Artists I like, but am not working with

Here are some artists that I recommend, but am not publicizing:

Dina Finai, who is one of the Trans Siberian Orchestra singers.  Her new album has reflective songs including a topically timely remake of Supertramp’s “The Logical Song.”  Here are all Dina’s contacts: 917-847-4772 DINAFANAI@NYC.RR.COM.

Streamers--c/o Ida Langsam.  This is a British-invasion influenced band whose leader, Sean Yoxovic, came from Serbia.  He is fighting to get rid of landmines.  Contact Ida at islpr@aol.com.

Jay Tausig has a progressive rock group called DARCANA.  He’s now based near Reno, NV, but he used to live in the Bronx, and he helped me back in 1995 when I was first working with a great progressive rock group called Ten Ton Tide.  Jay’s website is www.darcana.com, and his email is lemuria66@jps.net

I did a bio for a pop-rock band from Long Island.  They called the Blues Scene.  They’re influenced by Oasis, the Beach Boys, Beatles.  They’re young and are always challenging themselves in their genres.  Give a call to manager Will Norton at 631-234-1720.

The Kelly Project, who won the best band for INSIDE CONNECTION’S contest last year, are soulful rock  & roll. Contact Benny Arocha at 631-987-9701 to get their kit.  I think if you like Tower of Power, you will like the Kelly Project.

I am still working Vanilla Fudge, but not TNA......   Pat Travers and Carmine Appice are in the studio
working on their second CD of TNA, this time for Cleopatra Records.  Stay in touch with your Cleopatra rep on that project

Performing on the disc are two master bassists--Tony Franklin (Blue Murder, the Firm, Whitesnake) and Chuck Wright (Quiet Riot, Alice Cooper).

The album has new versions of Carmine's and Pat's
classic songs:
**Pat's "Snorting Whiskey," the original is now in
the Academy Award-nominated film, "Sideways."
**Carmine's "Superstition" from Beck, Bogert Appice's GOLD album. Like the original "Superstition," this version features Carmine's longtime buddy Tim Bogert on vocals.

Also scheduled to appear on the album are Toto's Bobby Kimball and Steve Lukather.

The TRAVERS-APPICE LIVE DVD is being released around
April-May on Escapi Music in Sweden.  (I’m not working that project, either.) It features a live show and interviews.  It was recorded September 4, and includes
another great bassist T.M. Stevens.

Look for a wild interview by summer with Carmine and extreme radio hostess Leslie Gold in TALKERS magazine.