Vanilla Fudge releasing album, Novem. 9, 2004

Vanilla Fudge album, due Nov. 9,it's called THEN AND NOW and it's pretty outrageous.

1)  The band will be touring with Mountain, Canned Heat.  And Pat Travers is doing some songs from his & Carmine Appice's album TnA (due on SPV) in Fudge's set.  

VANILLA FUDGE (with a visit from PAT TRAVERS), CANNED HEAT and MOUNTAIN are doing a bunch of dates around L.A. and San Francisco from Nov. 10 through 15.

then they're booking a tour March for 6 to 8 weeks.

I can also hook you up with Mountain and Canned Heat, and will get Pat Travers in the loop for you.  There is also a new Mountain album, ERUPTION on Fuel 2000.  (I hope you have it).

2)  The Fudge album is called THEN AND NOW and includes these songs:
"Do Ya Think I'm Sexy" which Carmine wrote with Rod Stewart
"Ain't That Peculiar" by Marvin Gaye
"Shotgun" by Junior Walker
"Tearin' Up My Heart" by 'NSync **
"I Want it That Way" by the Backstreet Boys **
Some of this album was released a few years ago on Carmine's own label, and Fuel picked it up with new songs.

**I realize this needs an explanation obviously since Fudge is one of the first metal bands and 'NSync and the Backstreet Boys are not favorites of metal fans, right?  
Well.... first off, Carmine has a young daughter named Bianca who grew up on those singing groups.  (Now she's a punk rocker--plays bass, guitar, sings lead for her band THE TRICKS, and doing her first show at the Troubadour, but she's still fond of these kids).  Second--Carmine grew up in Brooklyn with Joey Fatone's dad.  Three years ago they were re-introduced via a drummer for 'N Sync, and then at a recent Fudge show in Florida, Joey Fatone's dad called his son while Fudge was playing the song in concert.  After the show the father put Carmine on the phone with him and the young singing star said, "Until I made it, you were the only famous guy my dad knew."....(I'm tempted to use that in the bio, actually).  After Fudge recording the 'N Sync masterpiece, they realized they couldn't leave out the Backstreet Boys.