Marky Ramone

I'm just starting with Marky Ramone, who you know from the Ramones, the only act--believe it or not that I've ever worked with--who is in the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame.  Marky says that he was inducted into the Hall, along with Tommy the group's original drummer.  I can authenticate that he is adored by Ramones' fans everywhere.  Just go to the official website of the group, www.ramones.com.  Click on Marky for a bio, then click "CLICK HERE FOR MORE FROM MARKY."

Marky has a pedigree history, he started his career in the late '60s/early '70s in a band called Dust with Richie Wise and Kenny Aaronson on Neil Bogart's Casablanca Records.  Wise went on to produce KISS, and you'll see photos of KISS guys with Marky on the Ramones' site.  Then Marky played with Jayne County and Richard Hell, and then joined the Ramones in time for ROCK AND ROLL HIGH SCHOOL.  

He is still playing Ramones' styled rock & roll, and calls his group MARKY RAMONE & THE INTRUDERS.   His new album, START OF THE CENTURY takes its title from twisting some lyrics on the Ramones' song, "Do You Remember Rock and Roll Radio?"  It's a two record set, and was produced by Lars Frederiksen of Rancid.

And he has a photo for downloading at

Also, this is his logo which is the cover of START OF THE CENTURY.

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