Accidents Can Happen: Voices of Women From Three Mile Island"

Dr. Heidi Hutner, a Professor of Sustainability Studies at Stony Brook University and co-director Martijn Hart, are working on a Documentary Film, Accidents Can Happen: Voices of Women from Three Mile Island, about the Three Mile Island Meltdown that took place on March 28th, 1979. They plan to have the film aired in 2019 — to coincide with the 40th Anniversary.

For the Three Mile Island documentary, Dr. Hutner and her team interview whistleblowers, Nuclear Regulatory Commissioners, scientists, physicians, and more. The four protagonists are ordinary Pennsylvania moms who lived through the accident. They challenged authorities, and through their eyes, the story is relived. Hearts will be moved.

The documentary is a feminist story, a story about women, children, and the environment. It’s a story about the silencing of women’s voices and a powerful women’s movement that has stood up (and continues to stand up) to a violent nuclear industry.

Today, the nuclear industry argues that we need nuclear power to solve climate change, and even some 'environmentalists' now support nukes. However, these groups downplay, ignore, and silence the negative environmental and health impacts of nuclear power and nuclear accidents.

The Three Mile Island documentary is conceived to be part of a limited series on all aspects of the nuclear cycle--mining, power, waste, the building of nuclear weapons, and nuclear war. Each episode focuses closely on a woman or a small group of women and it tells their personal dramatic stories relating to each disaster scenario.

The filmmakers buttress the personal with science and fact. The focus is on women and patriarchy, including science which shows that women and girls are far more harmed by radiation exposures than men, while safety regulations are based on an adult male body. In fact, young girls are ten times as likely to get cancer than adult males.

Generations of people are sick and dying in Pennsylvania (and Fukushima, Chernobyl, Rocky Flats, the Marshall Islands, etc). Their stories need to be told. Now.

This film series is crucial. Who will carry the torch of truth when those who know have passed on?

To learn more, please see the film teaser, film-team biographies, and one-page proposal:

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