Carmine Appice Remembers His Friend Ginger Baker

Carmine Appice and Ginger Baker, along with the Who’s Keith Moon and Jimi Hendrix’s Mitch Mitchell, pioneered hard rock drumming.  Carmine feels that Ginger's influence is everywhere.

"I admired Ginger's drumming because he combined technical skills, with a jazz feel and innovating double bass drum patterns. He could pretty much play anything in the jazz, rock or afro arenas. His influence is tremendous and it is everywhere. We became friends in 1967 when Cream and Vanilla Fudge toured together, we toured again in later years and Ginger and I also did drum clinics together. Ginger was always the wildest guy on the tour and although he could be quite prickly, we had some mighty good times.

It saddens me that so many of my early contemporaries are gone -Keith, Mitch, and now Ginger. I believe we were four that pioneered the underground rock music movement. Everything was new, including the drumming which combined elements of old and new, and gave birth to the hard rock, progressive and psychedelic genres. God bless you, Ginger. RIP."
-Carmine Appice

PHOTO from Guitar Center's Rockwalk Hall of Fame induction. Carmine, Ginger and Alex Van Halen. 1991. Also inducted that day: Buddy Rich, Keith Moon, John Bonham.