Northey Valenzuela interview availability

Northey Valenzuela is doing interviews in support of their current album, NORTHEY VALENZUELA which is out as of April 4 and being worked at radio in the States.  Jesse Valenzuela is in the Gin Blossoms and he's been doing a lion's share of the interviews.  Let me turn you on to http://profile.myspace.com/craignorthey, and an essay he wrote, debating honesty and lies when it comes to believing in oneself in going after a rock and roll career.

Please do check in with me if you'd like to talk to Northey Valenzuela--I'll be working with them through the end of the year.  Here are their myspace sites:  www.myspace.comjessevalenzuela.com and http://www.myspace.com/craignorthey