ProgStock and Joe Deninzon & Stratospheerius-Love at First Site

Buzz Act from ProgStock Confirmed for 2019

Paul Whitehead painted this as
 Joe Deninzon
& Stratospheerius played ProgFest.
Right after ProgStock 2018, Melodic Revolution Records Recording Artist Joe Deninzon & Stratospheerius have been confirmed to play at ProgStock 2019.

Joe and his band are still pinching themselves over the outstanding time they had at ProgStock. Posting on Facebook, Joe wrote, “I am over the moon,” and proceeded to exclaim about trading riffs with Fernando Perdomo and In Continuum with David Kerzner at the New Jersey, USA-based, and Northeast’s only, Progressive Rock Festival.

Joe Deninzon & Stratospheerius played a special late night party that was attended by fans and performers including Saga’s Michael Sadler and Enchant’s Ted Leonard, who also sings on Spock’s Beard’s new album, NOISE FLOOR, which Joe listened to as he drove to ProgStock! 

Proglodytes’ Thomas Hatton writes about Joe, “you really need to check this guy out. First of all, the guy has a custom 7 string, fretted violin. He plays spirited, fun music at breakneck speeds. Seeing him play was like eating candy- every time he played a solo, I couldn’t help but smile and cheer. He played a cover of muse’s ‘Hysteria’ that almost bordered on ska. He had an intimidatingly talented backup band as well. In a room full of a lot of musicians, it’s hard to impress, and I can confirm that everyone was blown away. His concert was a blast- one of the most impressive and fun events all weekend.” https://proglodytes.com/2018/10/07/progstock-2018-day-2/ 

Legendary album cover artist Paul Whitehead created what might (or might not) be Joe’s next album cover, the painting of the Stratospheerius.  Paul is best known for his cover artwork for early Genesis albums, including NURSERY CRYME, FOXTROT, and TRESPASS, plus covers for Renaissance and Van Der Graff Generator…  

Joe Deninzon & Stratospheerius are: Joe Deninzon, Michelangelo Quirinale, Jason Gianni, and Paul Ranieri.   

      Pictured (L to R) are: Paul Whitehead (artist), Ann Rinaldi and Thomas Palmieri of ProgStock, and Joe Deninzon