Tull T-shirts for Tsunami relief

Jean is the gent, who is modeling the "Roots to Branches" Jethro Tull T-shirt.  He's from Montreal and loves cooking Indian food.
Our friend Joy Roy is the handsome man adorning the white Tull for Tsunami shirt, Joy Roy is a poet, gardener, reader.  He loves to listen to '60s psychedelia and devotional music.  By day, Joy Roy makes a living in corporate communications.

Special note for Jethro Tull fans and fundraising for Tsunami victims, from Light Ice, a Kolkata-based designer house in India.  Note: Through the years Ian Anderson has visited and played in countries affected by late December’s Tsunami, and hopes to build up tourism in those countries.

Light Ice, a Kolkata based designer house has launched T-shirts of the legendary British band Jethro Tull, on 14th April at Swabhumi, Kolkata.  The T-shirts come under the banner, “Tull for Tsunami Victims” and the net receipt from the sales will be donated to the Tsunami Disaster Relief Funds in India.

The proposal for this project was initiated by Light Ice after they had asked Jethro Tull Management about the idea of selling Tull t-shirts to raise money in the wake of the disaster. Designs were done based on the classic Tull leitmotif of “the one-legged flute player” mixing the India Experience of the Tull music embedded in folk history, mysticism and albeit the Lord Krishna Consciousness. The final nod and approval came from Ian Anderson himself; singer, songwriter, composer, flautist and the charismatic frontman of Jethro Tull, a figured much revered in the musical circuit in India by classical musicians and fans alike.

According to Light Ice Management, free sachets of sunflower seeds will be given with T-shirts: “this will be a nice gesture and will imply some simple activity like planting seeds, a way of getting into the inner garden of our mind and also finding a little bit more about the process of creation at work in nature every second of our lives. The replenishment is always there and will never cease. Spring is the right season to initiate
gardening/agricultural activities. Also the iconic name, Jethro Tull is derived from a 17th century British agriculturist/horticulturist who invented the seed-drill instrument”.

T-shirts are priced at Rs 300/- (20 U.S. DOLLARS) and comes packed in exclusive hand-made batik bags with an excerpt from “Songs from the Wood” lyrics adorning the back side.

For Americans, shirts will be distributed from the Bronx, but people are to send checks to  Joy Roy Choudhury:
    Kindly note that tees are in sizes of M/L

              and XL with 2 designs, 1. Tull Petal with

              excerpt from Thick As A Brick  
2. Songs

              from the Wood.

              T-shirt cols are black & beige ( 100%

              cotton, mercerised interlock with 240 gsm )

               Mr Joy Roy Choudhury

               Light Ice

               32A, Milan Park

               Post Garia



For further information contact: Joy Roy Choudhury, Light Ice
Ph : 00919830067159
E-mail : j.roy@merseymail.com