"Capitalist Without A Soul" and Empowerment Songs

CAPITALIST WITHOUT A SOUL is another hummable topical song from Adirondack songwriter laureate  Dan Berggren. 

With images of ways people have been ripped off through the years in this song, like: “hands in your pocket, thumb on the scale,” the hook is “a capitalist without a soul.”  This banjo ditty features the telling lyrics: I sold my soul guilt free” AND “Maybe there’s a small loophole for a capitalist without a soul.”

Capitalist without a Soul 

Hand in your pocket, thumb on the scale
Make me an offer, it’s all for sale
Where conscience was, now there’s a hole 
I’m a capitalist without a soul 

When savings all go down the drain 
When your loss becomes my gain 
So what? I say. That’s my goal
I’m a capitalist without a soul 

When I was born I had a soul 
Sold it for a big bankroll 
Scheming all around the rules 
Stealing dreams from poor fools 

It’s not Robin Hood at your door
I steal from both the rich and poor 
But that’s just me - playing my role 
I’m a capitalist without a soul 

I’ve always done just what I please 
Brought the economy to it’s knees 
When no one looked, I took control 
I’m a capitalist without a soul 

I sold my soul now I’m guilt free 
My commerce lacks morality 
Gandhi said that was a sin
But I’ll do anything to win 

Laissez faire, hands off my pile 
It’ll trickle down after a while 
That’s if oversight takes its toll
 I’m a capitalist without a soul 

If my fortune’s ever lost
I wonder what a soul would cost 
Maybe there’s a small loophole 
For a capitalist without a soul 

© 2012 Dan Berggren / Berggren Music (BMI) tune based on Cotton Eyed Joe, All Rights Reserved
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I am working songs to empower people that have been abused.  Too many #metoo people yearning to be free. 

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