Mountain continuity notes

And Mountain are finishing up their tourdates, as well.   There will be some European dates that will be posted on their website, www.mountaintheband.com.

Meantime, just two more shows:

7/07/05 - Hampton Beach Casino, New Hampshire  w/ UFO & Rick Derringer

7/08/05 - The Chance - Poughkeepsie, N.Y.

I won’t be working with them after July 8.  

But I do have an industry trade shot of Leslie West, Ozzy Osbourne and the equally hardworking staff at MJI Radio including that great classic rock reporter, Bruce Simon.  Let me know if you need the photo as I’m doing a mass email of the photo this week.

Lori Hehr is working the GUITARDED album, a solo project from Leslie-- here’s her contact info.   360-325-6044, LHPR@runbox.com