Elliott Murphy heads up!

I’m ecstatic to spread the word about one of my favorite singers/songwriters/ authors/motivators/music biz survivors/and 18-year resident of Paris, France—Elliott Murphy.  He is releasing an album, NOTES FROM THE UNDERGROUND.  I have a few advance promos.

From September 10-26, Elliott (in cooperation with The Mayor of the 6th Arrondisement in Paris and the University of Paris) will be presenting a two week long exposition, ELLIOTT MURPHY-LAST OF THE ROCK STARS.  This will honor his 35 year career in music and literature.  On September 26, Elliott will have a live concert at the Maire (town hall) of the 6th Arrondisement in Paris right near the famous cafés of St. Germain.  

Elliott has quite a rock & roll archive—his handwritten liner notes for the Velvet Underground 1969 album, a photo of a young Bruce Springsteen and him at the 1976 CBS Convention.
From about December 10-17th, Elliott and his electric guitarist Olivier Durand will be playing his first dates in the States in eight years.  They’ll be in the Northeast….I’ll have a full itinerary and touring partner information.  First confirmed date is December 17 at World Café Live, in Philadelphia.