The Rembrandts' album

The Rembrandts are Phil Solem and Danny Wilde, and Fuel 2000 is releasing their greatest hits album, CHOICE PICKS on December 27, 2005 which means I'll be working it in 2006.  The album is very good pop music, and the theme from "Friends" is on it.  That song is a bit different than the more lucid pieces on the rest of the album.  They have a Beatles/Everly Brothers influence, one of the songs "That's Just the Way It Is, Baby" reminds me of a hit song that the Alan Parsons Project could have written.  "Drowning In Your Tears" could have been a pop hit for Ian Lloyd and Stories, if you can remember their album, ABOUT US.  

Phil Solem is one of my favorite, undersung guitar heroes.  Back in 1980 he was in a band called Great Buildings, and though it didn't chart, I did become aware of a guitarist who seemed to understand how to put country and surf sounds together in a pop base.  A lot of folks will know Danny Wilde, who has had at least three solo albums.

I haven't yet talked with the guys, but should by the time the campaign gets into swing in the new year.  Please let me know if you're interested in the album.