"Capitalist Without A Soul" and Empowerment Songs

CAPITALIST WITHOUT A SOUL is another hummable topical song from Adirondack songwriter laureate  Dan Berggren. 

With images of ways people have been ripped off through the years in this song, like: “hands in your pocket, thumb on the scale,” the hook is “a capitalist without a soul.”  This banjo ditty features the telling lyrics: I sold my soul guilt free” AND “Maybe there’s a small loophole for a capitalist without a soul.”

Capitalist without a Soul 

Hand in your pocket, thumb on the scale
Make me an offer, it’s all for sale
Where conscience was, now there’s a hole 
I’m a capitalist without a soul 

When savings all go down the drain 
When your loss becomes my gain 
So what? I say. That’s my goal
I’m a capitalist without a soul 

When I was born I had a soul 
Sold it for a big bankroll 
Scheming all around the rules 
Stealing dreams from poor fools 

It’s not Robin Hood at your door
I steal from both the rich and poor 
But that’s just me - playing my role 
I’m a capitalist without a soul 

I’ve always done just what I please 
Brought the economy to it’s knees 
When no one looked, I took control 
I’m a capitalist without a soul 

I sold my soul now I’m guilt free 
My commerce lacks morality 
Gandhi said that was a sin
But I’ll do anything to win 

Laissez faire, hands off my pile 
It’ll trickle down after a while 
That’s if oversight takes its toll
 I’m a capitalist without a soul 

If my fortune’s ever lost
I wonder what a soul would cost 
Maybe there’s a small loophole 
For a capitalist without a soul 

© 2012 Dan Berggren / Berggren Music (BMI) tune based on Cotton Eyed Joe, All Rights Reserved
Contact: Anne Leighton: 718-881-8183, LeightonMedia@aol.com, Anne@AnneLeighton.com 

I am working songs to empower people that have been abused.  Too many #metoo people yearning to be free. 

LOVE THE BODIES WE’RE IN by Jaclyn Bradley Palmer 
 a profound, minor-key song about self-and-friendship acceptance   Jaclyn was a contestant on the Voice Holland this past season, and has a new EP: “Be It Wild or Poetic.” 

Here is Rebecca Loebe's "Weeping Willow."  A lot of the songs on her recent album, "Blink" give comfort to everyone that's ever been put down. 


Mark Stein Launches New Solo Band, The Mark Stein Project

His legacy spans over five decades, and he has influenced some of the most
well-known rock bands and musicians. Mark Stein is known as the voice, keyboardist and music arranger of the classic rock band Vanilla Fudge. 

His new group, The Mark Stein Project continues to share his music, passion and stories.

The Mark Stein Project is a true classic rock experience! Performing the hit songs of all the great artists he’s worked with, backed by a hand picked, exciting array of young talent that kicks ass!!!

The Mark Stein Project features:
*Mark Stein: Vocals/Keyboards 
(Vanilla Fudge, Dave Mason, Alice Cooper, Carl Palmer, Tommy Bolin)

*Mark Hitt: Guitar/Vocals 
(Robin Zander (Cheap Trick), John Entwistle, Brian Johnson of AC/DC, The Tubes)

*Jordan Steinberg: Bass/Vocals

*Charlie Zeleny: Drums  
(Joe Lynn Turner from Rainbow/Deep Purple, Derek St. Holmes, Jordan Rudess from Dream Theater)

Touted by critics as one of the great voices in Rock—alongside of Glenn Hughes and Joe Lynn Turner—The Mark Stein Project is a night of great music & storytelling. Discover a place where a song leads to a story, and a story leads to a song. More than just a singer/musician, Stein is a skilled entertainer, with the talent and charisma to take the crowd along for a wonderful ride of the classic rock experience.

Stein has shared whiskey with Janis Joplin, sung with Michael Jackson, toured with Jimi Hendrix, and witnessed the dawn of Led Zeppelin. His firsthand storytelling that reflects on the history of rock gives the audience a “You are There” feeling that can only be told by someone who has lived it.

The debut album:Vanilla Fudge was the first of its kind to reach the top 10 on Billboard charts without a hit single. “You Keep Me Hangin’ On” was released one year later and went to #1 on most radio playlists, both in America and all over the World! The psychedelic symphonic rock sound of the band was spearheaded by the Hammond organ & vocal style of Mark Stein. “The Fudge” have been heralded by critics as the doorway between pop music and Progressive Rock. Bands including Deep Purple, Yes, Uriah Heep and even Led Zeppelin have said that Vanilla Fudge had a profound influence on them.

Rolling Stone magazine wrote: “There was nothing, even in 1967, like the 10-ton shock of this Long Island quartet's cover of the Supremes You Keep Me Hanging On, with the lava-flow sustain of Mark Stein's Hammond organ…”  

Stein has toured and/or recorded, and appeared throughout his career with Dave Mason, Tommy Bolin, Alice Cooper, The Doors, Deep Purple, Rod Stewart, Carl Palmer (in a tribute to Keith Emerson), and Michael Jackson.

The Mark Stein Project will be releasing a new EP & Video to be released in 2018; stay tuned for more details.


Mark Stein Project On Tour in 2018

January 30, 2018        New York City, NY               BB King Blues Club
February 1, 2018        Pawling, New York               Daryl’s House 
February 2, 2018        Shirley, MA                           Bull Run
More dates to be added

View the video for “You Keep Me Hangin On” The Jimmy Fallon Show