Kim Wilson, the Blues.

I'm realizing singer/harpist Kim Wilson is at the forefront of iconic blues singers for this and generations to come.   His appreciation of the genre has led him to collaborations with other great artists, being called to play for folk festivals, jazz festivals, and continuing on to sessions with Eric Clapton, plus getting Grammy nominations for his work on the Cadillac Records soundtrack.   

Kim's very vocal about the purity of the Blues.   He leads both the Fabulous Thunderbirds and another group with known players from today's scene called The Kim Wilson Blues All-Stars.   There are tour dates up on the Fabulous Thunderbirds site for both groups.   

The Kim Wilson Blues All-Stars currently are: Guitarists Billy Flynn and Little Frank, bassist Randy Bermudes (from the Thunderbirds) and drummer Richard Innes, plus piano player Barrelhouse Chuck.

Grand Rapids' Tastemakers writes, “such a tight collection of first-rate players that they perceptively know just what tune they'll do next by the time Kim begins to count off. During the course of the show just a nod from Kim or some brief eye contact, and the band was off into the next number. Audiences get their money's worth each night as Wilson wastes no time between the end of a song and the beginning of the next, ala Van Morrison.

“Only first-rate musicianship allows Wilson to cut a wide swath in order to uncover all the elements of true blues music; songs and styles that may go by the wayside with Wilson's other band, the guitar forward Fabulous Thunderbirds ... Kim is the one with the most signature sound, style, and presentation. He looks just as comfortable without a harp in hand all while sweating out a soulful vocal number by Little Milton. Wilson is either gracious, yes, or just smart enough to let his band do their work.”