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Inspired by the Life of Muhammad Ali, A Lyric for Our Time

Anne Leighton is crowdfunding again.  This is to help press up an EP and promote a song she co-wrote and co-produced with electric violinist/client Joe Deninzon. “The Greatest Lives” is about one of Modern History’s most famous real-life super-heroes, Muhammad Ali. The EP features two versions of the song by South African Voice finalist Thembeka Mnguni. (Listen also for “The Greatest Lives” on Thembeka’s upcoming album for Universal South Africa.)

Currently finding radio airplay with her “life-after-abuse” song “Khalazome, Thembeka relates to “The Greatest Lives”’ lyrics. She loves the first line, “I won't look down on those who look up to me.”  Feeling music belongs to the masses, she says, “It's my job to give people hope by being honest, by being true, by being relevant and sensitive all at the same time. It's important to always remember that I'm nothing without my supporters ‘cause they drive me by just looking up to me. Though it's a heavy load but it comes with the job.”

A poet/pacifist/teacher/and champion boxer, Muhammad Ali called himself “The Greatest” as one of the ways to promote his spectacular boxing career of 56 wins and only 5 losses.  In 1967, Ali had his championship title taken away from him, because he refused to fight in the Vietnam War.   For more info, visit: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clay_v._United_States.

As a school age student, Anne was inspired by the Midwestern-born personality’s creativity and conviction. I wanted to write an anthemic chorus about his and our mission: “The Greatest Lives for the Greatest Lives. There’s light and there’s fight in our inner child.” In addition to a successful crowdfunding campaign for her poetry book, “The Leighton Explosion,” Anne’s personal projects including contributing a voice over for the movie, “One Little Finger” and singing backup and doing an interview for Lisa Sniderman’s “A Light in the Darkness,” book and music video, “Lisa was impactful in having me do write for myself; when you’re 60 years old, a songwriting deal is a gift.” 

Co-writer Joe Deninzon’s been a client of Anne’s for 20 years. Joe leads the progressive rock band, Stratospheerius (Melodic Revolution Records). Joe is an in-demand session player, recently with the Who, Renaissance, 50Cent, Game of Thorns. He has syncs in over 100 film and TV scenes.  Inspired by “The Greatest”’s unshakeable confidence, Joe says, “in the music world, you gotta fight to prove yourself. Never give up.” 

The campaign features the music on digital and CD, plus historical swag from Joe and Anne, their books, recordings, and low-cost PDF files and MP3s from their archives.  Conversations, custom-made poems, and a new work in progress (due December 2020) from Anne are available as perks.

Visit the crowdfunding and support the pressing and promotion of THE GREATEST LIVES at https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/supporting-the-greatest-lives/x/30442#/

Anne talks about #crowdfunding for Promotion for "The Greatest Lives"

Listen to both versions of THE GREATEST LIVES at

Quotes about the Greatest Lives:

“She’s very good.” (re: Thembeka’s performance on the song)
-Harris Allen, WFAN Sports Radio -New York

“Outstanding. Yes, it has all the elements to go R&B, Urban AC and Gospel. Strong message, well produced, and the vocals are great. I can hear this song on all Urban and R&B stations.”
--Spider Harrison, WLAC-Nashville  (Hippie Radio)

“I remember when most music had lyrics of hope and brotherhood. Nice to bring some of that back!
Carter Alan, WZLX-Classic Rock- Boston

“Great chorus.”
-Terry Ellis, founder: Chrysalis Orchestra, co-founder: Chrysalis Records