Songs We All Can (or Should) Understand

I gave myself the nickname "Phoenix," after a comforting industry man from Phoenix talked with me late night on the phone. He helped me instill the me in my dreams.  

With that, here are Themes of Empowerment--the Phoenix Rising From the Ashes, and that we can comfort one another.

BACKBONE Emily Hurd 
Turning one's weakness into a strength as she recovers from an abusive situation. Americana similar to Alison Krauss' music.

Waltz tempo with acoustic guitar and other gentle instruments supporting comforting voice supporting a friend suffering from abuse by her man.

It takes a worried man to sing a worried blues. Sounds like Tom Waits, Sylvester the Cat, and a howling dog.

CHECKING OUT  by Allan Holdsworth Scatty vocal jazz with guitar, bass, drums.  
The collapse one feels from wearing his heart on his sleeve. Relaxed and loose vocals from a British tenor named Paul Williams who sounds like Jack Bruce.1982 release from Allan’s 5-star I.O.U. album.

BORN BEAUTIFUL Jon Mullane  Upbeat pop song like something by Maroon 5, with an important message for anyone with low esteem. The song is partnered with a variety of Mental Health associations, and has won a number of video awards including the Music California Video Awards and International Music and Entertainment Award (IMEA).