Christine Lavin - Peekskill Homecoming Concert November 17

(Special guest opener: Dean Friedman)

Christine Lavin will perform a homecoming concert at Dramatic Hall, in Peekskill, on November 17 at 8 PM.
Dramatic Hall is located in the Peekskill Central Market, at 900 Main Street, in Peekskill.
Opening is Dean Friedman, who also has local roots.
Admission is $35.
For more info, please call:  914-736-3600. 
Born and bred in Peekskill, Christine Lavin is a critically-acclaimed and beloved singer/songwriter. Her funny and poignant songwriting, and engaging performances have endeared her to lovers of folk music everywhere. 

She and her eight brothers and sisters went to Assumption for elementary school. As they continued through the local Parochial School system, Christine chose Public school, Drum Hill Junior High, and then Peekskill High School. There her English teacher, Mrs. Johnson encouraged her to write. Christine also twirled baton in Marching Band; she remembers Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy on the reviewing stand for a celebratory parade for a school game. “I was a fan of the Kennedys, even though we were in the middle of a routine as we marched by, I stopped twirling for a few seconds and waved like crazy to RFK and he waved back!” With that kind of encouragement, Ms. Lavin still impresses her audiences with great baton moves!

Ms.Lavin looks forward to reconnecting with her old and new friends. “We didn’t have a yearbook,” she laughs!  I think that’s why I spend so much time autographing CDs after my shows—it's the high school yearbook I never got to sign!”

A true do-it-yourself success story, Lavin has 16 solo albums, plus a variety of collaborations with other artist. Some of her most known hits are: “Cold Pizza For Breakfast,” “Good thing He Can’t Read My Mind,” “Sensitive New Age Guys.” Christine’s most recent album is called “Happydance Of The Xenophobe.”

Fellow singer Janis Ian has referred to Christine as “the unsung heroine of the latter-day folk movement.” 

Opening is area resident Dean Friedman, who was label mates with Christine on Lifesong Records. Dean is marking the 40th Anniversary of the 1977 release of his top-20 hit, “Ariel.” Some of his other hits are  “Lucky Stars,” “Lydia,” and “McDonald’s Girl,” “which was recently used in a McDonald’s commercial!  Dean’s latest studio album is “12 Songs.”