Joe Deninzon news

Wild violinist Joe Deninzon has lots of stuff in the works for 2006.  

Upcoming shows of his band Stratospheerius include:

January 14th,  The Conduit
Trenton, NJ
opening for reggae sensation, "Crucial"

January 19th,
Kenny's Castaways, New York, NY

February 24,
Mellow Mushroom, Wilmington, NC

Joe's playing the NAMM Festival, solo, in Anaheim on January 21 at the John Lennon Imagine Songwriting Contest table.  Joe is one of the top three finalists in the jazz songwriting competition for the song "Sun Goes Down" which he wrote with John LaBarbera.  "Sun Goes Down" is also the theme song of an upcoming film, WHAT'S UP SCARLET?

Joe and bandmates--Luciana Padmore (drums), Bob Bowen (bass), and Mack Price (guitar) are working on their next CD, their third studio effort and their fourth album.  Joe says, "The disc will have no keyboards, a harder, guitar-driven record with more vocal songs."  Stratospheerius are playing songs from the album at their shows.

Also, Greg Russo (author of the Jethro Tull book, FLYING COLORS) put together a few studio projects.  One is the Tornadoes' NOW AND THEN, and the other is Greg's music in an album called NEONFIRE, and Joe is on the disc, along with Candy Zappa (Frank's sister) and Napoleon Murphy Brock (Zappa's mid-'70s vocalist).  Three guys from the well-known Zappa tribute band Project/Object play guitar and drums.  Greg played keyboards and his brother Jeff played bass.   Joe Deninzon plays acoustic and electric violin on the track "Change In The Weather," which is sung by Napoleon Murphy Brock.

If you want to write about the albums, contact Greg at (973) 403-1633 or GRusso2787@aol.com.

HEYOKA magazine did a profile on Joe for their current DJANGO REINHARDT issue, and it can be read at http://www.heyokamagazine.com/HEYOKA-2-Joe-Deninzon.htm