STRATOSPHEERIUS: Less than Six Degrees of Separation with Famous and Little People!

Joe Deninzon & his wild jam band Stratospheerius are back to playing festivals and clubs this summer, and he's started mixing the group's CD, ONE FOOT IN THE NEXT WORLD.

Winter and spring have been busy seasons for Joe and his bandmates, with a variety of amazing projects. You might know that Joe and his wife Yulia Ziskel had a baby named Max this past January. Max enjoys cooing after he listens to people talking to him on the phone. Joe says that it's pretty easy to comprehend what babies and animals say, "it's when the babies start talking that we have problems understanding them!"

In addition to parenthood, sessions, jazz gigs, working with aspiring violinists, Joe's been writing an instructional book on violin improvisation for Mel Bay.

His bandmates have been part of groups with a variety of famous players.

Guitarist Aurelien Budynek has been touring Europe with guitarist Vernon Reid (Living Colour), drummer Cindy Blackman (Lenny Kravitz), and bassist Steve Jenkins.

Bassist Jamie Bishop replaced Chris Squire, and toured with British prog legends the Syn in the States.

Upcoming Stratospheerius shows:

June 19 and 20: Freedomfest, Harmony, ME
June 26: Lucky Mojos, Long Island City, NY
June 27: Old Bay, New Brunswick, NJ
July 10: Lucky Mojos, Long Island City, NY
July 11: Great South Bay Music Festival, Patchogue, NY
July 17: Ray Kelly's Pub, Bridgeport, CT
October 2, 3: Harvest Festival, Harmony, ME