The Love Kills Theory is one of the only alternative punk bands with a very developed philosophy.   Musicologist and student of philosophy Mark Kirby profiled the group's leader Cevin Soling at    http://www.indiemusicnews.com/?action=fullnews&showcomments=1&id=57

There are more write ups due for the group.  This October, BEYOND RACE will print a profile, and soon after that, SKOPE will be joining in.  Cevin is finishing a movie, THE WAR ON KIDS, which is about today's failing public education system.  He recently produced an R-rated cartoon, CAPTAIN STICKMAN VERSUS THE COLOR BLACK with Devo's Mark Mothersbaugh and the Connells’ Doug MacMillan as voices. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nmJazxI9Rfw

There are now two new videos from The Love Kills Theory.   Media release is below, and you can watch those at http://www.myspace.com/lovekillstheory!
For immediate release:
THE LOVE KILLS THEORY Releases Two Videos: “Suicide Girls” and “The Love Kills Theory” from THE LOVE KILLS THEORY album, HAPPY SUICIDE JIM.
Alt rock/punk band The Love Kills Theory has two new videos.  Recently produced is “Suicide Girls,” which is an animated project created by Julie Lopez, an up-and-coming animator based in California.  "Suicide Girls" is about addiction to TV, computers or any other device that produces a simulacrum of "reality."

The other video is The Love Kills Theory,” which is a song on the group’s album, HAPPY SUICIDE JIM.  The video shows the pretty French Maids dusting one another and—ultimately -- having a pretty messy pillow fight. The maids represent the opiate spectacle for the masses and serve as exploited representations of seductive diversion. The video also includes excerpts of fights on the street, images from HAPPY SUICIDE JIM’s graphics, and quotes from the song, “The Love Kills Theory.”  

Cevin directed The Love Kills Theory video, and Frenchmaidtv.com supplied the “maids for it, I knew that French Maid TV had a following and also had a great approach and sense of humor.  Tim Street has since posted the video on several sites where I have also posted the video, but he gets 10,000 times as many viewers!"  Therefore, look for the video as “The Love Kills Theory” at myspace.com/lovekillstheory, smartvideo.com, revver.com, singingfool.com, musicspectrum.com, youtube.com.

Ultimately everysong on HAPPY SUICIDE JIM will be turned into a video.

The Love Kills Theory video has just hit #21 on the MV SPY video charts at www.mvspy.com.   In addition the group was a recent featured artist on both ARTISTDirectnetwork’s and ReverbNation’s homepages.  In an article for the UK’s DIESEL magazine, Giuseppe Fabulosso expressed how she was a convert to the Love Kills Theory's well, defined philosophical belief that society's pursuits for indulgences makes us soulless consumers.  She noted that Cevin Soling (whose first name is pronounced Kevin”) is the driving force of the group, and he “takes some comfort from the fact that ‘if we succumb to the allure of commodity fetishism and become hopelessly bound to an existence of inescapable alienation,’ at least he warned us.  I reckon we would do well to heed his warning and I totally dig the video…."

The Love Kills Theory is--indeed--the only band to espouse a coherent and fully developed philosophy.  It is based on an amalgam of the works of Guy Debord, founder of Situationist International, Aldous Huxley, and others, fused with the current bio-genetic studies on the evolution of despair.

The world's at odds with our genetic make up
Were taught to sleep, but not to wake up
Things we buy are the things we hold dearly.
We're in love with the love kills theory.

Something's wrong but you just can't name it
Cream once rose, but now the dregs are famous
You want to see, but your vision is bleary
Your eyes are fixed on the love kills theory.

We chain ourselves to a faceless past
Cling hard to things that do not last
Cultural stasis is our fight sincerely
‘cause we live in the love kills theory

When you wonder why all good is fading
Things you're wanting become things you're hating
What sustained you now makes you weary
You're addicted to the love kills theory.