Jim McCarty, photo by Chris Dreja

Jim McCarty's SITTING ON THE TOP OF TIME features instruments and a chamber pop influence courtesy of flautist Ron Korb and pianist Donald Quan, guitarist Ray Hickey and bassist George Koller, plus guest guitarists Steve Hackett and Jean-Michel Kajdan (who, in addition to his exhaustive credits, was the Yardbirds guitarist for the 2008 French tour), and pianist Lou Pomanti.

Of course a debate could be made for Jim as one of the bearers of this progressive pop style of music, in addition to co-creating the Yardbirds. This drummer/singer/songwriter also co-founded Renaissance, Illusion and Stairway-- all important orchestral rock and pop bands.

Jim started the album at home, but had limitations in his studio, so he connected with Jason Relf (younger son of the late Keith Relf, who-of course— founded Renaissance with Jim). Jason is a studio wiz and teacher, and came to Jim's home in France to install a “state-of-the art” digital system. “The great thing with the system was that there was no limit to the number of ideas I could record, so I could put every one of them down, without judgment.”

With some basic tracks together, in June 2006, Jim went to Toronto, Canada and recorded in Quan's studio, Q Music. “There seemed to be a good group of session players available, very much like in London in the ‘60s and thanks to Ron, I soon had a good team together: Ron, Donald, Ray, and George.”

“It was a magical day for me, when all of a sudden my ideas from France came to life in a new way, each of the musicians adding their particular influence.” Each time Jim toured the States with the Yardbirds, he would go to Toronto to make more tracks on SITTING ON THE TOP OF TIME.

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