Classic Rock Performers

Here are songs from my Classic Rock Artists.

CHANGE WILL COME by Elliott Murphy
Springsteen-ish in tempo akin to “Badlands.” Harmonica with jangly guitar, drums, keyboards, bass. Theme of a noble effort to please a girl more than his career. (Smithereens drummer Jim Babjak plays drums on this)

ROAD GAMES by Allan Holdsworth (w/ vocals from England’s Paul Williams) 
Seeing mirages along the road on a hard journey.  Has a rock / fusion Rush vibe. 

LUCKY STARS by Dean Friedman & Denise Marsa
Duet song; the woman confronts him in a teasing kind of a way about an old flame, and they both resolve to thank their lucky stars that “we’re not as smart as we’d like to think we are.”  

FRIENDS by Gentle Giant
FRIENDS is singer-songwriter folk, and great for commercials or tender scenes.  Paisley Song written by John Weathers.