There are two links on the right side of this web page to videos for--if I could twist Casey Kasem's words--Tower of Power’s “short distance” dedication to an American soldier stationed in Iraq, who was able to get a leave to be with his wife at a show in Las Vegas.

This is the rest of the story.... A while ago, Tower of Power received an e-mail from Tim Lorenzen, who is in the army and stationed in Iraq. His request was for the band to possibly dedicate "You're Still A Young Man" to his wife Mona, who would be at the Orleans Casino show in Las Vegas on Saturday, March 7.

He wrote that TOP was their favorite band, and on their last day together they took a ride in his convertible, top down, listing to TOP music, despite the fact that it was raining.

Tim was able to get a leave, and come to the show, and surprise his wife with roses after TOP frontman Larry Braggs called her onto the stage.

Here is a link to the story on the band's message board!

Tim Lorenzen (on the right) and his buddies in Iraq.

Tower of Power is coming out with a new CD April 7. It’s called The Great American Soulbook. I love the album, how it sounds and Tower of Power's signature take of the arrangements. Right now I'm grooving on Larry's interpretations--my favorite covers are “Me and Mrs. Jones” and “Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel.” He sings lead on those; the LP has guest singers who share vocals with him on a few songs: Sir Tom Jones, Joss Stone, Huey Lewis and Sam Moore.