Art Rock Supergroup MANDOKI SOULMATES Release Full-Length Album In Partnership With U.S. Label CLEOPATRA RECORDS!

With over 500,000 streams on streaming media, “Living in the Gap”/”Hungarian Pictures” features many great prog/jazz/classic rockers including: Ian Anderson, Simon Phillips, Supertramp´s John Helliwell and Jesse Siebenberg,Toto's Bobby Kimball, Manfred Mann's Chris Thompson, Cream's late Jack Bruce and Jazz-Rock giants like Al DiMeola, Mike Stern, Randy Brecker, Bill Evans….

Los Angeles-based indie label Cleopatra Records and Hungarian-born songwriter/producer/ musician Leslie Mandoki, the mastermind behind the living, breathing art rock project Mandoki Soulmates, are proud to announce the release of the first full-length album since the two entities joined forces earlier this year. Coming out on Cleopatra’s venerated progressive rock imprint, Purple Pyramid, home to such artists as Nektar, Tangerine Dream, Hawkwind-alumni project Hawkestrel, and Rick Wakeman, the album entitled Living In The Gap + Hungarian Pictures is actually a double album adding the 45 minutes Progressive Rock Suite Hungarian Pictures, following a musical concept by Deep Purple´s Jon Lord and ELP´s Greg Lake to the original Living In The Gap album with brand new songs. Having already topped the Amazon Classic Rock Charts in Germany end of last year, Living In The Gap + Hungarian Pictures is poised to bring a whole new audience in North America, South America, the UK and beyond into the Soulmates’ family of fanatics.

As with his other album projects under the Mandoki Soulmates banner, Leslie Mandoki has brought together a Murderer’s Row of rock icons and musicians from some of the biggest names in prog and classic rock including Jethro Tull’s Ian Anderson plus current and former members of Toto, Cream, Supertramp, ELP, Blood, Sweat & Tears, Manfred Mann’s Earth Band and this list goes on and on! The coming together of such a diverse cast perfectly expresses the album’s lyrical theme of unity, which couldn’t be a more timely message for today’s world. Mandoki explains in the album’s video trailer, “We know that music is the greatest unifier…[These are] songs against division, from the old rebels to the young rebels. This is our time to take a breath for a better world.”

Also be sure to check out Mandoki Soulmates and Ian Anderson’s special tribute to the heroes of the COVID-19 pandemic - hospital workers, grocery store clerks, food delivery drivers, and others - on the digital EP We Say Thank You! Proceeds from the EP will be donated to The United Nations Foundation’s COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund in support of the WHO (World Health Organization) and The Mayor's Fund to Advance New York City. 



Leighton Inclusion Anne Leighton Media Services for July 2020

I talk about the bullying in the local Bronx political
scene.  I feel hopeful that a gay, black,
Hispanic man beat the anti-gay and 15th District Congressman,
Reverend Diaz. https://www.torres.nyc/

The Jonell Mosser and John Hall concert at 3rd
& Lindsley, Nashville, is postponed till the world heals a bit more.  But do listen to their songs.  “The Circle” is doing well on Americana
radio: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XGvUtUQ4MqU

This is private link
to my rap song. I want to co-write with topical and female rappers that are
going somewhere. 
https://soundcloud.com/leigh.../meth-the-single-girl/s-BH1Oc.  Let me know what you think!
Joe Deninzon has a new Facebook fan page: https://www.facebook.com/joedeninzon/
New double album from
Leslie Mandoki & friends: Mandoki's Soulmates "Living in the Gap"
and "Hungarian Pictures" 
Talkers Magazine interviews Leslie Mándoki about his duet with Ian Anderson #WeSayThankYou to support firstline workers in the
Pandemic, and on his new double album, "Living in the Gap" and
"Hungarian Pictures" 

10 million Kings fans
can't be wrong! Here’s “Switchin’ to Glide”/”This Beat Goes On.”


An Artist's Perspective: 'Let’s Take A Breath For A Better World' - Hypebot

An Artist's Perspective: 'Let’s Take A Breath For A Better World' - Hypebot: In this op-ed plea for solidarity, German independent artist Leslie Mandoki calls on the music industry to come together during this time of global crisis to aid and support each other.. Continue reading


Leighton Inclusion Power & Understanding

Clarence Thomas is not doing anybody favors by his ruling against the LGBTQ community in a historic decision in which the Supreme Court supported LGBTQ workers. His opposition to another minority group is bullying. The last people in the world that should be infringing on anyone's rights are minorities.


The Leighton Inclusion: Anne on Facebook Live Updates about my artists, ...

     I want to write for  1) outlets that are looking for regular articles about bullying,  2) album or classic rock publications interested in poems and prose about classic artists that we don't want to have fall by the wayside (i.e. Chris Thompson, Shawn Phillips, Hollis Brown.....).  Come to Phoebe Legere's glorious art gallery. She's received gigs and commissions for her art. Money will go to her Foundation for New American Art. http://gallery.phoebelegere.com.   On June 9, Joe Deninzon will be performing #Loops around his strings (and voice) for the medical profession and their patients at noon at NYC Health + Hospitals.  This summer Joe's teaching online and alongside of great pro musicians including everyone's Super Hero, Dee Snider at Mark Wood Rock Orchestra Camp. Joe & top electric violinists did a summit this past week with Mark.   


Anne Leighton: Songs of Leadership & Fighting this Pandemic

Anne Leighton: Songs of Leadership & Fighting this Pandemic: Be A Pain by Alastair Moock  country, upbeat, tempo kindred to New Grass Revival/John Denver tempos. About  standing up to what's wr...


Songs of Leadership & Fighting this Pandemic

Capitalist Without A Soul  Dan Berggren  folk with banjo, singalong and the hook "Capitalist without a soul." The story of a man that takes advantage of the rich and the poor.  Great rhymes "I've always done what I please, brought the economy to its knees!"

Be A Pain by Alastair Moock  country, upbeat, tempo kindred to New Grass Revival/John Denver tempos. About standing up to what's wrong, Rosa Parks, Harvey Milk, be a pain shout about it and complain, equal pay--Billy Jean King, Parkland, “Don't be polite, raise your voice and do what's right.”  Second Place in the ISC song competition for best children’s song.  

#WeSayThankYou by Leslie Mandoki & Ian Anderson Gentle piano starts this soft rock band (with flute) duet with male voices.  Giving respect to the people—from the hospitals to the grocery store workers that are helping people fighting the Coronavirus. There is also a jab to corrupt speculators that are using this time to make money off of this serious health problem. 

Help! by Kj Denhert voice and guitar thoughtful ballad-style, bringing new life to the lyrics. 

We Know What To Do by Sharon Katz & the Children of Bellas Artes  English and Spanish. Grownup and children’s voices. Unison rapping in Spanish.  It’s about washing your hands.The tempo is similar to the Human League’s “Don’t You Want Me.” 

Hamba Kahle Mandela (Go Well Mandela) by Sharon Katz & Nonhlanhla Wanda:  Piano and acoustic and electric guitar, the right amount of harmonious electric instruments give “Go Down Mandela” a comforting blend with two gentle female voices in English and Zulu.  Stirring ballad to say “goodbye” to Nelson Mandela, whose birthday is July 18.  The song is a challenge to carry his lessons forward.  (pronounced HAM-BA-KAH-LE  MANDELA)  (H=soft sound).   

Let There By New Flowering sung by Cornelius Eady   Poem by Lucille Clifton, a respected African-American poet from Western NY.   Dreamy-sounding male and vocal with a guitar, cello.Last line:  “Let Love be at the end”  


Anne Leighton: Elliott Murphy's Broken Poet Available on Digital ...

Anne Leighton: Elliott Murphy's Broken Poet Available on Digital ...: Visit Backstreets.com for the digital HD film. The long-awaited Elliott Murphy film  Broken Poet  will come out on digital HD May 15 f...

Elliott Murphy's Broken Poet Available on Digital HD

Visit Backstreets.com for the digital HD film.

The long-awaited Elliott Murphy film Broken Poet will come out on digital HD May 15 from Virgil Films and Entertainment exclusively through music site http://backstreets.com/news.html#BPpre. 
The Backstreets site boasts a large fan base for Bruce Springsteen, who along with his wife Patti Scialfa makes a cameo appearance in the film. Together with Springsteen, Elliott Murphy began his career in the early 1970’s when both singer-songwriters were proclaimed the “new Dylan.” His career has been focused in Europe for many years where he continues to tour and release more than thirty-five albums. He lives in Paris where he has often joined Bruce Springsteen on stage.
“On Broken Poet we are experimenting with going direct to the actual fan base, releasing before the national release,” said Virgil president and CEO Joe Amodei. “Backstreets.com is the go-to for every Springsteen fan, so we were lucky to get to work with them on the release and offer the exclusive.”
The film will have a wider digital release in the summer.
Broken Poet stars Elliott Murphy, Michael O’Keefe, Marisa Berenson, Joanna Preiss and Françoise Viallon and is the story of 1970s rock star Jake Lion, who is presumed dead in Paris until a former roadie happens to be riding in the Paris Metro 40 years after his much-publicized suicide and hears an aged street musician who sounds just like him. Rolling Stone sends a rock journalist to investigate, and she uncovers something unexpected. Produced by Traloinver Ltd. and Directed by Emilio Ruiz the film is based on an Elliott Murphy short story (who co-wrote the script) and was shot in both Paris and New York with a soundtrack by Elliott Murphy & Gaspard Murphy. Originally intended to premiere in March as the opening film of the 2020 New York City International Film Festival (cancelled due to the Corona pandemic) Broken Poet will finally be available.


Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull talks playing the flute in rock | The Big In...

Wednesday, May 13, 8 pm ET, Ian Anderson and Dan Rather on The Big Interview, on AXS.TV.


Anne Leighton: Canción "Sabemos qué hacer" de Bellas Artes Childr...

Anne Leighton: Canción "Sabemos qué hacer" de Bellas Artes Childr...: Coro de Selección envía un mensaje de prevención a través de un video musical. Niñas y niños del Coro de Selección de Promotora de las ...

Canción "Sabemos qué hacer" de Bellas Artes Children y Sharon Katz

Coro de Selección envía un mensaje de prevención a través de un video musical.
Niñas y niños del Coro de Selección de Promotora de las Bellas Artes y Sharon Katz envían un mensaje de prevención a través de un video musical grabado desde el resguardo.

Ante la situación de alerta sanitaria que se vive en gran parte del mundo debido a la propagación del Covid-19 y siguiendo las recomendaciones tanto de la Organización Mundial de la Salud y la Secretaría de Salud de México, Promotora de las Bellas Artes se ha visto en la situación de suspender las actividades que se implementan en escuelas primarias públicas como parte del programa Coros Escolares y Coro de Selección, hasta que las condiciones de salud sean restablecidas.

Con todo este aislamiento, las niñas y niños del Coro de Selección de Promotora de las Bellas Artes se reúnen a la distancia para interpretar "Sabemos qué hacer / We Know What To Do", una canción compuesta y producida por Sharon Katz durante el inicio del COVID-19, para recordarnos con mucho amor, la importancia de tomar nuestras precauciones en este periodo de crisis sanitaria. 

En este video musical podemos ver a 32 niñas y niños que se unieron de manera virtual a esta acción solidaria para mostrarnos que cuentan con el poder sanador de la música y el canto para su bienestar, el de sus familias y comunidades.

Les compartimos la liga de esta linda interpretación:
Sabemos qué hacer / We Know What To Do   

Con la finalidad de seguir impulsando el desarrollo de habilidades socio emocionales de niñas, niños y adolescentes, PBA se adapta utilizando los recursos tecnológicos disponibles para desarrollar las siguientes actividades:

Coro de Selección: 78% de NNA se involucró activamente en los ensayos a través de WhatsApp y Zoom, para realizar un video con el mensaje de prevención del Covid-19. Cuenta con más de 1000 reacciones positivas en redes sociales.

Coros Escolares: Se da seguimiento a 12 coros escolares, con el apoyo de cinco maestras de canto coral, a través de WhatsApp y Zoom.

Los coros de cada una de las 12 escuelas realizarán un video con la canción We Believe in Change, con el apoyo de la maestra Sharon Katz, de The Peace Train Project. 

Formación de recursos humanos: Taller para el desarrollo de competencias socio emocionales en maestras de canto coral a través de la plataforma Zoom. 

Actividades de reforzamiento: 

Campaña de lectura: Se aprovechará el vínculo con NNA del Coro de Selección para reforzar la práctica de la lectura. Más del 90% del total de participantes han aceptado el reto.

Clases de canto individual para NNA del Coro de Selección (participan 15 NNA).

Clases de guitarra a NNA del Coro de Selección, para quienes cuentan con el instrumento musical en casa (participan 9 NNA).

Adicionalmente, tanto el personal administrativo y de operación continúan trabajando desde casa con la intención de que una vez que las cosas regresen a la normalidad, los programas puedan implementarse con la menor dificultad posible.


Holiday Songs

GLORY TO THE NEWBORN KING   Erin Hannon   “Hark The Herald” classical with a full lyric soprano that rolls her rrrrs.  "Sleep In Heavenly Peace.” 

NEVER TAKE LOVE FOR GRANTED Dan Berggren  Shopping in the malls for Christmas. “You’ll never take love for granted if you always give love in return.”  Male bass/baritone and acoustic guitar.  Folk styled.  

CHRISTMAS IS COMING Leo Schaff   Beach Boys meets Shins. Male vocals. His true love ran around the world, and said she’d make it home for the holidays.  A year has gone by, and he’s singing, “Christmas is coming, New Years is coming,” sand “Will you make it home for the holidays?” 

WHY CAN’T EVERYDAY BE LIKE CHRISTMAS  (ballad) Tang a gentle, lush song with stand out chimes, bells, violin, and viola, angels, stars shining, and bells ringing.  Denny Colt sings in a sweet, girl-next door voice and range similar to Cassadee Pope’s or Emma Roberts. 

HANUKKAH IN THE VILLAGE Rachael Sage   mellow piano, singer-songwriter.  Rachael’s observations on the eve of Hanukkah in New York City.

HAPPY DECEMBER Jaclyn Bradley Palmer   Affectionate singalong  that mentions every big holiday: Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, New Year’s into one song! 

More Songs Here: