Stratospheerius stuns Harry Shearer

Stratospheerius will be playing live on the Shaman’s Den Special, Monday, September 8, at 8 PM Pacific/11 east coat time at http://www.luver.com.

The group is in the midst of its first California tour, and folks are coming out to their shows in significant numbers.  While lead singer/violinist/mandolinist Joe Deninzon has toured California as both a solo act and with other artists, the group is excited to be playing a number of west coast dates for the first time in its seven year career.  They met the Simpsons’ producer, Harry Shearer and wife, singer-songwriter Judith Owen, and gave them its live CD, LIVE WIRES, which has the theme from the Simpsons!
Some of the dates are part of the V3 tour, which includes Jesus Florindo and Stick player Gary Jibilian (Joe calls him “fiddle-sticks!”).  Joe will be organizing more V3 dates, which “defy the laws of gravity….and violin!”

Support for the band from fans, radio, and media has been significant for Stratospheerius’ HEADSPACE album. THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER praises Stratospheerius for its "funky electric violins, driving guitar rhythms, and fevered drumming layered in an explosive fashion."  Mark Kirby of MUSIC DISH NETWORK writes, "Stratospheerius' music has smarts, but not of the cold calculating kind; the music has rawness and intensity, but not the stupid punk kind. Stratospheerius have a band sound that avoids the pitfalls of jazz, while keeping its sophistication and musical depth."  COSMOS GAMING's Chris Dahlberg says, "Stratospheerius is an impressive group, and HEADSPACE continues to see them progressing further and further in both technical prowess and original ideas.  There are other groups that try to work string instruments in like this one has, but no one else has the ability to switch up genres like Stratospheerius."

(Please call the venue and visit http://www.myspace.com/stratospheerius for updates.)
Sep 7, 2008           Griddle, Berkeley, CA
Sep 9, 2008         Red Fox Tavern Eureka, CA
Sep 11, 2008               Di Piazza's Long Beach, CA

Sep 25, 2008           Carol's SIlver Dollar Jamestown, NY
Sep 26, 2008           Harvest Celebration Fulton, NY
Sep 27, 2008           Beardslee Castle Little Falls, NY
Oct. 3, 4, 2008      HarvestFest, Sparks, ME