Anne Leighton and Priscilla Harriett Looking For Musicians’ Whose Eyes Wander... To Santa

Win $100 Making the Best Youtube Video of Songwriting Duo's XMAS Song

It was a spontaneous decision that Anne Leighton had with her friend, songwriter Dianne Baumgartner, “Everyone would have fun with your Christmas song.” Dianne, whose songs have been recorded by Carla Olsen and Shelby Lynne, also taught Anne how to write songs when she was starting in the music business.

Anne dabbles a little bit in songwriting, winning a DAR Songwriting contest in the 1970s as a high school student, and then in the ‘90s sharing an honorable mention with Buffalo’s first lady of Rock, Jessie Galante in a Billboard songwriting contest, Other than that, her career is in artist development and as a writer, doing publicity, management/music services, and poetry these days. (Anne’s new book, THE LEIGHTON EXPLOSION on Canada’s Soul Asylum Records—released this past October—is still selling into the Christmas Season).

Priscilla Harriett is more focused as a songwriter and musician, and still is popular in the New Jersey/LeHigh Valley music scene. Famous rock musicians who later went on to play in Cinderella, Enuff Z’nuff and Britney Fox were in Priscilla’s bands.

“I Got My Eye on You, Santa” is a flirtatious Christmas song. Anne wrote most of the words and music. Priscilla improved it, tweaking some the melody plus getting specific with the lyrics, “waiting by the chimney with homemade cookies and a smile that is sparkling so bright!”

“I Got My Eye on You, Santa” lyrics and melody, plus the contest rules are available at soundcloud.com/leightonmedia/i-got-my-eye-on-you-santa.

The contest is free to enter.

These are the rules:

Make the best youtube music video of this song, with a wandering eye of "I Got My Eye on You, Santa," by Jan. 1, 2016, 12:00 AM EST, and you will be awarded a money order of $100 by Jan. 20, 2016.

Be creative-if you rap, go for it. If you do choir arrangements, get your choir to flirt with Santa. Rock it, folk it, funk it, showtune it. Most of all, have fun!

Choice of video to be determined by songwriters Anne Leighton & Priscilla Harriett. Money will be sent via money order from New York State.

Once you post the video, please tweet to Anne at @LeightonMedia on Twitter or feel free to post the youtube link below in the Comments' section for this song on soundcloud.

Downloadable flyer to share with musician friends for the contest: