first documentary about the founder and original leader of The Rolling Stones.

"Beautifully put together and engrossing from start to end".
Irvine Welsh - Author of "Trainspotting"

"A frank, attention-stealing tribute and worthwhile addition to any Stones enthusiast’s collection."
Brett Dunford, Louder Than War

In the mid-1960s, Brian Jones emerged as ‘the face’ and poster boy of the Bohemian Swingin’ London scene, topping the charts with The Rolling Stones and dating model/actress Anita Pallenberg.

However, his excessive lifestyle and his reputation as ‘ the original bad boy of Rock & Roll’ was to cost him dearly. As the scene descended into the acid ridden year of 1967 so did Brian. Targeted by the authorities and media, he spiraled out of control losing both Anita and the respect of the Stones. Two years later, Brian was found at the bottom of his swimming pool, the verdict: death by misadventure.

During the last 50 years many theories have emerged, claiming that Brian was murdered and that it was covered up at high level, as this film discovers – the evidence for this is extremely compelling.

The film had a highly successful world premiere this past December 16th in London at the Regent Street Cinema.

Here is a list of the upcoming screenings. Tickets available thru the theaters and online thru Eventbrite:
Düsseldorf - Atelier - January 25th
NYC - Anthology Film Archives - January 30th

Boston - Regent Theatre - January 30th / February 1st/4th 
Munich - Werkstattkino-February 6th
Santa Ana - The Frida Cinema - February 8th
Seattle - Ark Lodge Cinemas - February 13th
Pittsburgh - Harris Theatre Downtown - February 15th
Sao Paulo - Olga 17 - Feb 15th
Chichester - Cinema at New Park - Feb 21st/24th
Curitiba - Centro Cultural Sistema Fiep - February 22nd
Harrisburg - Moviate - February 23rd
Cleveland - Grog Shop - February 23rd
Gothenburg - Bio Roy - February 24th
Chicago - Music Box Theater - February 27th
Buenos Aires - Strummer - March 12th
Minneapolis - Trylon Cinema - April 8th

"Rolling Stone Life and Death of Brian Jones" is the 5th acclaimed music documentary for Spanish filmmaker Danny Garcia. His other releases include "The Rise and Fall of The Clash"; "Looking for Johnny", about New York Dolls guitarist Johnny Thunders; "Sad Vacation", a film chronicling the final months in New York City of the Sex Pistols bassist Sid Vicious & his girlfriend Nancy Spungen and Danny's most recent release "Stiv: No Compromise, No Regrets" about Stiv Bators, legendary frontman of the iconic Ohio band the Dead Boys and The Lords of the New Church.

"Rolling Stone Life and Death of Brian Jones" adds to the list of respected music documentaries Danny Garcia has produced and directed.



The Greatest Lives January 31 on Social Media, New Album March 20

"Great Chorus"

-Terry Ellis, Founder The Chrysalis Orchestra, co-founder Chrysalis Records

The Greatest Lives is the new single from Joe Deninzon & Anne Leighton's "The Greatest Lives - Songwriters' EP."  Both veterans, the two knew they had a special song, and asked one of their favorite singers, South Africa’s Thembeka Mnguni to record it.

Though known for his prowess as a violinist, fronting Stratospheerius and playing in orchestras for acts including Game of Thrones, 50Cent, The Who, Bruce Springsteen, and Renaissance, Joe produces, plays guitar, and bass on it. Other musicians are Carmine Appice (Cactus, Vanilla Fudge, Rod Stewart) on drums and Jeremy Beck on keyboards (piano and Hammond B3); hence the hashtag #BeckDeninzonAppice. A working creative writer and publicist, Anne got the idea in 1984 after Muhammad Ali announced his diagnosis with Parkinson’s Disease. She wrote “What does he want us to know,” and put it in her song idea box that she started as a teenager.

(pronounced—Tem-Bekka mm-Guuu-ni )

Thembeka loved THE GREATEST LIVES’ message about having strong character. “It's important to always remember that I'm nothing without my supporters ‘cause they drive me by just looking up to me. Though it's a heavy load but it comes with the job. That's why I speak so openly about my son, life, past abuse and my current....    

Thembeka is signed to South Africa’s Universal Music, and on the verge of releasing her first album. A finalist on The Voice South Africa and a Mommy, Thembeka's greatest cause is as a spokesperson for Austism.  She is also a brand ambassador for MUD Designer Makeup SA and for Body Confidence International. 

The Greatest Lives

I won’t look down on those
that look up to me
we all wanna shine bright
but sometimes there’s reason to fight
It’s always the season
to fight for equality
Some may hate what we achieve
but we got reason to believe
CHORUS: The Greatest lives for the greatest lives
there’s light and there’s fight in your inner child
The Greatest lives for the greatest lives
To face all our fears and to Never Say Die
Character matters
and strong action make us masters
Ali says Protect them
so they won’t be suffering.

Sometimes we feel alone
Because others just don’t know
Raise up your fist
and find our courage to resist
CHORUS: The Greatest lives for the greatest lives
There’s light and there is fight in our inner child!
The Greatest lives for the greatest lives
To face all our fears and to never say die
BRIDGE: And even though you feel like screaming
at all the hatred in this world
It’s so surreal you must be dreaming
It’s time to let your love unfurl
© 2019 Joe Deninzon (FiddleFunk Music) and Anne Leighton (Sheer Publishing)
All Rights Reserved.
Published by Sheer Music Publishing (Leighton) and Fiddlefunk Music (Deninzon)
Contact: Sheer Publishing:
info@sheer.co.za, + 27 11 438-7000
JDeninzo@gmail.com and Anne@AnneLeighton.com
Lead Vocals, background harmonies: Thembeka Mnguni
Jeremy Beck: piano and Hammond B3
Drums: Carmine Appice
Producer, background vocals, additional percussion, guitars, bass, keyboards, co-writer: Joe Deninzon
Assistant Producer, co-writer: Anne Leighton
Durban Producer/Engineer Dale Wardell
Durban assistant: Sequoia Duncan
Drum engineer: Jz Barrell
Mix: Alex Salzman, Mastering: Fred Kevorkian, Art Work: Arie Monroe               

Studios: the Deninzoo-Dumont, NJ ; Randyland-Manhasset, NY; AudioSuite-Durban, SA


New Playlist: Thank you, Greta & Pete, from the musicians

I dedicate the hashtag #IKnewYouWhen to a man that was “a great radio teacher,” who also sang folk music with my fellow classmates at Fredonia State. Dan Berggren taught me how to listen—really listen, which is one of the reasons I keep listening to new music.

It’s a joy to watch my teacher grow his career, and a blessing to spread the word about his songs about the environment. Dan’s song “Looking for Answers” is about a daughter asking her father if we’ll have a future because of what’s going on with our environment. This past November a review in the Saratogian described Dan, “Resembling a young Pete Seeger.” YEAH!  😊 

All my songwriters have a little Pete Seeger in them. In fact, John and Johanna Hall worked with him on the Clearwater. John's influence on teaching us about the environment is earth-shaking, especially the No Nukes concerts in the 1970s. He and Johanna Hall, who had the sync to end all syncs STILL THE ONE have a vintage song WAKE UP from Orleans II. With classic Orleans’ harmony and trumpet, this is a hooky song with clever lyrics.  Note that WAKE UP is with Sony Publishing, and is NOT a ONE-STOP.

WAKE UP Orleans  Adult Album Alternative, trumpet, group harmony, wake up, people, “wake up!” environment, pollution, “stop throwing plastic in the sea/can’t you let the fishies be!” ecology, snow, lightning, birds in flight, seasons, signs of life, “the day’s gonna come” air pollution, water pollution, MusiciansUnitedForSafeEnergy, This song is co-written by John and Johanna Hall, the couple that wrote the most incredible sync, “You’re Still The One.”  

GLOBAL WARMING Phoebe Legere  Singer Songwriter, Piano and soaring female vocals and strings, vocals in English and French, rising sea levels, oceans, "I place a piano on the tongue of the world to give it a voice to cry.”    

LOOKING FOR ANSWERS Dan Berggren Folk, daughter asking about what the environment will look like when she grows up. Long term / Short term materialism, greed, easy answers, ask questions, learn what's ahead.  

DON’S THEME Joe Olnick Instrumental guitar, influences like David Gilmour, Alex Skolnick, Kyuss, Roy Bucchanan. Emotional, atmospheric, sad, orchestral, slow, dirge    Mellow and quite proggy,pretty. The guitar soloing is slow and expressive. As it continues a bluesy edge is introduced to the piece. This continues to grow with style and class.  

BEES AND ZOMBIES Rebecca Loebe Theatrical Folk, Gilbert & Sullivan-y. If Jim Carrey was a soprano, singing a train-of-thought song with symphonic piano backup singers. About the environment. Rebecca telling someone about environment problems, and the person takes another seat. At the end, someone else tells her about the bees, and guess what! She moves away... The video is a delight, like a school play with children and a slightly panic’d male teacher. 

THIS DARKNESS Rachael Sage Pop, Dream Pop/Chamber Pop, female singer with CSNY protest guitar sound, environment, the song is about the Dakota Pipeline, keywords:  see myself, grieve myself, somebody's fool, hate, “I don’t know why you’re full of hate."

A TERRIBLE PICKLE  Dean Friedman  A Music Hall song with ukulele about the world being in a terrible pickle. Some mentions of Australia-related nature-- Koalas and eucalyptus trees, all kinds of mentions about the environment, the oceans are rising. Kyota accord.  

MARY MAGDALENE Gary Lucas & Jann Klose Upbeat folk song with Irish singalong energy, singer sounds like Paul McCartney, Ed Sheeran. About Superstorm Sandy, hunkering down and praying during a horrible storm that took place in Long Island, 2012. The City never had a hurricane like this.  It told New Yorkers that global warming is real

NOBODY KNEW Carmine Appice’s Guitar Zeus Hard Rock, Like the heavier parts of the Beatles’ “I’m the Walrus” and “Strawberry Fields,” Brian May guitar, vocals by Kelly Keeling. “Nobody knew who’s running the White House,” gas, all we wanted, here we are, Hear me now. Nobody Knew where they were going. “There’s a hole in the blue sky” "Thought it would last."

Spotify Playlist dedicated to Greta Thunberg
Thank you from the musicians


"Switchin to Glide" w/ The Kings in NYC, January 19

 A Perfect ‘80s Night at Bowery Electric W/ the Band that Gave Us "Switchin' to Glide"/"This Beat Goes On"

The Kings return to New York City for a concert at Bowery Electric on January 19, at 6:30 pm. Bowery Electric is at 327 Bowery (next door to Joey Ramone Place), in New York City.

Tickets are $10 ADV with service fees/ $12 at the door.The Ticket Buy Link is https://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-kings-tickets-82294267369?aff=odwdwdspacecraft. The Facebook Event page is https://www.facebook.com/The-Kings-Are-Here-129367440437699/. The venue phone is 212-228-0228.The website is https://theboweryelectric.com.

The Kings last played New York City on September 11, 2011 to support survivors from Ground Zero. Originally known as WhistleKing, the group (made up of three members from Toronto, and one from British Columbia) formed in Vancouver, BC and Oakville, Ontario, Canada.

The Kings feature original members David Diamond (lead vocals, bass guitar, songwriter), Mister Zero (guitar and songwriter), and Peter Nunn (keyboards) who joined in 1994, and Todd Reynolds (drums) since 2009.  

While recording their first album at Nimbus 9 Studio in Toronto, world famous producer Bob (Pink Floyd) Ezrin dropped by to visit and checked the band out and liked what he heard. He agreed to mix the tracks The Kings had recorded but soon discovered that the whole thing needed to be re-done. He approached Elektra Records in Los Angeles with The Kings’ tapes and the unknown band was signed to a world-wide deal. Ezrin and The Kings re-record the songs for the album “The Kings Are Here."  

Radio picked up the infectious, 5:43 song “This Beat Goes On/Switchin’ to Glide” and it caught on all over the USA and Canada with huge airplay in every major market, staying on the Billboard Hot 100 for six months. It was named one of the Top 100 U.S. Radio Programmers Picks of the Decade by Album Network Magazine and The Kings were named most promising group by Cashbox Magazine, and nominated for a Juno Award.

An amazing appearance on Dick Clark’s “American Bandstand” helped spread the word as well. The album “The Kings Are Here” went gold in Canada, and since it was re-released on cd as “The Kings Are Here and More,” combined sales have passed platinum status.
The second Ezrin-produced Elektra effort “Amazon Beach” did not fare as well and the band left the label and signed with Capitol Canada which released “RSVP” which contains the holiday classic “This Christmas” which gets lots of airplay every yuletide season.

The next studio project was called “Unstoppable” and the title track reached the Top 10 in Canada.

Next came the studio album “Because of You,” which once again showed the depth and versatility of the songwriting from The Kings. After that came other different projects, “Anthology One” which is a collection of rare early unreleased tracks, and what has become The Kings amazing “Live Trilogy,” “The Lost Tapes of a Seventies Bar Band,” “Party Live in ’85,” both audio only, and the DVD “No Covers-Live at O’Tooles Roadhouse,” all of which document the energy of the band in concert. And also the great documentary about the band’s biggest hit: “Anatomy of a One-Hit Wonder” where the guys tell their own story with trademark candour and humour.

Earlier 2019, The Kings released a two-song segue, “Circle of Friends/Man That I Am” which has all the energy and feel-good hooks the band is known for, and mixed in Nashville by their champion Bob Ezrin.

In 2020 The Kings will release "Live at Heatwave" a half hour concert movie shot in 16mm film at the famous 1980 "Heatwave Festival" which was held at Mosport Racetrack near Toronto which featured Elvis Costello, Talking Heads, The Pretenders, the B-52's….  The Kings’ footage is the only surviving film from the event.  The lead-off single is a bodacious cover of the Beach Boys classic "California Girls."  


L to R:  Peter Nunn, Todd Reynolds, David Diamond, Mister Zero.


Slambovian Holiday Shows: December 2019

“Like a snowball full of heart and unabashed beauty with songs of hope and resistant joy." - Jambase.com

The Hudson Valley’s 'best band' brings Christmas songs “with a Slambovian twist” and rockin’ original holiday tunes for a fun ‘outside the box’ holiday show. A rootsy psychedelica that hints at Dylan, Bowie, Neil Young, The Beatles, Incredible String Band, Waterboys, and Wilco with the perfect mix of Christmas tradition and cool vibes for all ages and persuasions. Celebrate the holidays and have "A Very Slambovian Christmas"!

This just in: The Slambovians will be performing at Fairport Convention’s Cropredy Festival this August 14.

“They take the stage by storm!” – New York Times

“The cool end of Americana” – Maverick Magazine, UK

“One of the finest American bands" – All Music

16 + recommended.

December Holiday Tour Dates

Thursday, December 5: Skyloft, 1 Crossgate Mall Rd., suite #200, Albany, NY

Friday, December 6:  Roy’s Hall, 30 Main Street, Blairstown, NJ

Friday, December 13: Club Passim, 47 Palmer Street, Cambridge, MA

Saturday, December 14: Iron Horse Music Hall, 20 Center Street, Northampton, MA

Sunday, December 15: Six on the Square, 6 Lafayette Street, Oxford, NY

Friday, December 20: Mauch Opera House, 14 West Broadway, Jim Thorpe, PA

Saturday, December 21: The Towne Crier, 379 Main Street, Beacon, NY

Sunday, December 22: Hopewell Theater, 5 South Greenwood Avenue, Hopewell, NJ  08525 (Mercer County)

Monday, December 30:  World Café Live, 3025 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA                                                                                         Our Annual New Year’s Eve-Eve Show