Sports Music by Joe Deninzon & Stratospheerius

Hysteria The hit by (UK rockers) muse, reimagined. Wagnerian rock with shades of Queen. Hard and faster, Passionate vocals. The electric violin gives the recording electric heavy metal power. “I want it now.” 

Road Rage Aggressive, electric violin driven songs with the power and energy similar to Slamming metal, pace like Flight of the Bumblebee.  

Behind The Curtain  Aggressive rock song about deception OR transparency and lack of.  Uses “Wizard of Oz” keywords, especially “Pay No Attention to the Man Behind The Curtain.” 

Game of Chicken Violin-driven rock, similar to Survivor, but with electric violin. Chasing to fight reckless causes. We are all speeding towards the edge of a giant cliff screaming at each other as a way to try to solve our problems. The one who swerves will be called a "chicken,” or a coward.   

Parallel Reality About parenting, and missing his son while he's on the road. Like a faster and heavier “High Fly” (John Miles hit). Bad ass drums. It's about how tour life is a fantasy world; a parallel existence that is fleeting. Hence the line "a fleeting kiss is all this is." (P.S. Yes, that is Joe's son Max Deninzon that did the art work for the album cover!) 

Climbing Vocals kindred to Jack Bruce, electric violin-driven. Song is inspired by music of Marshall Tucker/Pearl Jam. CLIMBING is about never giving up! 

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