notes from friends

John Gabbard is looking for folks to review CDs and DVDs at his site, www.dvdiva.com.  There isn't pay but it is an outlet if you're looking to build your writing portfolio and get "free" (meaning you have to write) product.  His number is 859-431-0066.

My west coast counterpart, Kathy Acquaviva sent me a press release congratulating Tracy Barnes for his ten year anniversery on www.hardradio.com.  Kathy's number is (818) 893-8458, and e-mail is KathyMedia@aol.com.  What's significant about Tracy is he was also the forerunner for all the satellite channels we now have.  He helped pioneer Z-Rock which was a metal station that broadcast out of Texas, and was heard al across the States.  

Last newsletter I gave the wrong website for Wendy Flower, whose CD, FLOWER POWER is perfect for families trying to educate their young children about principles offered in scary movies like AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH. The web site is wendyflower.com, and her e-mail is wendy@wendyflower.com.

And finally Wayne Kramer, from the MC5, had his people issue a press release to help out one of his contemporaries.  Arthur Lee, founder of the band LOVE, needs a bone marrow transplant. For more information, please visit http://www.thelovesociety.com.

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