Summer 2017 Songs & Masters from Soul Moves Music

Hope you’re having a musical and joyful summer. Karen Besbeck and I have some songs that are great for covers and syncs by great artists!  Email us at Anne@AnneLeighton.com, LeightonMedia@aol.com or call at 718-881-8183.


** On July 26 Elliott Murphy will perform in his native Long Island, New York for the Stony Brook Film Festival, which is premiering THE SECOND ACT OF ELLIOTT MURPHY featuring interviews with Bruce Springsteen (who says of Elliott Murphy: I don’t think he’s ever written a bad song”), and Billy Joel.  On August 1, he plays the Rockwood Music Hall, New York City. 

LET ME IN: Elliott Murphy: slow, piano, trying to find a better place with a best friend that’s going through a rough time. Tom Waits meets gospel.  

PRODIGAL SON Elliott Murphy This song is about a prodigal son (with attitude) beginning his journey.

EVERYTHING I DO (LEADS ME BACK TO YOU) Elliott Murphy (featuring Bruce Springsteen): Fond memories of a long lost friend that is always close in mind.

**I am working with Manifesto Records on the late Allan Holdsworth’s 12 Solo albums. He understood melody and rhythm in a dramatic way. The licensing of most of the compositions on his solo albums are ONE-STOPS. If you are working in music with credentials, and interested, please reach out to us. 

THE 4.15 BRADFORD EXECUTIVE Allan Holdsworth
percussive based composition with 4 different movements.
:00 through :49: It sounds like clanging bells and rain sound effects in rhythm. 
:50 music—the synth axe comes in with a theme that repeats as other instruments join in.
2:37” elegant and gorgeous jazz guitar space age lead (like a Jetsons’ “Daughter Judy” energy)
6:00 tempo slows
7:00 into space, and resumes the synth axe pace heard earlier, but it fades out)

**THE TIDE Rachael Sage
Gentle piano and acoustic violin  Profound lyric, trying to teach friends to understand what sacrifices and challenges other people have made for them.   
"Compassion pulls the tide in which we’re free."  Rachael's latest EP, THE TIDE has gentle and enlightening songs to inspire us to work on getting out of sadness.

**SPACE by Shun Ng &Magic Dick 
Laid back harmonica bliss and acoustic guitar, fresh and sexy (in a laid back way) sounding.
(Dick was the harmonica player of  the legendary J. Geils’ Band.  Shun is an acoustic blues guitarist from Chicago, now living in Massachusetts.) 

**WISH ME WELL by Jenn Cristy  
Wistful, piano song about not wanting to regret “a chance to climb and a chance to fall” as she goes to Hollywood. “If you love me, then just wish me well.”  Jean is working on a new album. 

**Our Holiday music features songs from Leo Schaff, Gary Lucas, Miss Amy, Phoebe Legere, Dan Berggren, and me. Let it track at: https://soundcloud.com/leightonmedia/sets/seasonal-christmas-hannakah

Shopping in the malls for Christmas. “You’ll never take love for granted if you always give love in return.” Male bass/baritone and acoustic guitar. Folk styled.  

The classic song by a comforting voice in a meditative style. This Grammy-nominated Indie children’s artist has four new songs added to Music Choice’s Toddler Tunes’ channel, and a catalog of over 100 children's songs. (Ms. Amy also appears on the Grammy-winning album, ALL ABOUT BULLIES).