leads for friends & their art-Jon Novello, Elisa Peimer, Thor w/Bruce Duff & Frank Meyer

John Novello, famous keyboardist from Niacin wrote that he’s receiving great support from people about his late wife, Gloria, who passed on in 2000 from breast cancer.  He wrote a book, THE SONG THAT NEVER ENDED and released her music on a cd, Tightrope.

Visit John at http://www.keysnovello.com.

Elisa Peimer has also gone through spiritual growth in her music-making. A few years ago I had her as a guest on my radio show on WDFH, and recently ran into her at a Just Plain Folks show in New York City.  With just guitar and voice, she plays as a talented one-woman band with dynamics, sensitivity, and a musicality you’d expect from classic rockers.

She has a show July 13 at Bar 169 in New York City with a full band, and then she goes solo for The Songwriter’s Beat Festival at Cornelia Street Cafe in Manhattan on July 21 to help benefit children and teens who lost parents on September 11.

Separate from Elisa’s gigs is her singing of the national anthem on JULY 9, for MetroStars soccer in Giants Stadium.  

Contact Elisa at her website, http://www.elisapeimer.com.

And congratulations to two west coast journalists/jack of all trades--Frank Meyer and Screaming Bruce Duff who found themselves gigs with Thor, a Canadian musician.  If you were around back in the ‘80s, you’ll remember Jon Mikl Thor was a rocker and a bodybuilder with an album called KEEP THE DOGS AWAY.

Well he has reinvented himself and come out with a dynamic and dramatic biker rock album, THOR AGAINST THE WORLD.  And Bruce & Frank are in his band.  They’re touring with him.  I really like the album and can hear influences of classic rock, the Rolling Stones, New York Dolls, and even Manowar.  Their publicist is Ilka Pardenas, give her a “shaute” as they pronounce the word “shout” in --Canada, eh.  flypr@flypr.net.

The website for Jon Mikl Thor is http://www.thorcentral.com.