2019 Love is in the Air!

Rebecca's latest album GIVE UP YOUR GHOSTS (on Austin's Blue Corn Records) features GROWING UP, a collection of poignant observations on how things change.  Sounding like one of Ed Sheeran's waltzes, GROWING UP''s hook "growing old, getting over it."  

P.S. Rebecca's looking forward to opening for Suzzy Roche & Lucy Wainwright Roche Cookout Concerts in Novato CA 6/2! http://tinyurl.com/yytveyra 

ROLLING STONE loves Rebecca’s album, comparing her “coffeehouse Americana and light folk-pop” to Norah Jones.

Rachael Sage has been an inspiration to friends for years.  
"Alive" is such an upbeat song, listing topical possibilities "including microfilm being pulled out of the archive," " the olympics where nobody ever cheats!"  She mentions Frida Kahlo,  and the hook "IT’S GOOD TO BE ALIVE." 

 Dean Friedman's perfect Love Pop song:  PUT YOU IN MY POCKET

Dean has a great Easter song "The Ducks of St. Stephens Green."
PUT YOU IN MY POCKET and other Valentine & Love songs are at 

AMAZING LOVE by Phoebe Legere is a LOVE song. Someone was that self-centered until YOU came along!  Enjoy the beauty of the video—Phoebe strutting and playing with her squeeze box on an enchanted tropical island.

UNFINISHED by Lisa Sniderman / aka Aoede  
Unfinished is from an album Lisa created (but hasn't released) while writing a book, "A Light in the Darkness", about how she is able to write and record music, score plays, win awards, and many other things while living with a debilitating disease.

UNFINISHED is chamber pop, and about reconnecting with lost love, growing up.  It could be used for themes of either Optimism (with a Hollywood Ending) OR Toxic Optimism. Heartfelt, Yearning, Wishful, Poignant, Questioning.

So much distance 
So much unsaid 
We’re perfect strangers 
Under painted smiles  
And I remember 
Remember dreaming 
When we were younger
Oh-we had it all-had it all 

And memories flash in my head    
Back to a time when nothing could break me
Ba ba ba ba da  
Ba ba ba ba da
Ba ba ba ba da-a

If only I could forget you 
Wake up and just regret you 
Ba ba ba da     
Ba ba ba da-a 
Maybe-we’re unfinished

Full of hatred
And foolish games
We blamed each other
Always wanting more-always more
And I closed that door 
I swore I locked it
But I keep trembling
Oh-now you’re here-so near

And we keep playing in my head    
There was a time when nothing could break me
Ba ba ba ba da  
Ba ba ba ba da
Ba ba ba ba da-a
Nothing could break

Do you believe in second chances
Do you believe in charmed romances
oh whoa-oh whoa
Do you believe in second chances
Do you believe in charmed romances
oh whoa-oh 

If only I could replace you 
Wake up and just erase you 
Ba ba ba da 
Ba ba ba da-a
If only I could reject you 
Pretend I never met you 
Ba ba ba da 
Ba ba ba da-a 

Maybe we’re unfinished   
Maybe we’re unfinished
Maybe we’re unfinished
©Aoede/Lisa Sniderman Feb 2017 

Lisa interviews me about how I've been songwriting to share insight on healing and abuse.

Lisa Sniderman (AKA Aoede): a quirky folk winner of the IMA, John Lennon Songwriting Contest, and also playwriting contest. She also writes children songs.

Sharon Katz is now on tour in North America

HAMBA KAHLE MANDELA (GO WELL MANDELA) - Sharon Katz & Nohlandla Wanda: 
 A stirring and gentle ballad to say goodbye to Mandela and a challenge to carry his lessons forward.  (pronounced HAM-BA-KAH-LE  MANDELA)  (H=soft sound)
She continues to lead multi-racial choir performances and marches.

HER OWN LAGOON by Josh Lewis is part Aerosmith/Cheap Trick/Black Crowes: 
The song is about an abused person now in the hospital, and a million miles from the truth.  She’s sending him postcards from her room.  

AMERICAN HEART: Jaclyn Bradley Palmer  
dark patriotic pop, inspired by her love for America, yet sadness over it's current state. The song is still hopeful.
Sounds like pop Halsey mixed with the dark folk pop of Phoebe Bridgers. 
Jaclyn had an amazing time, performing both pop and opera on Ireland's Got Talent this Spring.

Holiday Songs

JOY TO THE WORLD I GUESS by  Rebecca Loebe and Findlay Napier is topical, about people’s arguments through during the holiday season, and the resolutions we make to fight less, “Joy to the world I guess….  There are friends we no longer will see in the holidays, because they’re shadows in the moonlight on the lawn.”