(Filmmaker Cevin Soling says, "if kids are going to be treated like prisoners, let them dress the part and dispel any hypocrisy.)

An authentic prison T-shirt and cap at http://www.thewaronkids.com

Cevin Soling is making available authentic prison shirts and hats in support of his movie, THE WAR ON KIDS.  These shirts and hats are the same clothing issued to prisoners when they have to serve time.  No logo or web site appears on the clothing, just black and white stripes will be on these shirts, while the word “Inmate” is printed on the hats.  The cost for a shirt or hat is $15.00, and the shirts are available in Small, Medium, and Large. Visit http://www.thewaronkids.com, and click on "buy the DVD."

Soling is making people aware that schools have taken away children's civil rights and THE WAR ON KIDS shows the uncanny similarities between schools and prisons.  As a result of appearances on THE COLBERT REPORT, MSNBC, The Leonard Lopate Show, Mancow, and other top media, THE WAR ON KIDS is also heavily downloaded illegally online.

The Huffington Post's Jonathan Kim calls it a "must see documentary."  Ronnie Shreib of Variety writes, "A startling wake-up call about appalling conditions prevailing in American schools," Jeannette Catsoulis in the New York Times notes, "A shocking chronicle of institutional dysfunction, 'The War on Kids' likens our public school system to prison and its disciplinary methods to fascism. At least now you know why little Johnny won’t get out of bed in the morning."  John Whitehead, who established the human rights organization, The Rutherford Institute, cites THE WAR ON KIDS as an insightful film.  He writes: "Ironically, America’s public schools were once considered the hope of freedom and democracy, the place where young people were to be instructed in the principles of freedom so that they could someday effectively participate in the democratic process. Sadly, that is no longer the case."

Soling is interested in following up on stories about kids who wear these shirts to school.  He predicts that efforts will be made by teachers and administrators to prohibit them from dressing like a prisoner which would be supremely ironic. Soling states: “Every aspect of their being is so rigidly controlled that they are not permitted to display the degree to which they are controlled.  By not being allowed to wear the shirts, students would then become instruments of propaganda designed to present an image of free choice when no real choice is permitted.  How are children expected to grow up and perform the most essential obligation of citizenry in a democracy - protest tyranny - when any attempt to exercise civil rights in school is immediately squelched? If students are not permitted to complain about unbearable conditions in their school, they will not attempt to protest breaches of government power."