Vonda Shepard Plays New York City November 21


Schmooze with us after the work week.

Vonda Shepard will be performing at (le) Poisson Rouge on November 21 at 7:45 pm.
(Opening act—to be announced) is on at 7 pm.
(le) Poisson Rouge is at 158 Bleecker St., in New York City, near the A, D, F train lines.
Tickets are $30 in advance and $35 at the door.
The venue phone is 212-505-FISH.
The website is lepoissonrouge.com/ lepoissonrouge.com/

This is an “after work schmooze” with Vonda Shepard. This intimate room with Vonda (and her band or solo) should bring some wonderful memories.

ROOKIE, Vonda’s 14th album, is a title that bears no little irony, since last year marked 25 years since the release of her self-titled Warner Bros. debut and her hit “Don’t Cry Ilene” from 1989. Being of independent ways and means now, Shepard doesn’t necessarily have to raise a fortune to make a record that’ll sound like a million bucks, thanks to the ongoing participation of producer/maestro Mitchell Froom (Elvis Costello, Crowded House, Bonnie Raitt, Paul McCartney), who’s been behind the boards for all of her albums since 1999’s BY 7:30.

ROOKIE promises a mixture of moods and tempos, with perhaps slightly more emphasis on the upbeat than some past efforts. Vonda says. “I felt a need to go a little bit crazy on this album.” The album features classic Vonda Shepard, whose pop-singer songwriter style weaves soulful and heartfelt pop ballads, with influences from gospel, country and jazz.

Vonda belts the mighty song “Rookie,” which is about not being a rookie. “It’s actually the opposite of what the title suggests,” she says. “It’s about a person who’s been around the block, around all the blocks! The chorus says ‘I’m not a rookie,’ and it really conveys this feeling that I’m a ‘bad-ass’ who’s going to throw it down.” “Need Your Love,” and the empowering “Walk On Water” are some of ROOKIE’S soulful highlights.

Her styling of ballads including “Saturday,” and “I just Don’t Get It” (with its surprising twist on love and shyness) is passionate. Vonda’s relationship songs also include ROOKIE’S “Train To Inverness” and “Long For The Days,” which offer both depth of dialog with ear-catching melodies.

ROOKIE ends with two live tracks of recent songs that have become show stoppers in Vonda’s sets, the funky “Downtown Dirtytown,” and the tender-hearted pop ballad, “Roll In The Dirt.”

Vonda is charging into an active touring season in the States and Europe after enjoying her belated debut as a musical stage actress, portraying sassy tart Martha in Randy Newman’s FAUST at New York’s City Center this past summer. Ms. Shepard earned such grand reviews from New York’s tough theater critics, you could almost believe she’d paid off the devil! Said Playbill: “Indie-pop singer/songwriter Shepard was the find of the evening, at least for audiences unfamiliar with her five years of acting and singing on Ally McBeal.” The Theatermania.com critic called the Newman/Shepard duet of “Feels Like Home” “one of the year’s great stage moments to date.” New York Times theater critic Christopher Isherwood weighed in with a rave, too, calling her duet with the Rock & Roll Hall of Famer on “Feels Like Home” “the song that received the warmest reception” and adding: “Ms. Shepard’s soulful singing brought out the yearning quality in Mr. Newman’s own.”

With over 12 million album sales to her name, two Golden Globes, two Emmy Awards, two Screen Actor's Guild Awards as well as the Billboard prize for selling the most television soundtrack records in history for the hit TV series “Ally McBeal,” Vonda is a world-renowned artist who continues to delight audiences with her magnanimous live performances. She dedicates songs, tells stories, and-at the same time-projects dynamic charisma and intimacy with her audience.

Over the past few years Vonda has opened for Sugarland, who once opened for her, and she has performed live with the Indigo Girls and The Funk Brothers (a highlight of her life), and has shared the stage at music festivals with Sting, The Eurythmics, Santana, and Matchbox 20. She is also known for "Can't We Try," her duet with Dan Hill, which hit number 6 in 1987. She played keyboards and sang with Rickie Lee Jones, Al Jarreau, and Jackson Browne, eventually opening for Browne in the U.S. and Asia. Fans all over the world have been listening to Vonda for years, and there's a reason why Vonda Shepard live is getting the attention of fans everywhere.

Vonda Shepard's "Need Your Love"