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Clarence Thomas is not doing anybody favors by his ruling against the LGBTQ community in a historic decision in which the Supreme Court supported LGBTQ workers. His opposition to another minority group is bullying. The last people in the world that should be infringing on anyone's rights are minorities.


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     I want to write for  1) outlets that are looking for regular articles about bullying,  2) album or classic rock publications interested in poems and prose about classic artists that we don't want to have fall by the wayside (i.e. Chris Thompson, Shawn Phillips, Hollis Brown.....).  Come to Phoebe Legere's glorious art gallery. She's received gigs and commissions for her art. Money will go to her Foundation for New American Art. http://gallery.phoebelegere.com.   On June 9, Joe Deninzon will be performing #Loops around his strings (and voice) for the medical profession and their patients at noon at NYC Health + Hospitals.  This summer Joe's teaching online and alongside of great pro musicians including everyone's Super Hero, Dee Snider at Mark Wood Rock Orchestra Camp. Joe & top electric violinists did a summit this past week with Mark.