Sports Music by Joe Deninzon & Stratospheerius

Hysteria The hit by (UK rockers) muse, reimagined. Wagnerian rock with shades of Queen. Hard and faster, Passionate vocals. The electric violin gives the recording electric heavy metal power. “I want it now.” 

Road Rage Aggressive, electric violin driven songs with the power and energy similar to Slamming metal, pace like Flight of the Bumblebee.  

The Greatest Lives Joe wrote the music, tweaked lyrics, produced, and arranged this song about "The Greatest"--Muhammad Ali.  Sung by Thembeka Mnguni for Universal South Africa, this version song recalls Midwest rock and soul.  Vocals will remind you, probably, of Etta James, Mavis Staples, Cissy Houston.  

Game of Chicken Violin-driven rock, similar to Survivor, but with electric violin. Chasing to fight reckless causes. We are all speeding towards the edge of a giant cliff screaming at each other as a way to try to solve our problems. The one who swerves will be called a "chicken,” or a coward.   

Climbing Vocals kindred to Jack Bruce, electric violin-driven. Song is inspired by music of Marshall Tucker/Pearl Jam. CLIMBING is about never giving up! 

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Great Outdoors-Inspired Songs

CLIMB THE HIGHEST MOUNTAIN by Gary Lucas (co-writer of Jeff Buckley’s hits MOJO PIN and GRACE, and Joan Osborne’s Grammy-nominated song SPIDER WEB). Gary’s soaring and motivational rock song with horns and a wailing chorus, “Climb the highest mountain so you can stand tall!” 

Gary and his rock band, Gods and Monsters, will perform at the Iridium, NYC, on May 31. He’ll include some of his classic Chinese pop with long-time collaborator singer Feifei YangClassic folks from the NYC rock and punk scene (bassist Ernie Brooks (Modern Lovers, Elliott Murphy, David Johansen), and drummer Billy Ficca (Television, Waitresses, Washington Squares), and saxophonist/analog studio owner Jason Candler) are in Gary’s band. Ernie, Billy and Jason do sessions. 

Then look for a full show of Chinese Pop from Gary and Feifei, on July 25, at  The Loft at City Winery NYC
8pm.  That show will feature dreamy ’30s Shanghai Pop, 

and new Mandarin versions of songs by Bob Dylan and other great artists. 
  (more info on Gary's Chinese pop: http://garylucas.com/www/edgelive/edgelive.shtml

TWINKLE LITTLE STAR by Miss Amy is one of the most pure-in-heart versions of the classic lullaby that you're ever going to hear!

 a perfect song for the news this Hanukah (Dec. 12-20). She sings the ingredients in this festive ditty which sounds good late night/early morning.

FROM EVERY MOUNTAINSIDE by Dan Berggren is for the Fourth of July, and is the same melody of "My Country 'Tis of Thee." Dan's version is about fighting for the environment and liberty to keep us strong.   

From Every Mountainside

My country, ‘tis for thee
I’ll fight for liberty
To keep us strong.
When power is shared by you, 
Not just a chosen few.
We know what we must do 
To right the wrongs.

Don’t take for granted 
Seeds that were planted 
Centuries ago.
Seeds of democracy, 
Nurtured with honesty, 
Become our liberty 
When we share the load.

My country, I love thee.
Long may thy flag fly free;
for you I stand.
But I don’t appreciate
The way some do generate
A national pride that’s based on hate 
Of another land.

This world may never be 
Completely trouble-free,
And yet we cling.
Let us who share this place 
Do so with strength and grace. 
We are one human race
Of thee I sing.

traditional tune, words ©2004 Dan Berggren 

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