Sugar, Friday the 13th is good

I’m amazed how my chick rock band, Sugar, from Akron keeps getting into trouble, and it’s never their fault.  Usually it’s the men with problems...except my clients.  You don’t read stories about Ian Anderson getting into a barroom brawl, even though his verbal skills could knock over the toughest wrestler--take that, Mankind! And the guys in Grand Funk are so well-adjusted, Bruce Kulick even picks up after his dog Joey.  If Carl Palmer's in a bad mood, he's got a lot of drums to hit.  And certainly my woman folk singer-songwriter Katy Moffatt is very kind, she is always at one with folks she chats with.  And my baby acts have always been caring people--Joe Deninzon is dedicated to his wife Yulia even more than my dog is to me.

But Rose Kuhel and the rest of her chick rock band, Sugar, from Akron, get into so much trouble, it breaks my heart AND my head.  Rose claims “It wasn’t my fault; I didn’t curse at them or hit them, I just walked away from them.  I like walking away from any kind of violence.” So she was knocked down and beaten up by six members of the Akron police department on January 13, a Friday.

What happened was she got into a verbal argument with the now former lead singer of Sugar (Lil Dee) at her home, and Rose walked away as the police came into her house.  Rose said, “I’m going to bed, I’ll deal with this in the morning.”  Suddenly Akron police were on top of Rose, smashing her like they worked for the LAPD.  

She spent the night in jail, and about a week in physical rehab, plus tended to her work obligations: doing shows, working sound and figuring out her finances.

Rose said she didn’t start any fight, in fact she claims this is the second time the Akron cops beat her up, “They just think I’m intimidating.”  All five foot four of her.  “What?” she explains, “a uniform is going to make me bow down to someone?  I treat everyone the same.  I think you have to be spiritually cool--like Bruce Lee--for me to be intimidated...and then making someone feel small wouldn’t be your goal.”  

This Friday she will have her day in court, and who knows how her lawyer will advise her.  

The good news is that Rose has decided Friday the 13th is good luck, because she’s now the singer and guitarist, as bassist Danielle and drummer Holly are sticking with her.  The band is pulling its 11 AFTER CD off the market, and--for the time being--will just be servicing a two song CD with “Tie Me Off” and “Running Scared,” until she records new vocals for the rest of the album.  

Here are the next round of dates for Sugar

February 25    The Phantasy, Cleveland w/The Subtones, The
Velvematics & Johnny Mowhawk & the Assassins.  

March 3rd    Hi-Fi, Lakewood, OH w/ the Velvematics & Liquid

March 18  TNT,  Clinton Township (Detroit) MI
Women of Rock III

March 31  The Tavern At The Mill, Lacaster, OH