Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull receives NatureLife Environmental Award 2012

NatureLife president C.-P. Hutter: Ian Anderson is not only a pioneer in new varieties of music, but also a positive role model for ecology.

Stuttgart, Germany. The environmental foundation NatureLife-International (NLI) in Ludwigsburg near Stuttgart announced that Ian Anderson, founder and leader of the legendary rock band Jethro Tull and successful solo artist, receives the NatureLife Environmental Award 2012.

“Ian Anderson has not only made music history by introducing classical elements and the transverse flute into rock music, thus creating a whole new variety of rock music, but has also been committed to biological variety over decades with a lot of personal engagement," says Claus-Peter Hutter, president of NatureLife-International.

With the award, NatureLife-International recognizes Ian Anderson’s ongoing contribution to the protection of endangered species, the fight for threatened areas, and the renaturation of habitats. “Ian Anderson, who became world famous with songs such as ‘Locomotive Breath’ and ‘Bungle in the Jungle’ and albums like ‘Aqualung’ or ‘Thick as a Brick’, sends true signals for the conservation of natural resources, often without any publicity," Hutter points out.

Ian Anderson was one of the first patrons for the campaign to rescue the St Lucia Game Reserve in South Africa, which had been threatened by mining projects and is now protected as World Heritage. Furthermore, he planted more than 35,000 oak and ash trees in Scotland and saved woodlands by purchasing them.

Ian Anderson also provides financial support for different research and conservation projects, helping endangered wild cats both in wilderness and in zoos. “Ian Anderson is an important role model for the commitment for sustainability because he supports ecological, cultural and social initiatives”, says NatureLife-International.

Last year, the award, which is not combined with any financial award, was given to actor and film maker Hannes Jaenicke. This year, the award will be handed over to Anderson in May. For his 44th anniversary on stage and 40th anniversary of the legendary album ‘Thick as a Brick," Ian Anderson and his band are going on tour in 2012.

NatureLife-International, foundation for the environment, education and sustainability, stands up for broad environmental education and practical nature protection as well as international communication and collaboration for nature. One focal point are projects for climate protection, combining poverty reduction, reforestation of damaged forests, and the protection of endangered plant and animal species in the tropics and subtropics.


German release at: http://www.naturelife-international.org/umweltpreis_2012.aspx