October: Songs of Kindness for Soul Moves Music

We need a little kindness, and music brings it.

ENDOMORPH (Dedicated to My Parents) Allan Holdsworth 
Vocals by Craig Copeland 

Free flowing, jazz-influenced, slow.  Allan's synthaxe and a celestial tenor play slow and enchanting:  "there was a time."  
The lyrics are about unfinished business—words never said to a love.


Hank wrote "Listen" for Christy Moore, and lives in County Cork. TOO GONE, TOO YOUNG is about a late, great friend who “always had the best boots, he really knew his leather.”  hook: “Living in the land of love.” Tempo will remind you of John Stewart’s “GOLD.” 

PARALLEL REALITY  Joe Deninzon & Stratospheerius About parenting, and missing his son while he's on the road. Like a faster and heavier “High Fly” (John Miles hit). Bad ass drums. It's about how tour life is a fantasy world; a parallel existence that is fleeting. Hence the line "a fleeting kiss is all this is."   (P.S. Yes, that is Joe's son Max Deninzon that did the art work for the album!)

BEHIND THE CURTAIN  Joe Deninzon Stratospheerius

Joe is asking for an honest world, and not getting answers from public figures, corporations, politicians!  Electric violin-fueled progressive hard rock! A song that talks about the masks we all wear in public. Conspiracies! The song uses lots of “Wizard Oz” keywords: “Pay No Attention to the Man Behind The Curtain.” “Click your heels 3 times.” Similar tempo to Black Sabbath’s PARANOID.

SISTERSONG by Rachael Sage 

Imagine if all the women agreed to dialogue with one another as opposed to about one another. Keyword: "I will stay with you... I will keep you company... that's what sisters do."  A fan posts, "I used to think Ani DiFranco or Tori Amos wrote this song..."

NOBODY'S TALKING Gary Lucas & Jann Klose

Both Gary and Jann sing on this acoustic “zombies on cell-phones that short-circuit meaningful dialogue” song. Saxophone included. “J-sweet” is a technical term related to hacking using Java. P.S. How many years have we been asking our friends in the same room to talk to us, not their cellphones? 


Rebuilding self-esteem through kindness.  jangly guitar.  TOUCH OF KINDNESS was number one in Belgium!