Here's news from friends.

print out this coupon, and you can get a discount to the cat show in Westchester this November.

If you like writing about animals, and live in the New York City area, join me, Animal Planet's Emergency vet Kevin Fitzgerald, and social networking and media maniac Peter Shankman for the Cat Writers Association Conference, November 19-21 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, White Plains, New York. This will be the first time that the CWA conference is held in conjunction with the Westchester Cat Show.

The conference will also feature 18 seminars to help writers identify good sources, pitch to editors, learn new social media and interviewing skills and explore new topics. Editor/agent appointments will also be available on a first-come, first-serve basis after people register in full. I'll be at the pet book autograph party on Saturday afternoon with my UK book, PAWS FOR THOUGHT for sale at the Westchester Cat Show (anyone Christmas shopping?)

Conference registration can be made online at http://www.catwriters.org/annual-info.html.

Hotel reservations can be made online at http://www.crowneplaza.com\whiteplainsny, under the International Cat Writers' Association, or by phone at 914-682-0050 or 800-227-6963. For more information please visit http://www.catwriters.org.


Congratulations to our friends in the band Tiles, who have a song, “Static” from their 1999 PRESENTS OF MIND album on the A&E show, “Parking Wars.”
The show is a first-hand, and decidedly playful, look at what happens when citizens come face-to-face with the parking authority, whether it's ticketing, booting, or towing -- it's PARKING WARS! This episode will broadcast Tuesday, Oct. 6 at 10 PM. Additional show times and program details are available at http://www.aetv.com/parking-wars/.


One of the folks who helped me in my career--Howard Bloom is releasing a new book, THE GENIUS OF THE BEAST. The book is about what America and its people need to do to revitalize itself (and a lot is connected with being aware of people's needs, regarding them as being worthy, and being of service to one another). He also runs think tank chats on SKYPE Sunday nights from 9 till midnight east coast time.

Back in the 1970s and '80s, Howard created the "heavy metal magazine" by becoming the first editor of CIRCUS. He also created one of the legendary music publicity firms in the 1980s. (His roster included Tower of Power and other superstars including KISS, Diana Ross, AC/DC, Queen.... Renaissance was also one of his artists.)
Send an e-mail to howlbloom@aol.com , and he will send you an e-galley of his book.