Recommendations for Veronique Cordier, Hank Bordowitz

One of the things I'm finding in my fan power artist development work with my future classic rockers is that our long-time music industry colleagues, who've moved on to other things, are still fans, and still got the chops. The last half of 2010, I had a serious amount of work with all my artists, and asked a few folks to help me out in different capacities with some of my projects.   

One was Veronique Cordier of V Entertainment, who kicked butt, collaborating with me on Ian Anderson's tour. She got lesser selling venues way UP. Her approach really is marketing oriented, and multi-faceted engaging everyone from talk and sports radio to bloggers. She has been expanding her PR firm in the last few years to include clients such as Unicef  (Wiggles song to raise awareness) and Boys & Girls Clubs (benefit concert marketing), where she integrates her experience in entertainment with her passion for social change. Think partnerships.

The other is Hank Bordowitz.  Many know him as the guy who has written significant books that detailed the whys of the ups and downs in the music biz, including DIRTY LITTLE SECRETS OF THE RECORD BUSINESS.  He's done a lot through the years in the music biz.  He has a great sensitivity, as well, to all genres, all music, and understands what it's like to be an artist.  He is a darn good A&R Consultant, and can do hands on work with acts.  
If you're in a co-management/artist development and long-term growth relationship with artists and need help with that, while writing bios, press releases, Hank is great as a long-distance development person.  He's on SKYPE--most of the developing artists are, as well.  
And a reminder, he is available for writing work.  He does a good job.  Think versatility and team players.

E-mails for both these terrific talents:
Veronique: ventnet@aol.com
Hank: Hank@bordowitz.com