fiddle trip funk live!-new Deninzon & Stratospheerius DVD

Fusion/funk/jam/progressive/rock/everything band JOE DENINZON & STRATOSPHEERIUS are releasing a DVD called “fiddle trip funk live!” for their fans on the 21st of February at a release party at CB’s Gallery.  The band is also working on a new CD, probably for a fall release.  We’re looking for a record and a publishing deal for Joe, as he’s been a finalist in a variety of songwriting contests in the past year, which is a rarity for virtuoso players.

I interviewed Joe, along with other instrumentalists and composers (Carl Strommen, John Corigliano, Steve Horowitz)  in the new book, SONGWRITER’S MARKET about instrumental careers.  If you want a PDF file of the submitted interview, please e-mail me.  The book, itself, has solid features with Jonatha Brook and Richie Havens (done by my songwriting client Robin Renee).  There is good advice for songwriters; you can research the book at the Writers Digest bookshelf at www.writersdigest.com, or check out the reference section of your local bookstore.

Here are the current dates Joe’s scheduled so far:

February 16   Mexicali Blues Cafe,  opening for the Insidious Rays.  Teaneck, NJ

February 21, CBGB 313 Gallery, 313 Broadway in New York City, NY  

February 23, Cary Street Cafe, Richmond, VA

February 24, Jewish Mother, Virginia Beach, VA

April 10, Crash Mansion, New York City, NY

April 15, W.T. Smithers, Dover, DE    

May 25, Nectars, Burlington, VT

June 23, The Gathering Music Festival, Pulaski, NY