Gentle Giant's media tour

Gentle Giant will be making a number of public media and marketing appearances that fans world-wide can tap into in support of new re-releases of the group's OCTOPUS and THREE FRIENDS (coming out on Gentle Giant's imprint Alucard through EMI on September 27).

OCTOPUS and THREE FRIENDS are already listed as pre-sales on Amazon at

Ray, Derek, and Phil Shulman, Kerry Minnear, Gary Green, Malcolm Mortimer and John Weathers are available for interviews on these blockbuster re-releases.

Confirmed so far:
September 21: 12 noon EST: Gary Green and the band's catalog marketing gal Anne Leighton
online radio interview, INSIDE THE MUSIC with Nick Katona and John Orr Franklin at http://aiiradio.net
iPhone or other smart phone 3g plus or higher: http://mobile.livestream.com/aiiradionet
here is the show link https://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=193991367335625
(Join the radio chat board at http://chat.aiiradio.net/)

September 25: 11 AM EST: Band member: John Weathers
WLVR-BETHLEHEM, PA's Ear Responsible Radio w/ Jon
http://www.wlvr.org and at 91.3 FM in the LeHigh Valley, PA

September 25: 4:07 EST: John Weathers
with Mark From Holland
104.5 Mhz (cable) and 107.4 FM in the Ijmond Region of N. Holland

Yowie, on line video conference

October 1: 2 PM: Derek and Gary
FYE Music, 100 S. Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA

Oct. 2: 10 PM PST, Derek
Danny Zelisko's show, KDKB-Phoenix

PM EST: Derek: TBA
East Village Radio's "Beyond is Beyond" w/ Mike Newman

October 11: 10 PM EST: Band member: Gary
WBWC Radio-Cleveland's "Somewhere Between Sunrise & Sunset, your program of progressive rock,
88.3 FM, http://www.wbwc.com

TBA: ECHOES with John Diliberto, NPR
One of the most renowned bands that came out of the British Progressive Rock
Movement, Gentle Giant spent their decade together pushing musical boundaries
and continually taking chances. Their music, while rooted in rock, had overtones of classical European composition, American jazz, British soul, medieval and even blues. They seamlessly integrated these disparate styles into the melting pot that epitomized the essence that was Gentle Giant.

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jpayne said...

lived in a house where playing hippie music was not allowed so you if can imagine a 14 year old kid listening to an album hidden under the stairs of his parents house with a cheap Juliette stereo and a record that just came out telling you that you & your friends are going to go their separate ways after college and you are still in junior high school. Now that was a lesson I never forgot and they were right! Now the album sounds better than ever with some of the most innovative songwriting, vocal loops before their time, killer before funk, funky bass lines. If you wonder where most people stole it from, look no further and accept no substitute. Gentle Giant, the best band ever!

Anne Leighton said...

Hey JPayne,
I like your attitude! I know some guys who are honored by your post big time: they were all in Gentle Giant!