Cevin Soling's THE WAR ON KIDS and its first cinema run, November 18-24 in New York City

THE WAR ON KIDS will be shown at the Quad Cinema, 34 West 13th Street, in New York City, from Wednesday, November 18 through Tuesday, November 24. Truly a New York institution, the Quad Cinema has been showing the best of foreign and independent films since 1972. Family owned and operated, the Quad continues to book films, which are unique, original, and intellectual to appeal to a loyal following of New York moviegoers. Film admission is $11.00 for adults, $8.00 for children and senior citizens. Tickets are available by calling 777-FILM #636 or on the web at www.movietickets.com.

THE WAR ON KIDS is a 95-minute documentary that shows how American public schools continue to become more dangerously authoritarian. In addition to failing in their mission to educate effectively, they erode the country's democratic foundation and often resemble prisons. School children are interviewed as are high school teachers and administrators, as well as prison security guards, plus renowned educators and authors including:

Henry Giroux: Author of Stealing Innocence Corporate Culture's War on Children
Mike A. Males: Sociologist, Author of Scapegoat Generation
John Gatto: New York City and New York State Teacher of the Year
Judith Browne: Associate Director of the Advancement Project
Dan Losen: The Civil Rights Project, Harvard University
Dr. Peter Breggin: Author of Toxic Psychiatry and Talking Back to Prozac

Music in the film is performed by The Chumps, Tommy Gardner, John S. Hall, and Laura Mayer with Scott Grinthal.

THE WAR ON KIDS is directed by Cevin Soling and it won the NYIIFVF award for "best educational film" in 2009. His documentary, THE WAR ON THE WAR ON DRUGS won NYIIFVF's best experimental feature film. Cevin has directed and produced a number of films, including: RELAX IT'S JUST SEX starring Jennifer Tilly, Lori Petty and Cynda Williams; A HOLE IN THE HEAD, which was broadcast on Discovery and The Learning Channel; and URINE: GOOD HEALTH. He also created a number of animated works, including THE BILL JOHNSON SHOW, BORIS THE DOG (which broadcast on both MTV and the BBC), CAPTAIN STICKMAN, as well as the short film, DESTRUCTION.